Chapter 10

When Blair woke up she thought she was still in the cinema because she could smell his scent. But then she just realised she was back in her bed, alone and wearing his jacket. She guessed that Chuck must have thought she was cold in that dress, since it was still January, which was true she had been but she'd been trying to be sexy and cold and sexy didn't really fit into the same category so she'd been acting tough last night. She was still wearing the dress. So Chuck must have dropped her off her early this morning. She wished that she had been awake to feel him holding her in his arms. The comfort and security of it. The warmth of his body and his heart pulsing into her skin. Oh how she wished that she'd been conscious for it.

She walked to the bathroom wondering what Chuck had planned for her today. Breakfast was definitely out since it was already eleven. There was another note on her mirror. She wondered if this would become a ritual and smiled at the thought of waking up to his words every morning.

My Dearest Blair –

I let you sleep in because I thought you'd be tired. Lunch is at two, dinner's at eight. Another dress is waiting for you in your wardrobe. But first, I have a little surprise. Find the headband that matches the dress to figure out what it is.

Yours forever and always – Chuck

She really had to hand it to him, he was good at this whole seducing thing. He'd had her at "My Dearest Blair", let alone the generous thought of letting her sleep in, lunch, dinner, the new probably extremely expensive dress, the other unknown surprise and his final "Yours forever and always". If it were physically possible, she would have been melted chocolate on the floor.

She almost ran to the wardrobe excitement running through her as she laid eyes on the new instalment to her steadily growing wardrobe. At this rate she'd have seven new dresses before the week was up. She stopped in her tracks. If it were even possible this dress was even more beautiful and elegant than her last. It was also more posh and formal. It was Chanel and it must have been incredibly expensive. It looked like a pink shirt underneath a black overall skirt but she knew it was connected. It also came with a jacket, white tights and shoes. Chuck had obviously realised how cold it had been last night so he'd arranged for more suitable attire for today's events. It was also obvious which headband was the corresponding one; the black one obviously. She reluctantly slipped off his massive jacket and put on her dress. Another perfect fit and it was absolutely stunning. She smirked and thought of how caring he was and was lost in fantasies of today for a while before remembering her headband clue. She couldn't wait to find out the surprise. There was another note inconspicuously taped to the inside of her favourite black headband.

"No way!" she gasped in surprise as the note filled her in on her first stop. And boy was it spectacular.

Their everything but quick trip to Tiffany & Co had left Blair the proud owner of an eighteen karat white gold diamond necklace. It was plain and simple, just three diamonds in a white gold heart on a silver chain but the fact that it was from Chuck made it her most prized possession. She couldn't help but fiddle with it smiling and blushing all the way to lunch. She felt like she was holding his heart. Chuck really did care for her. She knew that now. Not because of the pricey gifts, they were just items, she could see it in his eyes. He had let his barriers down and wasn't afraid to show her who he really was now. That look of adoration in his eyes, his worrying if she tripped over something, always asking her if she was cold and insisting she wear his jacket even when she said she was quite comfortable. He was also so…happy. There wasn't any other word to describe it. She'd never seen him so elated. It was like a whole new Chuck, but with the best bits of the old Chuck still in tact. Of course, to other people, he still acted like the same old unimpressed Chuck Bass, rude and obnoxious. But she now knew the real him. It was the biggest secret she'd ever had. Someone's secret personality all to herself. It made her feel so lucky. Why had she been chosen to possess this man's true self? She supposed he felt the same. She had never been so happy in her whole life. He must be able to see that even though she insisted on acting unimpressed sometimes her true feelings slipped through the cracks.

Chuck had taken her to a fancy Italian restaurant, the kind that had amazing food and was very romantic but that made you feel as though you were in Italy with its cosy fireplace and cheery staff. Chuck held out her chair for her as she took off her coat. He helped her out, his hands sliding down her shoulders and the backs of her arms. It made her shiver with pleasure. The tension was extreme. She wanted nothing more than to turn around and have him hold her. But of course they were in public, in the middle of a restaurant and she couldn't let Chuck win so easily. It was only the second day for crying out loud! Did she not have at least seven days of self restraint in her? After all, she would never have to restrain herself again once the seven days were through. She realised now as Chuck pushed in her chair that this would be the longest week of her life.

They couldn't keep their eyes off each other all through lunch. The food was absolutely gorgeous but Blair couldn't help thinking that Chuck was so much more gorgeous than this food tasted. Sometimes she just stared at her food trying to avoid his gaze because she knew that if she looked up, into his intense fiery eyes, she wouldn't be able to contain herself.

Their conversation flowed easily, it was like breathing. It was the first real time she'd breathed in months really, knowing that they had a future. It was such a relief after all the bad things they'd had to go through in the past few years.

It was more than just a physically attraction, they were so much more than that. They understood each other completely and were so similar; both with a parent who had never really loved them, both ruthlessly evil, both with no real friends and both with aspirations to be successful.

Although, the physical attraction wasn't to be underestimated. The fact that both of them were calmly sitting eating lunch together right now was a miracle, when both of them could barely concentrate for how strong their bodies longed to be joined together. They were both breathing heavily with heat surging through their limbs. It was almost a physical pain to sit still when they were both so close. Blair had to pinch herself on several occasions under the table to use the pain to distract her. She groaned mentally when she realised that she still had a whole day with Chuck to struggle through.

They only ate main course with just one basket of garlic bread because they still had dinner to look forward to, or dread in Blair's case and probably Chuck's. She admired him for the amount of self restraint he had displayed so far. Usually, when provided with a girl, Chuck couldn't contain himself. But he was trying to prove to her that she was more than just a girl to him. And it was working. She'd never meant this much to anyone before. Not even to Nate or her own Mother. She was his universe. Nothing else mattered but her as far as he was concerned. My god, he'd given up sex for her. Chuck Bass giving up sex. It was like someone giving up their religion. She sighed and started playing with her necklace again. Stroking his heart with her bare hands.

It was two thirty when they left the restaurant which still left another five and a half hours until dinner. As they entered the street it was freezing. Chuck couldn't help it. Blair didn't have any gloves, she must have been freezing. He supposed it wouldn't be too bad if they held hands. After all, it wasn't very gentleman like to let her freeze to death. He grabbed her small fragile hand in his and squeezed it gently. Blair gasped and pulled her hand out of his grasp.

"What do you think you're doing?" she sounded disgusted. The rejection hit a blow to his heart but he played it cool.

"Simply being a gentleman and keeping you warm." he explained innocently and truthfully, smirking. He'd succeeded, she thought. Just in those three seconds of contact with his skin her body had flooded with warmth.

"I'm fine." she lied, "Where are we going now anyway?" she looked into his eyes sending another wave of heat through her body.

"I was thinking Central Park," he said not breaking their locked eyes, "but maybe your house sounds more appealing. If I remember correctly, you have a magnificent fireplace." he said in a sexy suggestive voice.

Blair bit her lip as some pretty graphic images came into her head. She had to avoid these images coming true at all costs. She knew that she wouldn't be able to help it if she were sitting next to Chuck in front of a fire, knowing what it usually led to.

"No. Central Park is fine." she said quickly trying to get those images out of her head.

"Your wish is my command." he said smoothly as he called a cab. He opened the door for her. Great, Blair thought, more tempting fate; me and Chuck Bass in the back of a moving vehicle, not a wise idea. This brought more images into her head, except this time they weren't predictions; they were memories.

They strolled around Central Park letting the conversation flow easily again. Blair was freezing and decided that the next time he tried to take her hand she wouldn't object. But he never did, not even when she over dramatised her shivering and exclamations of coldness. He really did care for her opinion. She gave up after a while and decided that she would have to be the one to make the move. Just thinking about holding his strong hand sent warmth through her body. She was nervous to have to be the one to do it when she could have easily accepted hours ago. But she knew that when she did it, she would be blissfully happy and the thrill of it would keep her body warm. She gently slid her hand into his, sliding her fingers slowly through his. Her heart was banging against her chest and the warmth spread everywhere. Chuck stopped talking mid-sentence and stared at her shocked.

"I'm cold." she explained innocently smirking. He smirked back knowing by the look in her eyes that she was sure she wanted this. He squeezed her hand gently still staring into those beautiful eyes. Both of their hearts were beating frantically now and if it weren't for the physical evidence that it was cold, the mist they were breathing and the clothes that they were wearing, it could very well have been the middle of summer the way both of their bodies responded.

By around five it was getting dark and they'd stopped to lie down on a nice patch of grass. They were lying close to each other, still holding hands with their arms touching and sometimes they just lay their silently gazing into each others eyes perfectly content. But by six Blair had had enough, she rolled over so that she was lying on his chest and put her hands around his neck. She could feel his heart beating wildly against hers as their breathing got heavier and their blood threatened to boil. They just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity before Blair leant into his face, craving his lips to move with hers. When their lips were millimetres apart Chuck rolled her off of him and stood up panting.

"It's getting dark. We should start making our way to the restaurant for Dinner." Blair was panting too as she lay her head on the grass. She had been so close. This was not fair. He was supposed to be showing her all the things she loved about him. She wanted this, denying it to her was just as bad as forcing himself upon her.

"Fine." she said grumpily "Don't expect me to do anything like that again." He held out his hand to help her up but she ignored it standing up and strutting towards the street with her arms crossed.

Blair was grumpy throughout dinner, a French restaurant this time. She knew the food would have been good if she'd been in a better mood but right now it tasted sour. There was no lovey dovey smiles or gooey eyes this time. The conversation was also short and forced. But their need for each other still remained, to Blair's annoyance. She still wanted him just as badly as in the dark park and it was killing her. She vented her frustration by often leaning on her fist and glaring out the window. It didn't help that they were surrounded by numerous other couples laughing and having a romantic evening out. They weren't playing any stupid games. Stupid lucky normal people. Chuck also seemed frustrated. Numerous times, usually at the same times that Blair was glaring out the window, Chuck had his face in his hand staring down at the table. This obviously hadn't been the romantic evening he had envisaged. Serves him right, she thought.

When they'd both forced down as much food as their bodies could handle in this situation Blair didn't wait for him to help her out of her chair. She stood up and walked towards the door of the restaurant. She was nearly out the door when someone grabbed her by the arm.

"Blair, wait. At least let me take you home." he said in a hurt voice, "I don't want you to get hypothermia"

"Oh, don't worry," she said in a fake cheerful voice, "You've made it pretty clear what you don't want." she glared at his hurt eyes, turned around and then walked down the cold street. She'd wait until she got around the corner before calling Dorota. She was fighting tears.

This was not how she'd imagined the night to end.

Her tears nearly froze on her cheeks for how cold it was. She didn't even know why it had affected her so much. She knew that he was trying to be a gentleman but when he pulled out from under her she felt crushing rejection. Almost as if he didn't want her. She was so caught up in her emotions that she didn't even hear the footsteps behind her. Chuck ran in front of her and stopped her by putting his hands on her shoulders. They both stared at each other for a millisecond too upset for words before he gave in to the fire burning inside both of them and with tears trickling down her cheeks and him crying inside he leaned down to press his lips to hers.

Relief and heaven surged through their bodies. It had been a whole week since they'd been together like this. His lips felt so tender and a thousand times better than what she had remembered. Sadness and longing flowed through them. He pulled back and they stared into each others eyes. Blair still crying but with relief this time. He looked sad and worried that she was still upset after what he thought had been an amazing kiss. Maybe it had just been amazing for him. He stroked her cheeks getting rid of the tears. A bomb could have gone off in the street and neither one of them would have noticed. Seconds ticked by but it could have been hours. Finally, Blair put her hand to his cheek and leaned up on her toes. Chuck responded by putting his arms around her waist and then moving one to the top of her back. They were inches from each other. They stayed in that position, just breathing each other in for a few minutes. Warmth flowing through their bodies until it almost produced a sweat, hearts hammering against each other. Slowly but surely they closed the inches between each other, breathing getting heavier as their lips finally touched. Their lips were slow against each other but hungry. After a few seconds though the kiss gained intensity and they were both pulling at each other's hair as their passion finally ignited. Arms gripped shoulders, thighs, backs, necks. They stayed like that for half an hour completely engrossed in each other without any other care in the world. Slowly, Blair crept off the ground trying to pull herself up, Chuck realised in a heartbeat and grabbed her thigh to help her up until she was locked on his hips. This sent another surge of passion through them. Their kisses became more reckless and wild. They had completely forgotten where they were until a pair of bright headlights brought them back to earth.

Their lips broke apart, but not their bodies as they turned to see what it was both gasping for air. It was Chuck's limo, come to take them home. Chuck looked passionately into Blair's eyes and kissed her one last time before relaxing his grip, taking her hand and leading her to his limo. Okay, so he'd broken one of his rules already. But he was sure that as long as they could kiss, then he could refrain from the other. He opened the door for her one more time, smirking in a relieved way as she gracefully slid in. He took one last glance at the street before sliding in to join her. This was going to be an interesting ride home. He smirked as he realised a second meaning to that sentence. Not that type of ride though, he'd make sure of it. He breathed in the cold air filling his lungs with triumph as he closed the door.

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