It was a beautiful Sunday morning, but Sir Percy Blakeney had been feeling more than anxious than usually during his final ride across the old hoof-beaten road before he would once again board the Day Dream and reunite with the wondrous woman he felt lucky to call his wife, Marguerite. Not only was he in full anticipation to hold her beloved face in his hands but also ever since he had spotted the man fully clothed from head to toe in the most hideous apparel, completely black except for the small tricolor ribbon.

Of course, Percy had never been wary of the his enemy, Chauvelin, but he certainly felt as ever since he had laid down the small gold piece to his favorite France tailor, he had been followed, watched. A bump from a stranger and then a bone-chilling stare, a snap of a twig, Percy knew that he someone on his trail that he most certainly did not wish to be following his every move.

Percy urged his horse faster and faster, the beast panting as it lugged Sir Percy's 6'3" monstrous stature across the path, its legs and neck lathered with sweat. The sound of thunder rolled off in the distance. No... That isn't thunder; it's a beautiful day outside. Turning his head, Percy saw the what he had been anticipating ever since he showed his forged papers to the guard and the gate, but before Percy could react and veer off into the woods he heard the loud band of a gunshot and a piercing pain in his right leg.

He tried to go faster but the sound reiterated itself and before Percy felt more than a twinge in his side, he was falling to the ground, headfirst "Demmned good shot," he muttered with his eyes clothed and the world turning fuzzy around him. Percy remained conscious for no more than a few seconds as he heard hoof steps pace around him, and two men dismounting from the horses. One, an everyday republican from France, but the other; The other was a man of the small stature, clad in black, and with a mischievous smile on his thin, pale lips. Then a laugh... one which would make one's blood curdle but all that Sir Percy felt was that the world went suddenly black.

Sir Percy awoke in white, bright room. Sink me! Where am I? Please don't tell me I have inherited the madness from my mother and am slowly growing insane! Hearing a beeping to his right, Percy twisted his body but felt a searing pain swell on his right and laid back down with a gasp.