The black spy tiptoed across the kitchen floor silently in the middle of the night. He was laying down mousetraps on the floor of the white spy's house as he went along. Sort of a childish...some might say LAME prank compared to the deathly other ones, but it worked I suppose. He layed the last one down and clapped his hands proudly...then realized he'd cornered himself in the room, surrounded by mousetraps. He looked way out.

"Fuck..." He thought to himself, as the spies never speak. He looked up and noticed a window above the counter. With an agile leap, he landed on the counter and started to walk by. He jumped over a sink of dishes, over the other sink filled with sharks, then dodged spinning fireballs, defeated Bowser and rescued—wait, wrong fandom. Regardless, he made it to the window and was about to open it, when...

Iron Man opened it quickly. "I am Iron Man, and..." Tony Stark watched as the Black Spy fell back into the pit of mousetraps, getting caught in each and every one somehow. "HA! You fell down."

The white spy walked into the room in his sleep atire to see the black spy dead on the ground, mice eating his carcass.

Iron Man waved and then quickly flew away.