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I refuse to move dad!

Chapter: 1


Tenten's pov

"Tenten get over here your mother and I have something to tell you all," my father called.

Hey my name is Tenten, I am 14 years old and it is pretty obvious that I am a girl, i have brown hair and i aways have it in 2 buns on the top of my head, i am 155.6 cm in height and i weight 42.2 kg, it is my birthday on the 9th of march.

"Coming dad just need to get dressed for school..."

I was cut off by my brother Sai.

"Ha-ha you're getting dressed to see your boyfriend, Tenten" said Sai.

He is 11 years old and I swear to God, he's gay.

"I am not. Anyway, dad where are you? I am ready to go to school and I will be late if I don't leave soon to pick up Temari, plus she will kill me if I'm late, so what do you want?"

I asked, kind of nervously. Whenever they ask to see us all, it's always bad news! (Temari is my best friend by the way).

"Ok Tenten, but first, I need to talk to you in the lounge room with your brothers, so come here now." He said

So I walked to the lounge room. It was a huge cream room with purple carpet and a huge purple couch and a giant plasma TV hanging on the wall. My mother sat in her arm chair trying to read while Kyo (my brother, who is 48 months old so around 2 years and ) ran around making lots of noise, while Father was standing next to the back door near our dog, talking to her. He turned around just as I walked into the room.

"Tenten, Sai, and Zetzu, I am going to tell you something that you are going to hate me for…"

I cut him off mid sentence.


"Tenten don't be stupid and sit down. She is not pregnant; we are going to move out of this state. We are going to move to the fire country. Well more specifically, Konohagakure, as being a ninja it is part of my job to do as the Kazekage ask's me, this time it is to move there to help them in the war and too keep our ties strong with the Hokage, I can't leave you all here, so you will come with me. It won't just be a few days like It would normally be, it would be for 3 or so years" Father said to mainly me, he was glaring at me at least.

I broke down into tears. I loved it here. It was my home. Why would he make me leave like this? It was not fair to me.

"Dad, you promised when we left China never to make me move again, and you just broke it. You left China so I could be here and you quit the army and then became a ninja." (That I didn't mind because I plan to be the best,) "But now you are going to make me change states and lose all my friends. It's so not fair!"

I ran out the front door and to Temari's house a couple of blocks away.

-At Temari's place-

"Temari open up its boiling out here and I need to see you and explain why I am depressed and i need to yell at your father face to face and not over the phone!" I yelled.

"Hel-" Kankuro opened the door, I burst inside which kind of cut him off mid-sentence, which I seem to be good at this morning.

"Hi, Kankuro," i peered around him to see Gaara sitting at the table eating "Hey Gaara, Kankuro Where is Temari?" I asked him

"In the shower why, um Tenten I wouldn't go up there if I were-"

I stormed up the stairs.

"You..." he finished his sentence but I was gone and in Temari's room. I opened the bathroom door and there she was standing there holding her shampoo bottle as a microphone singing 'Replay' in the shower and I started laughing so hard that I was rolling around on the floor.

"TENTEN GET OUT!" She yelled at me, so I sat on the toilet and closed my eyes.

"Temari I need your help! And do you mind if your Father dies?" I asked half serious and half joking.

"Why would you kill Dad, what did he do now? So help me if he hurt you I will kill him for you…" she started rambling a little so I tuned her out and started thinking about how to tell her that I was moving. Wait a minute, when am I moving? I left before dad told me, SHIT. Temari got out of the shower and she noticed that my eyes were all red and swollen and that I had tear lines down my cheeks.

"Shit Tenten, what happened? Why have you been crying?" she asked. I forgot I had been crying. Well here it goes.

"Um… well I have to tell you some bad news, and some good news!" I started and waited for a nod or something to say to continue.

"Um… ok what's the bad news?" she asked a little worried still that I had been crying.

"Well I am going to kill your dad because he has put my dad on a mission. Well no not a mission, he has been posted to the Konoha to live for 3 or so years so instead of leaving us he is taking us with him. He will join the ninja guard there and do the missions as a leaf ninja and I will be assigned as a leaf ninja there with him and my family, do you want to know the good news?" I asked. I was unsure if she could speak so I waited.

"Yeah I suppose but it better involve me killing my Father with you!" she replied. Wow she was angry about this.

"Ok sure you can help, but that's not the good news. When I move there you will have to visit me right," she nodded her head so I continued

"Thats good, but when you visit you can help me find friends and maybe even get you a boyfriend because i heard that the boys in Konoha are so much better then here in Suna, plus the guys like blonds" i said with a smile

"Nah, it would be to hard to have a long distance relationship plus what if we go to war with Konoha then i would have to fight him." she said looking sad

"You are boring my dear friend, you need some fun anyway it would give you more reason to come and visit me" i said

"Well that may be true but still dad would never allow it so what does it matter!"

"Oh, drama Queen, ever since when have you cared about wether he would be ok with anything you do? I would like to kill your Father now if that is ok!" I asked, she was suddenly normal and thinking, you could tell because she had her thinking face on, you know, the finger-to-the-lip-and-looking-at-the-roof thing.

"well ever since never but still, he is important and it would betray his trust. He would still be at the office. I will take you there and we will kill him, but first we have to interrogate him to get information. Do you have to go home soon?" she asked

"Um no but we have to meet our Jonin instructors like, now, if you don't want to be late!" I just remembered that it was our first day of being a ninja.

"Oh yeah I forgot about that, hmmmm… how about after that then considering Dad has meetings and all" she asked

"What ever Kankuro, Gaara are you ready to go? Because were going to leave now" she yelled at them, hm... I wonder if she knows that she still hasn't gotten dressed. Kankuro walked in

"Um Temari can you get dressed before training please I would prefer not to have everyone looking at your naked body!"

"Oh My Fucking God, I forgot to get dressed SHIT Tenten go to my room and grab my cloths you can choose nothing to slutty though I do have a reputation to keep and all so yeah, go now!" I ran to her room and grabbed the first thing I saw through it at her, while she was getting dressed I put on my favorite hair ties and some earrings (ok all the other girls would put on make up and so on but I'm a tom-boy so i don't wear make-up unless it is a special occasion).

"Can we go now I don't want to be late and I have to see my girl friend before meeting our instructors I think she wants to dump me" Kankuro said.

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