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Chapter One

Rukia's POV

I hate slow computers. I hate long books. I hate rainy days. I hate thunder. I hate lightning. I hate schoolwork. I really hate Mondays. But the thing I hate the most is Ichigo Kurosaki.

Why do I hate him? Because he thinks he's SO hot and cool and has a billion fan girls. Idiot. I don't see what's so good about him. Yeah, he has muscles. He is kinda funny. He's smart, and he's popular. But he is not cool. At all. Kurosaki is a flirty jerk, who is DISRESPECTFUL, self-centered, and nosy. Well, I shouldn't be that harsh on him. I mean, he just moved in like... a week ago. And if he wasn't my neighbor, I would've probably not cared a bit. You see, about two days after he moved in... I made the stupidest mistake of my life. I visited the new neighbors.


I cautiously climbed the porch stairs, straightened my hair, and held up the plate of cookies. Clearing my throat I rung the doorbell. I could hear it ring on the other side of the door. Then, I heard two girls scream "Someones at the door!" and loud footsteps. Finally, a tall, black-haired man opened the door with a goofy grin on his face. I tried to smile. My brother and guardian, Byakuya, made me do this.

"Um, hi, my name is-" I began saying, when he cut me off.


"My name is-"


"My name is-"



"WHO ARE YOU." I could've slapped him silly.

"Okay. My. Name-"

"WHO ARE Y-" Suddenly, an orange-haired boy about my age kicked him hard on the chest and sent him flying away into who knows where. I wish i had done that.

"Sorry bout that. He's my dad, and he's reallyyyy awkward, so don't mind him," the boy said. "Name's Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki!"

"Ok.. I'm Rukia. Welcome to Lakeview! Here are some cookies. I hope you have a good time here!" I read off of my hand. Byakuya had written everything I was supposed to say on my hand. Psh. Anyways, Ichigo grabbed the plate of cookies from me (rude) and ate one in front of me. (ruder) Then, he started to smirk.

"Mmmh, this is good. Did you mak'em with lemons..?" I raised an eyebrow, stupified. (A/N: ive always wanted to say stupified :D)

"Huh? No- wha- OHH!" I coulda palmed myself. That guy had a sick mind. "EW YOU GROSS-" Oh, I just remembered, my brother was watching my through a window... "YOU GROSS..UHM...NICE PERSON..?" He smirked even uglier. I was starting to hate him. Then, I saw two little girls behind Ichigo. One of them with black hair, another with brown.

"Oi, Ichigo, is that your girlfriend?" the black-haired one asked. Ichigo and I both looked at eachother and we answered at the same time.

"NO!" "Yeah" I hate him. The girls giggled and walked away. I glared at Ichigo. He grinned.

"How old are you?" I asked, NICELY.

"Sixteen." Crap, same age.

"And how old do you act?"

"Like a five year old!" At least he knew one fact, but I rolled my eyes anyway.

"So are you single?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes..." I eyed him. He grabbed my hand and put a small piece of paper in it.

"I can't wait to see you in school!" he cried and shut the door in my face. Rude. I looked at the slip of read 'Call me :)' and then his phone number. Ew.

-End of Flashback-

And that is how I learned to despise Ichigo. Oh boy. I can't wait for school to start...

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