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Chapter 14

Rukia's POV

Today's the day. My brother is getting married. Today.

Ichigo's POV

"Taking that stupid kid out as her partner to the wedding! Ohh, pshawww!" Gin looked up at me, with a weirded out expression on his face. Aizen just laughed.

"Chiiiiiiilllll, it's OK, just make her jealous. Works every time!" Ichimaru exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow, and he waved a hand at me. "Oh, Ichigo. You wouldn't know the drama of middle school.."

"Well, actually, I think that you are jealous, Ichigo," said the nerd. (Rock Lee)

"Can somebody tell me why he's here again?" My eyebrows were probably shaped as a 'V' right now.

"He's invited to the wedding, as well, so we just decided to take him," Kaname called, tonelessly, while driving at the front seat. I squirmed in my seat. "Back to Gin's plan. How do I make Rukia jealous?"

"Now we're talkin'. Okay, so first, you find a good ol' chick with big fronts. Take her in as her partner, show her off to Rukia, and VOILA! Jealous! She will run into your arms!" Gin is a genius. Now the problem was...which girl?

Hinamori is so flat, she's practically a boy..

Oh, I know! How about Rangiku?

"Oh, I know! How about Rangiku?" I repeated my thought, aloud. Ichimaru hit me.


"Then, who?" Just then, Kaname stopped the car and rolled down the window.

"Uhmm, excuse me, Kaname, are you on your way to Byakuya's wedding?" What a familiar voice...

"Yes, yes I am."

"Well, I lost my ride; may I come with?" A high-pitched voice...I know this...

The door opened.

And I saw BIG ones. That belonged to-



Aw, f-. The whole ride to Rukia's brother's wedding was ANNOYING. After I asked her to be my partner, she just kept on clinging!

"U-uhm, Kurosaki-kun, your suit looks very, very, very, very, very nice."

"Uhm, yeah, and you're creepy." I replied.

"What?" I don't think she heard that.




"Didn't you say something?"

"No, why?" she raised her eyebrow and slumped in her seat.

"Oh, my youthness of Gai! WE'RE HERE!" Guess who that was?

I looked out the window, and saw a sea of cars, parked in the parking lot. In the distance I could barely make out the top of a church.

"Wow!" (A/N: Oh sheesh, y'all. I don't know much about weddings, because I'm always late to them. -_- I was once flower girl, but I barely remember it.)

We entered the building, after MILES of walking, and saw big crowds. This was supposed to be a wedding, not a marketplace! Then, a short, not as short as Rukia, brown-haired girl walked up to us.

"Hello! :D Welcome to Byakuya and Hisana Kuchiki's wedding! :D You are approximately 45 minutes early! :D My name is Yuki, and I am a hired prefect from the prep school, Cross Academy! :D" She was peppy. "What are your names? :D"

"I'M ORIHIME INOUE! YOU ARE SO CUTE!" Inoue animatedly played with her cheeks, and Rock Lee pushed her off.


"I am Ichimaru Gin, and here's my number: nine-oh-fou-"

"My name is Aizen! Oh, hehe, I graduated from that school as well!" He did? Isn't he in my school, same grade?

"Oh, really? Are you a vampire? :D" the peppy girl asked. WTF?

"Aaaanyways, my name is Tousen Kaname. Nice to meet you."

"KANAME? DID SOMEBODY SAY KANAME?" a white-haired, ghost-skin boy shrieked. (A/N: EVERYONE SQUEAL! :D) Oh he looks fineeee as we-WHOA, ICHIGO! YOU ARE STRAIGHT, NOT GAY!

"Zero, go home! D: And Orihime, Lee, Gin, Aizen, Kaname, and other boy, please just enter the double-doors and find your seat! :D" We left the two, and headed straight through the double doors, dropped off our gifts, met up with some people, and finally found our seat through the humungous crowd. If this is the wedding ceremony, then what is the recpetion gonna be like?

"Oi, Ichigo!" Gin whispered, kinda loudly, into my ear. "Why are you trying to make Rukia jealous?"




"You like her, don't cha?"

" comment." I actually really didn't know if I liked her. I mean it'd be a complex. I'm freakishly tall (and hot), while she's the smallest midget ever (even though she's hot)...-Whoa, did that slip out?

Then, the wedding started.

I kinda zoned out, during it, until I saw Rukia striding down the aisle. Wow. Maybe, I do like her.

Then, I saw the idiot boy, Shuuhei, walking right beside her. Nevermind. I don't like her. DEFINITLY NOT.

Me and Rukia had like one second of eye contact, then she walked away to her seat. I'm not feeling happy over THAT.

Time skip..lalalalaaaa~!

We were seated at the table, while getting ready to eat cake, and Byakuya and Hisana were cutting the cake, etc... Then, the music came on. A couple of dorky kids from a group called "Glee" performed a mash-up of the Thriller and Heads Will Roll. They were good.

And some other boring stuff, when suddenly: Slow Dancing.

"Kurosaki-kun, come on! This is our song!" I reluctantly followed, making sure that Rukia was watching. She wasn't. We started dancing, and Orihime is a pretty good dancer, and we just danced around, nothing special. I glanced around and saw this kid at my school who has no self confidence, whatsoever name Kira drool at Hinamori who was drooling at Aizen who was...drinking juice? While Hitsugaya was watching the whole scene, rolling his eyes...

Then, I saw Ichimaru drink some sake with Rangiku, and he winked at me.

Some chess nerd that goes to my school, glaring at me...whatshisface...Ichido? Ichida? Ishido? Ishida! Yeah, that kid with the cape. I think he likes Orihime. But so does that Schiffer guy, right?

"Ichigo! Are you paying any attention?" Orihime squealed.

"Huh? Oh yeah.." I glanced at Rukia, and she was staring at us. Wait, what? Oh, this is workingg! She left Hisagi, and stalked over to us, looking BEAUTIFU- j-just kidding.

"Uhm, hey Orihime! ...Ichigo." I grinned.

"So, Ichigo's your partner...?"


"Who asked who?"

"He asked me!" she squealed.

"Oh, wow. Didn't expect that," Rukia droned.

Gin and my plan worked! There is jealousy seething through her ears! HAHAHA! But, it still felt bad.

The song ended, and I walked back to my group's table, with Inoue trailing along, right at my heels.

"Wasn't that great, Kurosaki-kun?"


Then, the announcer came up.

"Now, for the main couple, and their family!" Applause, applause, applause.

Hisagi and Byakuya came in, dancing, and Rukia and Shuuhei did, as well. Everyone was cheering, whooping, hooting, etc...

Was I the only human -except for Renji- that was glaring at the couple? The RukiSagi couple? EW!

She was smiling.

He was smiling. (Like an IDIOT!)

They were dancing. (They DEFINITLY don't suit eachother!)

I had to do something. I do NOT like her; this was just ANNOYING!

So, I marched up there, tapped on Rukia's shoulder, and said:

"May I have this dance?"

Then came the glory words.

"Sure, Ichigo."

We left Hisagi just standing there, ALONE! HAH! and just danced. This was better than dancing with Orihime, no offense to her, and I wasn't distracted. Unless you count sticking your tongue out at Renji and Hisagi.

"Don't you ever make me jealous, ever again," I told her.

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing." I grinned.

Yeah, I was definitly in love with her.

Rukia's POV

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