Italian Words/Phrases:

Ti amo- I love you

Spanish Words/Phrases:

Te quiero

Lovina sat on the couch with her feet on the coffee table as she heard the sound of water coming from the kitchen. Feliciana and Ludwig, her sister's boyfriend, had just come over to try out a new addition to their Italian restaurant's menu. Fettucini Alfredo was going to be added to the new menu. It had been just as delicious as the two sisters had said it would be. Lovina shook her head and crossed her arms across her chest. She was wearing a pink blouse and a denim skirt, her hair was down and she had a pink headband on which kept her brown curls away from her face. Lovina frowned.

That stupid potato bastard! He had taken her sister away from her! Feliciana was such a cute younger sister, if that potato bastard hurt her in any way, she would kill him. Lovina hesitated, did she tell Ludwig that yet? She sighed in relief as she remembered the time she had been drunk. Lovina had flipped the finger at the poor German while telling him that if he hurt Feli in any way, she would cut his sausage into little pieces. Lovina smiled. That was a great moment, Ludwig's face had gone pale as Feliciana had come out from the bathroom to meet him.

The sound of water stopped and Lovina heard footsteps come out from the kitchen. "Lovi! I finished doing the dishes!" A cheerful man's voice said while it came closer to the Italian girl, Lovina rolled her eyes at his nickname for her as she felt blood rush to her face. The Spanish man hugged her from behind the couch and she felt as though her face was about to explode. "Damnit Antonio! Get off of me!" She wriggled out of his clutch and moved a little away. Was this bastard trying to kill her? She was already struggling with the fact that she lived with him. The Spaniard sat next to her, revealing his green eyes and messy brown hair. His red shirt was clean and his pair of jeans were messy with mud. Antonio's face was slightly hurt but remained optimistic. "Why? I thought I deserved a hug Lovi? Please?" He brought his face closer to hers and Lovina turned away. Why was he embarrassing her? Even though they were alone and lived in the same apartment, it was incredibly embarrassing.

"Fine." She snapped and hugged the man with a face as red as a tomato. Antonio's smiled as the girl hugged him, Lovina quickly kissed him on the lips making the man embarrassed as well. "Heh. That counts as your reward then!" She gave a teasing smile while moving closer to the red faced man. Picking up the a book on the coffee table, she rested her head on his lap and closed her eyes.

"Are you angry Lovi?" Antonio asked with a kind and gentle voice as usual, Lovina was caught off guard. How did he know she was angry?

"Angry about what?" She replied calmly.

"Feli and Ludwig."

"Of course I am stupid! I'm outraged! That potato bastard has my sister!" She sighed and opened her eyes to find the Spaniard staring at her, Antonio chuckled and Lovina felt a part of herself annoyed, she had lost her temper again. "What?"

"You're so cute when you're angry Lovi." Antonio touched her hair and Lovina jumped up from embarrassment.

"Stop calling me cute!" She put her hands on her waist and then grabbed his face with both of her hands. Antonio seemed puzzled. "What are you doing?"

"Checking to see if you have a fever." She brought her head down so that she could stare at his face, she put one hand on his forehead. No fever.

"Why would I have a fever?"

"You're acting weird. Hm... Maybe you need sleep..."

"Sleep? It's not even midnight yet!"

"We have to get up early though remember? We have to pick up more tomatoes for the restaurant and we have to start cooking again!" She grabbed his large tan hands and tried pulling him off the couch, she halted as she saw a large cut on his hand. Her eyes widened. "What happened to your hand? Stay here bastard!" She ran quickly into the bathroom to get the first aid kit while muttering cuss words, and then came back towards the Spaniard. "Well?"

"I was just cleaning up the dishes and the knife cut me. It's just a tiny cut Lovi. Don't worry." Antonio chuckled as the Italian girl moved her curly hair out of the way as she put the alcohol on his wound. "I have to worry stupid. What kind of idiot wouldn't?" She was stressed as she saw the wound on his hand, "I should have helped you out when you were doing the dishes. I'll do the dishes from now on okay? You touch them, you die." She pointed a finger at him and then placed the band-aid on his cut and he chuckled at the small girl.

"You don't need to Lovi. Thank you for being so worried though. You really are cute when you're scared." Lovina felt blood rush to her face as Antonio grinned at her concern.

"What are you talking about? I wasn't worried!" She picked up the first aid kit from the ground and started walking towards the bathroom quickly trying to hide her reaction, "It's just that... Er... Well... If you were hurt, how would I make the food tomorrow? You're the chef remember?" She put the kit in the drawer and walked back out to find herself being picked up by the tall Spaniard. "What the fuck? What are you doing?" Lovina's face became as red as a tomato once again and she started to smile as he spun her around and brought her near the door of the bedroom. Antonio paused, "Te quiero..." He kissed her lips softly and she felt her face became red. "Ti amo, Antonio."

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