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Because I Just Knew [One]

Paul x Vivian

It all started on a Sunday afternoon in the city of Seattle. It was a warm and sunny day much to everyone's surprise but they would take advantage of it.

A group of guys, known to all as the Quileute Pack to many, had just left the movie theaters laughing and smiling. It was a reunion of sorts actually; it has been two years after the "Swan Incident" and their lives had changed from what it once was. Many of them had settled down and tried to go back to their normal lives- before that girl arrived. Sam Uley had long retired as Alpha of the wolf pack when his mate Emily was blessed with a child. Jacob Black now lived with the Cullen's, much to the others displeasure, but he had no wish to be away from his own imprint Renesmee Cullen, daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen. Paul Reece took over the Pack as the new Alpha living his life like any other but secretly wishing for his imprint to surface. Jared Najéra now acted as Beta while living quite domestic life with his imprint and newly wife, Kim Connweller. Quil Ateara continued to care for his imprint Claire while helping friends with new members. Embry Call still visited his friend Jacob and the vampires whenever he could but otherwise stayed in La Push helping with the Pack and succeeding in school. Overall things were as normal as they could be.

Two blocks down the street from the Pack, two girls and a guy had just exited the local Starbucks laughing merrily. They were known as "The Blessed", as those who personally knew them, knew about their tragic childhood. Angela and Peter Tanner were fraternal twins whose mother died at birth and father committed suicide when they were the age of twelve- leaving the twins to live on their own. When they turned fourteen they ran from city to city until they met her. They came to adore and prove an unbinding loyalty towards their new leader. Vivian Luna, also known as the leader was a sight to behold. She stood at 5"8, with tan skin, chocolate hair and emerald eyes that contrasted with her skin but it only enhanced the exotic air surrounding her. She was friendly, sarcastic, funny, had a temper, caring, yet she knew when to be serious, cold and to put on that leader façade. She had it all... or so it seemed. Her past would always haunt her, she grew up with a normal family until she turned four when her father disappeared and her mother fell into a deep depression soon after opting to drink and sleep with strangers. To stay away from her house she submerged herself into to her studies bringing herself to be the number one student, at fifteen her mother in a fit of anger tried to kill her only to be killed by a newborn vampire- triggering her transformation. Months later she met them where a bond that would forever connect them grew.

A scream rang out half a block away, of course it was drowned by all the people in the streets, but to them it was crystal clear.

As soon as Vivian Luna ran into the isolated parking lot her blood boiled and her body began to tremble with anger at the sight. Behind her Peter and Angela gasped as well before worriedly glancing at their raging friend.

On the other hand those from the Quileute Pack ran down the crowded streets avoiding people. They had heard the screams for help and the crying, they were almost at the abandoned parking lot when they noticed a boy and a girl at the entrance. The boys ran to the chain link fence just as the boy and girl shouted at someone and the show began.

Ignoring the warning that her two dear friends gave her, she strode over to the man as graceful as a swan. The sobbing and thrashing girl that was pressed against the hood of the car stopped at the sight of her. Vivian said nothing as she approached, she had no need to seeing as the cold and murderous expression painted on her face said it all.

The boys watched as the tall brown haired girl walked closer to the man and the crying girl. They wanted to help but there was something about that girl, something in the way she gracefully prowled forward that drew them back and made them shift in submissiveness, all but one anyway. At the sight of her something seemed to shift within that one who stood dominate. An imprint…

Vivian tapped the man's shoulder, as he turned she drew back her fist plowing it into the man's face with a low growl. There was a loud crunch; her anger took over, her body shaking as she continued to beat the man ignoring the screams of pain. She quickly shoved him against the hood breaking the man's wrist and the other holding the fragile neck. Her eyes burned and narrowed in loathing. "How dare you think you can attempt to rape an innocent girl and get away with it," she snarled barring her sharp teeth.

They watched in surprise as the girl continued to beat the grown man. The crunching and breaking of the bones were clear to all of them. As she broke the man's wrist and slammed him into the car they knew something was different about her. He stared at her in awe, the way she moved was that of a predator- an Alpha, the way her green eyes burned with fury but most of all he could not help but relish at her scent. Strawberries, mangoes and champagne…

She could feel her body trembling and knew it was only a matter of time before she turned. Angela and Peter seemed to notice as well, glancing at the group of boys behind the fence before springing into action. Angela quickly reached the sobbing girl before ushering her out into the crowded sidewalk. Peter on the other hand advanced his furious leader head bowed submissively and neck barred before offering soothing words and softly drawing her into his body.

The way that she had been shaking had reminded everyone of themselves when they were on the verge of transforming- but there was no way that this girl was one of them. They all watched silently as the red-headed girl grabbed the victim and walked out of sight. The boy bowed submissively and neck barred before hugging the brown haired girl whispering soothing words.

He could not help the snarl that escaped his lips at the sight of that boy with his arms around her, he was offering comfort and that was something that was now his duty. The rest of his friends noticed the look on his face as he stared at her, and they knew. She was the one...

She shook her friend off going back to the crying man, "Pathetic humans like you should not exist. I should kill you right now to prevent this from happening again in the future…" she spat with a growl. The man whimpered shaking his head.

"Don't make me put a binding spell on you again," Peter warned her fully knowing what she was capable of doing.

She glared at him briefly, "You're lucky he is here or I would have killed you and enjoyed it…" she hissed giving him one last kick to the broken ribs.

They all watched in horrified awe at this girl who had them all shivering at her voice. As much as he wanted to be the one to protect her, knowing she was capable of all this brought a smug and proud smile to his lips. They were definitely each others halves.

Peter shook his head at her actions before grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the gate. He noticed the group of guys still there staring at Vivian with open mouths. He wanted to laugh until he saw his stare, it was one of complete adoration and love it was so intense and passionate that he couldn't help but look away. Nonetheless he kept pulling her towards where his sister's magical signature lay. And as they approached them and made to walk past them he saw her glance up finally taking notice of their presence.

As she look up she could not help but freeze in her spot, her mind went blank, her anger was forgotten and all that mattered was him. She shivered as the locked eyes and she knew he was the one she had been searching for…

So at this time these two peoples fate has finally merged bringing with it the horrors and beauty of love.

My Opinion... don't hate:

Book One: Twilight - Was my favorite when it first came out and people didn't know about it. after it became a tween sensation I read it again only to find myself hating it. The Cullen's (except for Rosalie and Jasper) have a bad sense of taste in people they like if they truly like Bella. Dear god Bella I really hate you- you have no common sense. Jacob is nothing but some brat with a crush on someone way older than him. And Edward... geez you should have just eaten her it would have saved us all from future suffering.

Book Two: New Moon - Sucked and was merely a filler, god bella could you be any more of a whiner, Jacob you're a stupid hormone driven boy who doesn't know love from school boy crush, Alice you have a shitty taste in best friends if you think she's it, PAUL you're awesome, Edward- you're going to kill yourself for her? Really? How sad...

Book Three: Eclipse - Oh god there's another one? Still sucked, Bella is a bitch and I hate her- would you make up your mind already you're only making everyone else miserable and costing people their lives, Edward you're a pushover, still blinded by this stupid girl- but I still love you, Jacob again you're still being stupid and petty by egging Edward on, Victoria you're awesome I wish you would just kill all of them for how stupid they've been acting, the Volturi you're awesome- Jane, Alec and Aro are the shit! You too Paul!

Book Four: Breaking Dawn - Oh dear lord kill me now and don't even get me started on everything that is wrong in this book! Which is pretty much everything!