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Because I Just Knew [Three]

Paul x Vivian

She was the only thing on my mind for the rest of the week. Everyone else was already growing annoyed with me, personally I thought they should be happy that I have not phased yet.

"I wonder what her name is," I felt myself mutter as I climbed into my car Jared on the passenger side and Brady and Collin settling into the backseats. The others only nodded along robotically while rolling their eyes. Scoffing I started driving towards the high school.

"I'm sure that she's wondering the same thing about you," Collin droned while never taking his eyes away from his text book.

"We can continue to encourage Paul's moping later- you two need to get out of the car and get to class already so we can get to our own school," Jared stated shooting the two of them a glare.

The others whined but got out and ran into the building. My best friend rolled his eyes and climbed into the back, "Wake me up when we get there…"

"Yeah, yeah…" I sighed.

How was it that after years of being alone and watching everyone else imprint, that when I found my own, she got away before I could say anything. I know nothing about her except for how she looks, she is clearly an alpha female since she can very well take care of herself, and she smells like strawberries, mangoes, and champagne.

I was lost in my thoughts about her that I swore loudly when a red mustang cut me off before disappearing down the empty road and into the school parking lot. I scowled as I pulled into the parking lot and into my usual space to see the same red mustang that cut me off parked in front of me.

From the back Jared stared at it blearily, "Wow whose car is that?"

I shrugged getting out and standing in front of the car, "Who knows… but it cut me off earlier on the way here," I scowled with a glare.

Jared only laughed punching me in the shoulder, "No keying the beautiful car Paul," he scolded mockingly wagging a finger at me.

Sticking him the middle finger I spat, "Screw you."

Looking at the car one last time we both started walking into campus paying no attention to all the other students hanging around."Man I can't believe we're stuck with Statistics first thing in the morning. Do they realize that the students are probably half asleep?" Jared whined while looking at his schedule.

I only scoffed looking at my own, "Of course not, they're paid to stand up there and talk nothing else really matters."

He laughed, "How cynical of you…" he trailed off looking across the courtyard to see some guy scrambling around grabbing some girls things only to have her snap at him.

Rolling my eyes at him grinning face I pushed him, "Hey I have to go to the financial aid office really quick come on."

He picked up his backpack and strode in front of me while calling out, "Yeah alright but if we're late and the professor singles us out you owe me- big time."

"Whatever, come on…"

As we made our way into the math building and to our statistics classroom you could see others were lingering in the hallways and some rushing to get by. However, my body froze at the doorway- my eyes widened and the scent of strawberries, mangoes, and champagne hit me.

She was standing in front of the professor's desk talking to him a small smile on her lips, her long brown hair splayed out over her shoulders. I saw her tense and turn to the door lips drawn taut and green eyes widening behind the black rimmed glasses.

Jared peaked around me a grin quickly growing on his lips, "Hey Paul your mystery woman from that day is starring at you…"

I didn't need him to tell me what I already knew. As soon as I entered I knew it was her and I wanted nothing more than to run my hand through her dark hair, to feel her body flush against my own and just hold her.

She said nothing but neither did I, Jared on the other hand smiled brightly and walked over to where she stood and introduced himself to the professor. After a while she just turned around and sat down in the first row of seats while looking at me expectantly.

Really... who was I to deny her?

As I sat down next to her everything in me went into hyper drive and I started taking note of every single thing. She was taller than the average female but perfect for me; her hair was a dark brown with dark red highlights in the light.

It seemed she was doing the same.

"My name is Vivian Luna, I am 21 years old and a freshman along with my two best friends named Angela and Peter Tanner who are twins. I am an only child and orphaned- my dad left my family when I was little and my mom tried to kill me only to be killed by a leech. I've been a wolf-shifter for six years traveling the world with my friends. We decided to finally settle down," she said lightly and softly keeping mind of the professor in front of us.

I nod softly sighing and starting my own introduction, "My name is Paul Reece; I'm 22 years old and a sophomore along with my best friend Jared Najera- over there. I'm also an only child; I live on my own but visit my parents daily. I have been the Alpha to the Quileute Pack for two years and have been a wolf-shifter for six."

"Lunch at one today over at the courtyard tables?" she mumbled facing the front as the professor started lecturing.

I smiled, "Yeah... should I bring Jared?"

Humming slightly she nodded, "Yes I'll bring the twins with me too so he doesn't get lonely while we get to know one another…" she teased with a small smirk on her lips and sultry eyes.

She's definitely my other half…

Laughing quietly I nod before turning to the front of the room, smiling when her right hand intertwines with my left and squeezes lightly. It stays there for the rest of the class, and I can't help but smile at the feeling raging inside me- this is what I was waiting for, it's what I wanted so badly…

As class ended she tugged me out the door all smiles, Jared shook his head and headed down the opposite way. I followed her out towards the English buildings enjoying the sound of her voice, her laughter- the feel of her body pressed against my side as she holds onto my arm.

Our literature class went by and our hands remained clasped. Despite the fact that we have only really known each other for a couple of hours it felt as if we had known each other all our lives.

And when we parted for different classes I missed her as soon as she turned the corner. I feel like such a sap but I can't help it.

Those twins from that day were sitting on a blanket happily chatting with my best friend like they were old friends. Leaning against the bark of the tree was my Vivian smiling and laughing every now and then.

Funny how things change so fast…

With a sigh I walk over smirking as my Vivian perks up once she spots me and quickly walks over. Her hand reaches out and I bring it to my lips enjoying her quickening pulse and the soft blush that invades her cheeks.

And I can't help it being so close to her, she leans forwards with a small smirk and I find myself mirroring her feeling a burst of warmth- of joy- of ecstasy, as our lips meet- and I know that I have all I need in my grasp.

I had her the minute I saw her in that parking lot- I just knew.

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