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10 Years Later

I sat down in my chair not believing what was going on in my life now. I smiled in happiness at the change of events as I relaxed back in the chair. Putting my hands on the desk in front of me I let the pads of my fingers run along the wood.

I heard a knock at the door and told the person to come in. I saw from behind the door a person dressed as ANBU. I smirked already having a good feeling as to who was the person behind the mask.

"What is it that you need?"

"Poor choice of words Hokage," the person behind the mask responded to me. I smirked at the response and leaned forward on my desk.

"Anything along those terms would be considered…poor choice of words," I slurred seductively at the man. I could feel al chuckle emanating from the person even though I was unable to see their face.

"Our mission was carried out successfully Hokage,"

I shut my eyes in pleasure at hearing the formal name and smiled a Cheshire cat grin.

"You don't know how much I love hearing you say that,"

"What? Hokage?" the man questioned as if he didn't know what I was referring to. My eyes dilated in pleasure feeling the surge of power that I felt when I heard one such as the person in front of me say such things.

"Come closer ANBU,"

The person in question came closer to my desk as I got up to go around it and look at the person behind the mask. I trailed my fingers up to the man's mask and lifted it slowly to reveal the pale skin that I loved beneath it.

"An ANBU is to never remove his mask,"

"I know who each of you are. It makes no difference to me,"

"I missed you,"


He trailed his hands up to my hair that I had let get long in the years. So long, I almost resembled my father, especially with the robes that I now wore. Many did mistake me for the fourth sometimes forgetting that he was dead.

"That mission was TOO long for my liking,"

"Hokage's orders. Just because you're with me doesn't mean you get to slack off," I purred as he massaged my scalp.

"I know that mission was hard on you as well. Come off it," Sasuke whispered against my lips. I leaned in, kissing him slowly as his hands came to a still gripping my hair tightly. I laced my arms around his waist possessively while we continued to kiss and I turned him around to lean on my desk.

Sasuke moaned wantonly into the kiss as I pushed him to lay back against my desk while I towered over him. I kissed along his neck making him grip onto my hair harder as he began to pant.

"N…not here," he got out. I didn't stop my ministrations as I moved my kisses to the hollow of his neck.

"S…some…somebody could walk in,"

"Best part," I moaned into his neck. He gasped when I did that and clutched me tighter just as the door opened.

Sasuke scrambled to get his mask on as I turned around slowly with no concern and smiled at my assistant that walked through the door.


"I haven't heard THAT nickname in a while," she laughed and then raised an eyebrow to the brunette who was standing in the corner still ruffled from the earlier session we just had.

"Sasuke I know it's you," she told him rolling her eyes. Sasuke didn't say a word and moved his head over to me as I sweat dropped knowing that behind that mask was the infamous Uchiha glare being directed at me. I scratched the back of my head and looked back at Sakura who was still standing in my office.

"So what did you need?" I questioned her all smiles.

"There is someone here to see you,"

"Oh? I wasn't expecting anybody today,"

"I don't think he really needs to schedule an appointment to see his old student,"

I looked towards the door and saw Kakashi walk in his mask still set in place after all these years. He waved at me with an upturned eye showing that he was smiling.



"Naruto…you're Hokage now, you don't have to refer to me as Sensei anymore,"

"It would feel weird to just call you Kakashi," I told him and shuddered at the thought. Sakura laughed at that as I smiled and Kakashi looked in the corner and waved at Sasuke.

I went over to Sasuke and lifted his mask up and saw that he was indeed still glaring at me. I grabbed his hand and led him closer to where everybody was standing.

"Wow…" Sakura said slowly as she saw the circle we had made.

"What happened Sakura?"

"This…I never thought I would ever see this again,"

I looked around the circle we had made and smiled seeing before my eyes the old Sakura I knew who had the long raspberry hair and pink dress turn into this woman who now wore her hair short and looked amazingly beautiful, and at Sasuke who had transformed from the brooding kid who never smiled to the man that at least grinned to others and reserved his smiles for me.

"Team 7 is reunited huh?"

"Teams always come back together…no matter what," Kakashi told us. I smiled at the group and pulled everybody into a hug.

I was the Hokage now…my dream had been realized and all the people I cared about were here to see me through it. What more could I POSSIBLY ask for?


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Summary: Sasuke, an esteemed businessman has done whatever it takes to get to the top. On the outside he is composed and calm, but on the inside can't help but feel that something is missing. Will he find it in a long lost friend?