Chapter 2

"Dr. Cameron," said a middle-aged women with brunette hair, "I think he's finally awake." Sir Percy heard the women and tried to stand out of courtesy, but found himself unable to raise his torso and move his right leg. "Now, sir" said the lady, "don't you go messing up those bandages on your waist." She was dressed in a man's nightshirt and breeches of the most... unusual pattern, enter the room. And her voice... it isn't British... and it doesn't have the accent of French... but she does speak in English. Sir Percy had never been to America but had talked to merchants from the far off land and the accent did certainly have the hardened tone of the Americans.

After seeing the apparel of the woman, Sir Percy, fearing the worst, angled his head downward onto his own wardrobe and stared down at his own clothing, mouth gawking, and saw what looked to be a white dressing gown made out of what seemed to be a parchment-like material and his leg wrapped in an unknown material, hanging in a sling. "He's definitely awake. You should come take another look at him." She said again, suppressing a laugh as she saw the look of complete astonishment on Sir Percy's face. Ignoring the pain, he sat up in his bed to see a man of about his own age enter the blindingly bright room.

"Thank you Suzy. Let's see what we've got here." Standing at the end of the bed, Dr. Cameron looked at a wood block stacked with papers. "So... a young lady found you unconscious, laying in the ditch off of the bicycling path in the suburban section near Boston. Hhm? Apparently you were dressed like you were going to a costume convention featuring past century clothing!" The man smiled as he looked at Sir Percy. "You had wounds in your leg and side that seemed to look like gunshots and a gash on your head that looked quite... astonishing! And nonetheless... when we underwent surgery we found that the bone in you leg was shattered and a bullet merely centimeters away from your lungs. And your CT scan showed a major concussion. If that lady hadn't found you, you would have been a goner."

Bullets? Gashes? The pain? But wait... clothing from past centuries? Fashion changed quickly... but not that quickly. Slowly, Percy remembered everything. Seeing Chauvelin and his anxiety to get home. And falling, hitting his head, feeling the pain. Gadzooks! I have gone truly mad! Oh what Marguerite must think!

"Well," said the doctor. "What do you remember? Anything? Are you deaf? Speak up!"

"Sink me, my dear fellow, if I could even think with such a bird squawking in my ear then there must be angels in heaven looking over me!" Percy, speaking in his flippant tone and giving his shy laugh, suddenly cringed from the pain and heard the beeping on the machine pace faster. Dr. Cameron rushed over. "Lud sir, if I was rushed every time a nip bit my side I would certainly stay locked up in my own safe quarters!" Said Sir Percy, still in pain.

"Certainly." Exclaimed the slightly embarrassed M.D. "Well... seeing that you have been unconscious for 12 days "


"12 days. And in that time we haven't been able to discover any person who as ever even seen your face before. All we found were these papers written in French in you pocket and what seemed to be gold in the other. So what I'm trying to say is... who are you and why were you wearing such clothes and..."

"I can only answer a couple inquiries at a time, dear chap. Sir Percy Blakeney at your service and the reason I was" looking down at his... dressing gown, "wearing that exquisite linen is because it is of the highest fashion in English society! I would not be seen in anything less! By the way... If you would ever so politely answer my question, Where am I?"

"The Boston Hospital" The doctor lulled over the information given to him and made a self-reminder to find Dr. Wade to give Sir Percy's CT another long look... and... find the therapist. "So... Your name is Percy Blakeney."

"Sir Percy Blakeney, Baronet"

"You were brought from a call from a lady who found you on the biking path, facedown, in Boston and covered in blood."

"Apparently, but I believe it was outside Boston- Ach" Sir Percy, sitting up, had twisted his torso in the incorrect manner.

"Please lay still Sir Percy. And you are apparently very British, appeared in the "latest" fashion and was holding nothing but French Papers several dozen gold coins."

"Yes, Yes, Which ones? And I believe so. "

Suddenly, the nurse entered the room. "Dr. Cameron, you are wanted by Dr. Page to talk about the condition of Ms. Paisley." Dr. Cameron seemed reluctant to leave. He still had many questions to answer such as where Sir Percy had come from and why he was found where he was in such critical of a condition. The name of the man seemed vaguely familiar, but he did not know where from. Maybe he would leave the nurse to talk to Sir Percy for awhile.