Chapter: 7


- New House -

Tenten's Pov

"Where here!" the man in front of us said

"Thank you so much, I'm sorry i forgot your name?" i said a little embarrassed by my stupidity

"Asuma, don't worry about it, i forgot your's to" he said with a smile as he lit a cigarette. "Well i should get back to the Hokage , um... before i go you will need this" he said as he handed me a piece of paper say times and places with a map on the back

"What is this?"

"It's Mighto Gai's training roster just until you get used to it have that he expects to see everyone there i will ask him to come and get you in the morning, just a warning he is extremely youthful" he said the last word with a shutter and left

"What is that supposed to mean do you think?" i said as i turned to Temari

"I don't know but i really want to take a look around this town and the house." she said

"Fine house first i need to find the shower and wash the blood off of me" i said

"Ok lets go, Gaara, Kankuro, Sai let us in" i said in a voice that i knew scared them i learnt it off Temari. Gaara came to the door

"Hey do you know where the shower is?" i asked as i walk through the door to see a whole heap of random strangers in my house

"GAARA WHAT THE FUCK ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE DOING IN MY HOUSE?" I screamed at him he just looked at me then

"Well the tall one in the spandex is your new instructor and the 2 beside him are your team mates the one with the short hair was dragged here where as the one that looks like the tall guy is just strange and follows everything his sensei says and does. Then there are your neighbors and some of there friends they just came to say hello and welcome, they thought that we..." he said pointing to the 3 of them "where the ones that were moving in but i told them that it was just you and your brother at the moment, they said they would stay until you got here and say-"

"HELLO" they all said at once.

"hey, my name is Tenten and these are my friends we just moved here from suna and yeah can i ask all your names please?"

"Sure, well my name is Sakura Haruno, this is my mum and dad they prefer not to be called by there real names, well most of the parents don't like to be called by there first names, any way this is Hinata, Ino, Naruto, Shino, Sasuke, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji" as she pointed to them they smiled and waved

"Ok thank you i will try and remember that may i please ask you to leave now as you can se i am covered from head to toe in blood and i would like to take a shower and get used to this place i will come and see you all some time, i will throw a party or something, ok?"

"Sure we all just wanted to say hi while your in the apartment Naruto lives down the hall and can help you in any way at any time, right Naruto." she said naruto just sat there nodding

"Wait no, not during Ramen time," she gave him the look that said 'don't mess with me naruto, just say yes' "oh don't worry about it, come any time" he said

"N-naruto-kun please h-help her she is n-new" The small girl i remember being called Hinata

"Ok, thank you all for being so welcoming, i will drop in and see you all at some time in the next few weeks"

"Ok bye bye" Sakura said with a smile as they all walked away

- Team Gai -

"Hello my most youthful student, my name is Mighto Gai." Oh thats what Asuma meant by youthfulness.

"Hi, I'm Tenten, this is my friends and my younger brother." I said

"Hello Tenten, my name is Rock-Lee" a young boy with short black hair, said with a big smile and wide eyes.

"Hn, I'm Hyuuga Neji." He said with a emotionless face.

"Hi, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask you all to leave so i can have a shower and get some rest for training tomorrow" i said with a smile

"Sure my most youthful Tenten, we will leave so you can get your youthful sleep." Gai sensei said with a smile, as he walked out i grabbed Neji by his top so

"HEY WHAT-" he started to yell, i put my hand over his mouth

"Shut up, i just need to ask you something, when does training start like, time, place, and what do we do at training?

"When: 5.00am, Where: on top of Hokage mountain and the training involves an 1 and a 1/2 hour run, then we go on to our specialized training, so Rock-Lee goes on and trains with Gai sensei, while i guess you and me train together on our hand to hand then we use jitsu training. is that all?" he asked a little annoyed that i had singled him out rather then Rock-Lee.

"No, thank you very much Neji-chan, you have been very helpful" I said as i bowed to him, he half bowed and walked away. after he left i turned toward Temari who had been scouting the house to see what we needed to get

"That was weird, did you find a shower?" i asked her, she just nodded and led the way

"Sai what are you doing?" Sai was sitting up-side down on his bed eating a chocolate bar while Kankuro and Gaara sat there counting

"He is seeing how long he can stay on his head and eat at the same time for." Kankuro said in a matter if fact voice, like it was

what he was doing

"Thats why i say i am not related to any of you retard" Temari and i mutter as we walked away

"SHOWER" I scream

"Anyone would think you have never seen a shower before"Temari said before i ran in a locked the door, Ok i knew she would still be able to come in but still, it was the thought that counts, she know that if she enters i will kill her, plus i really needed a shower and she knows i would do anything for a shower.

Half an hour latter once i got out of the shower, ok i know that it was long but, 10 minutes after i got in then i changed it into a bath, because i had horrible mud and blood caked into my hair.

"Hey, whats for Dinner it smells nice" I said as i walked in to see all the people from earlier in my lounge room eating some food,the girl with short purplely colored hair, i think her name is Hinata or something, had bought some food over and they were all sitting on the floor eating dumplings and ramen, with rice. "Oh, hey Hinata?" i asked, she nodded so i continued with my sentence "that smells awesome, thank you for being so thoughtful, i had no idea what i was going to make for dinner, and truthfully its nice not to have to cook all the time!" i said with a grateful smile on my face the shy young girl just sat there and smiled

"I-it was m-my pleasure, i love c-cooking, and my family does not let me cook that much, I also w-wanted to introduce myself properly, m-my name is Hinata Hyuuga, the Hyuuga heiress."She said in a shy voice.

"Hey, well I'm Tenten, this is my brother Sai, and my friends, Temari, kankuro, and Gaara" as i said there names they waved and smiled at her, they took turns shaking her hand.

"W-well it w-was nice t-to meet y-you, i will l-leave you so y-you can eat t-together" She said as she went to leave but something strange happened, i found myself reaching out to grab her top.

"Hey Hinata, don't go, would you mind ever so slightly?" i asked her in a shy tone

"N-no, not a-at all, I-its just t-that my father d-does not k-know that I'm here. He does not l-like me to i-interact with p-people, because i am to much of a w-wimp for his likings" she explained with a sad look on her face.

"oh well that is horrible Hinata, you are welcome to stay here when ever you want, i need a few friends from here, plus you can help me with training and give me some more information on some of the people, like the kids in my team they are both really strange, especially the Rock Lee kid, he looks like Gai sensei." i said with a strange look on my face, Hinata started laughing

"R-Rock Lee-sama, o-once had l-long hair that h-he always wore i-in a plate b-but when he w-was in the a-academy, then when h-he met his jonin s-sensei it did not h-help cause he was g-given the green j-jump suit. N-Neji-nii-san, my older c-cousin, he has a f-few problems with letting p-people in his life, h-he has always had l-long hair and he d-does not plain t-to get ride of i-it any time s-soon. He will m-most likely b-be your training p-partner, as Rock L-Lee trains with Gai s-sensei."she explained to me, i just sat there nodding for a minute after wards when it all sunk in

"WAIT, WHAT? I WILL HAVE TO TRAIN WITH THAT ARROGANT PIG!" I screamed at her she just sat there with a surprised look on her face.

"W-What, i would h-help if i could b-but i am younger then y-you and i have t-to go to the a-academy still, and N-Neji-nii-san isn't that b-bad, just give him a c-chance he is a great g-guy." she said so fast she had no chance to stutter.

"Fine, BUT..." I said exaggerating the 'but' "If he pisses me off i will ether kill him my self or i will get Gaara to!" I said to her in a stern voice, her eyes looked horrified, but her face stayed straight.

"F-Fine he has a small t-thing with fate, to h-him everything that happens i-is fate so you moving h-here was fate, him b-being an orphan is fate, and so on, he thinks in the same way as a 6 year old, everything happens for a reason and you don't actually know why it happens." Hinata said as she went to leave again, so i let her.