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Summer Morning


Sakura groaned softly into the white pillows. Her body ached from top to bottom. She inhaled the scent from the pillow.

'Watermelon and mint… Why am I not surprised?'

Smiling into the pillow, her mind reeled over last night. Her blood immediately rushed to her cheeks as she remembered last night's events. She quickly dismissed her thoughts as she raised herself from the fluffy pillows. Wincing at the slight pain on her hips, arms and lower abdomen, she trailed her eyes over the room. Clothes were strewn across the room; she spotted her zanpak-to, Tsuchi no Yuki and Hyourinmaru lying carelessly on the floor as a result of her and Toshiro's frenzied hurry to undress.

Shaking her head, Sakura heard the bathroom door open and Toshiro came out, wearing only his black hakama pants. A damp towel hung around his shoulders as he raked a hand through his hair making his white hair stick up as usual. He turned towards Sakura and smirked when he noticed her still undressed and half naked since the blanket was covering her lower half.

Smiling slightly at Toshiro, Sakura carefully slipped out of bed, wincing slightly as she felt more pain.

Toshiro was immediately by her side, helping her up. Sakura glared at his smug face.

"Wipe that smirk off you face, Toshiro-kun."

"What smirk?" Toshiro's smirk widened.

Sakura felt her eyebrow twitch. Then she smiled sweetly at Toshiro making him raise an eyebrow at her. Sakura trailed her hand up his chest slowly making him tense as she pressed her body to his. Sakura smirked inwardly when she heard him groan softly. She gripped the towel on his shoulders and yanked it from him and running into the bathroom giggling while Toshiro was left to stare at her.

Toshiro blinked several times before realizing she had tricked him. Looking down at the bulge in his pants, he twitched.

"Damn woman."


Sakura was giggling all the way from Toshiro's room to the Barracks kitchen. Toshiro was scowling with an occasional twitch of his eyebrow. Sakura observed Toshiro from the corner of her eye. She had not left the bathroom to let Toshiro get the satisfaction of getting rid of his boner in the bathroom.

So in the end, he had masturbated in front of the bathroom door, which actually made her orgasm herself when she imagined it. Only then did she leave the bathroom. Toshiro had glared at her with everything he could muster in his lust-induced mind.

"Ne, Toshiro-kun. What do you want for breakfast?"

Sakura's voice brought him out of his stupor. She was smiling at him as they walked. Toshiro grunted a 'watermelon' to which Sakura giggled.

"A meal, Toshiro-kun. Not a snack."

Suddenly, Sakura found herself pinned to the wall with Toshiro smirking down at her with a smug expression. He leaned down to her ear and licked it, making Sakura shiver.

"How bout you for a meal?"

"Now, now, Toshiro-taichou, control your hormones!"

Turning to the new voice, Toshiro twitched at what Rangiku had called him. He only let Sakura call him by his name, no one else. Sakura giggled at him and slipped away from his grasp.

"I'm cooking breakfast, what do you suggest, Rangiku-chan?" She asked Rangiku.

Toshiro sighed as he watched his lieutenant and girlfriend discuss what to eat for breakfast. And here he thought he could at least get some breakfast sex.

"Ne, Toshiro-kun?"

Looking up, he saw Sakura smiling at him with a soft smile.

Unconsciously, Toshiro smiled back slightly. He truly loved this woman. He really didn't know what he would do without her.

"Let's invite Byakuya-taichou, Renji-kun and Shuuhei-kun for breakfast too! They said they wanted to taste my cooking!"

On second thought…


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Next, Summer Afternoon (Mature Content)

"Toshiro-kun, what's wrong?" Sakura asked moving around him and looked at him with concern.

Unknown to her though, her kimono had slipped slightly leaving a great view for Toshiro. Toshiro gulped again. Noticing his gaze, Sakura put on a smirk.

"I still have an hour before Byakuya-taichou needs me to go on another mission to the Human World."