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Summer Nights


"Ne, Toshiro-kun, you're angry aren't you?"

Toshiro sighed again as he turned to Sakura shaking his head slightly, a frown still etched on his lips. Sakura pouted cutely.


Again, Toshiro sighed and finally stopped walking, turning to his girlfriend. Sakura was wearing a red kimono with white butterfly designs on the hem of her sleeves and end of the kimono. Around her waist was a black and silver obi. It was a gift from Byakuya for always helping him around the office. Her long hair was pulled up in a bun held by two chopsticks and snow flake designed earrings adorned her earlobes.

"I'm not angry okay? I'm just tired." Toshiro said, running a hand through his white hair.

Sakura cocked her head to the side, her eyes showing concern. "Are you sure…? Because if you are, we could just turn back now…" She said; a tinge of disappointment noticeable in her voice even though she was trying to hide it.

Toshiro smirked softly and placed a hand on her head, ruffling her hair a bit and ignoring her shouts of protests. "Don't worry about it. You wanted to hang out with Inoue right? She can't just come to Soul Society."

At this Sakura frowned. "But you had to leave with me… I should've just asked Renji, he wanted to see Ichigo after all."

At the mention of the red headed fuku-taichou, Toshiro twitched inwardly. Renji had been getting a little bit too close for comfort to the pink-haired 3rd seat. Every time he wasn't with her, he would see Renji with her, talking… or rather flirting with her. Sakura, being the naïve little blossom, just played along.

"It's fine." Toshiro said, controlling his anger.

Sakura eyed him warily with eyebrows reaching her hairline. "You're angry again. Are you jealous of Renji?" A sly smile made its way to her pink lips.

Toshiro twitched. "No."

Sakura smiled and tugged at his hand. She smiled fondly at him as she took in his attire. He actually dressed for the occasion for once instead of always wearing the traditional white and black Shinigami uniform. He wore a simple light grey yukata held together with a green obi. Hyourinmaru still strapped on his back.

Sakura tried to persuade him to leave Hyourinmaru behind for the night but he refused, saying that a hollow could pop up at any minute and knew Kurosaki would be too busy ogling at Rukia to do anything. Sakura smiled at the thought.

"Don't worry, Toshiro-kun. You're the only one I really love." Smiling sweetly and pecking his check briefly making Toshiro's eyes soften slightly.

He closed his eyes and let Sakura drag him to the Onose River where everyone else was waiting for them.

"Ne, Toshiro-kun?"


Sakura turned to him. "Remember when we were kids, we would always look at the fireworks on nights like tonight?"

Blinking, Toshiro nodded and smiled slightly at the memory. It was when they both shared their first kiss they were still alive after all.

Sakura stopped and grinned at Toshiro. "Can we go to the Summer Carnival later?"

Toshiro sighed and shrugged carelessly. "We have the rest of the night anyway…" Though he was planning on taking her back to Soul Society after the fireworks, mainly to deposit her in his room and keep her there with him till morning.

But he had long decided that he would respect Sakura's wishes when she was desperate enough to use her puppy eye look on him. How he managed to cave in to that, he did not know. But it did give Rangiku something to tease him about… again.

Sakura beamed at him and threw her arms around him and kissing him full on the lips… the exact moment the two heard a very audible click from behind them.

The couple turned to see Urahara Kisuke with a camera in hand with a tinge of red on his cheeks. "Aw… The cute couple is too cute!"

With that, Urahara just left and shouting that he would send copies, leaving a blushing Sakura and a pissed off Toshiro.

"Damn Urahara…" Toshiro hissed as Sakura nervously laughed at her boyfriend's dark killing intent.

"Ne… Let's just leave him alone for tonight. Yoruichi-san must have put a little too much Sake in his food or drink or something."

Toshiro grunted and they proceeded with their walk. When the two was close enough to see their human friends, Sakura waved her arm enthusiastically calling Orihime and Rukia's names.

Toshiro watched with calculating eyes as Sakura pecked him quickly on the cheek before running off with Orihime and Rukia to help Chad and Uryuu with the fireworks.

"Yo, Toshiro."

Toshiro twitched. Why did people assume they could call him by his first name now that Sakura was here? She was his girlfriend for Soul King's sake! Of course she would call him by his first name!

Toshiro growled as he turned his eyes to Ichigo who was grinning widely at him with Karin and Yuzu at behind him. Yuzu looking interested in whoever her brother was talking to since she couldn't see him and Karin waved shortly at him before pulling Yuzu and dragging her off to play with the other girls.

"I told you to call me Hitsugaya-taichou, Kurosaki."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "Sakura called you Toshiro."

"She's my girlfriend. There's a difference."

"How so?"

Toshiro glared harder while Ichigo just grinned at him. Toshiro opened his mouth to retort when Sakura jumped on his back. Toshiro stumbled slightly before steadying himself and grasping Sakura's thighs at his hips. Ichigo shook his head and left the two alone. Noticing Ichigo leaving, Toshiro sighed and turned to the person on his back.


Sakura grinned at him. "Let's watch the fireworks together!"

She got off Toshiro's back and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the river bank. Toshiro let a small smile grace his lips before slipping back into his serious façade again.

"Sakura-chan!" Orihime called out, waving her hand wildly at Sakura. "The fireworks are starting soon!"

Sakura's grin widened as she tugged at Toshiro's hand and smiling up at him. Toshiro smiled back, his eyes softening.

The sound of fireworks made the two lovers look at the colour filled sky. Sakura awed at the sight while Toshiro kept looking at her. Sakura's smile widened when her eyes landed on the full moon.

"The moon's so beautiful." Sakura whispered as her eyes stared at the full moon.

Toshiro chuckled. "Not as beautiful as you."

Sakura felt her cheeks flush red as she shyly turned to Toshiro. He dipped his head down and pressed a soft kiss on her lips. Parting, she leaned her head on her shoulder.


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