"Lovi, wait! Please? Listen to what I have to say!"

"No bastard, I will not wait or listen. Fuck off!"

"Lovina... Please?"

"No!" The Italian girl was walking away from the market empty handed. She wanted to buy ingredients for the ragù alla bolognese she was going to make that night, but that stupid Spaniard got in the way with his ideas.

"Wait!" Antonio was chasing after her, panting from exhaustion. It was a hot day as the sun hit the many stands out on the streets and the many people walking.

"No, means no! Stupid! What can't you understand?"

"Why can't we just think about buying a new building for our restaurant? Our building is getting too old!"

"I said no! No! No! No!" Lovina turned around and glared at the cute Spaniard that had the pleading puppy eyes she adored so much. Why should they buy a new building for their restaurant? It was still usable. So maybe it was a little old, but no excuses! It was still fine in her eyes.

Antonio moved a little away from her buying one tomato and then returned, "Want to discuss this over a tomato?"

Lovina sighed and took the tomato, she couldn't help it. She loved tomatoes and that weird Antonio, who she called her boyfriend. Antonio moved towards the curb of the street and sat down; he patted the ground next to him. Glaring at the affectionate man, she sat down a little away from him and started to eat the tomato. She gave a small smile; it was delicious.

"I'm listening." She said with a chunk of the tomato in her mouth.

"Lovi, the building is getting old."

"I know that."

"And it needs a lot of renovations."

"I know that too."

"I was looking at the other building and I think it might be nice to start fresh." Antonio looked at her and scratched his head in anticipation of her reply.

"Why?" The Southern Italian girl exclaimed as she took the tomato away from her face. Why would he want to buy a new building still? This was their first building, it was their first place for their memories, their new recipes, everything. Lovina frowned and crossed her legs; she was wearing a pair of white shorts and green and red polo. "It's a great place still, bastard! We can make do with it! How much money do we need to renovate it?"

"A hundred thousand..." Antonio shrugged his shoulders and hugged the tough girl as tears started to form in her eyes; his body was covered with a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a yellow and red polo. "I'm sorry Lovi."

"Shit that's a lot. I can't sell our old restaurant though! It's where we started everything god damn it."

"It's still going to be ours, Lovi; just in a new way. The new building is in a nicer area and we can paint it and do so much! It'll be fun!"

"Fun's great, damn it, but what about our memories there? Won't you miss them?"

"Of course I will, but I know that we'll have more fun than the last time!" He grinned and Lovina blushed. God damn it, he knew how to press her buttons. She sighed and stared at him, was she actually going to let this go? Antonio was grinning at her with a sparkling optimism. The Italian girl sighed in defeat, "Fine, asshole. We'll sell it, but on one condition."

"What's that?"

"I get to pick the color." Lovina said while looking away and eating her tomato.

"Sure!"Antonio hugged her and she gave out a smile. Lovina knew that every word he meant was truthful; the Spaniard had no reason to lie to her. She loved him and he loved her, the fact that they made memories everyday was just enough, but she would never admit that to anyone.

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