The Perfect Date

Jake's pov

"Ocean Deep Restaurant, how may I help you?" Said a very bored voice. It was hard to distinguish whether it was a guy or girl.

"I'd like to make a reservation for two," I said. This was Nessie and mine's first date. I wanted it to be perfect.

"Yes, what type of seating would you like?" I was getting really irritated with this guy.

"Um, I would like the gazebo," I said. Nessie would so like that.

"When would you like the reservation?"

"This Friday night. At eight." I smiled at the image of Nessie smiling when she sees this. It'll be perfect.

"Okay, I just need a name."

"Jacob Black."

Nessie's pov

My date with Jake was tonight! I still didn't have the right dress. He said to where whatever, but he doesn't realize how important this is. I tore my closet apart as Alice watched from my bed.

"Alice, help! I can't find anything to where!" I screeched.

"Relax, Ness. I'm sure he'll love whatever you where. So, don't sweat." Alice said calmly. I whipped around to see her completely serious.

"What? Now you decide to not care about clothes?" I exclaimed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I never said I didn't care about clothes. It's just; you should choose your outfit for your first date. Not me. So, get to it." She gave me a light shove towards my closet, and walked out. I sighed in frustration, and turned towards my clothes. What should I wear?

I gasped as I spotted a beautiful red dress in the back of my closet. It was on a red hanger. Also known as Alice's emergency hanger. I pulled out the dress and examined it. It was red, strapless, and just plain perfect. Now, all I need are shoes. I looked at the top shelf I my closet and found them. The perfect red heels. I squealed and got ready.

Jake's pov

"Help! Help!" I yelled. But, they kept dragging me back.

"Hold still, Jake! We're almost done," Rachel said as she finished brushing my hair. Kim was busy fixing my tie, while Seth, Collin, Brady, and Embry held me down. I tried to squirm out of their grip but Emily hit me with a wooden spoon.

"Ow!" They finally finished, and I ran to the opposite side of the room.

"See, Jake, you look great. Check yourself out," Rachel said, pointing to the full length mirror. I walked over and gawked. I actually looked good. I had on a black tux, and dark blue tie. And my hair looked great.

"Huh, this is actually kinda comfortable," I said.

"Yeah, well, it's time to pick up Nessie," Embry said. I looked at the clock and cursed. It was already 6:45. I ran out of the house and towards the black Mercedes Carlisle let me borrow. It took me fifteen minutes to get to Nessie's house.

I quickly walked up the steps to the little cottage, and knocked. After about thirty seconds, Edward answered the door. He looked upset, but like he was trying to hide it.

"Hello, Mr. Cullen," I said. He just nodded and opened the door for me to enter. I stepped inside, and all the air flew out of me when I spotted Nessie. She was gorgeous. Her brown hair was let loose around her face. She had pink blush on, and black eyeliner. She was wearing a strapless red dress that reached just above her knee, and red heels. And, her face was pulled into a permanent smile. "Hi," I breathed.

"Hi," she said. I grabbed her hand, and led her outside. I opened her door for her, and walked around to get in. Then, we headed towards Port Angeles.

Nessie's pov

We arrived in Port Angeles in an hour. Jake seemed to be glowing as the waiter led us behind the restaurant. My excitement was building with each step. Knowing Jake, this was gonna be amazing. Finally, we reached our destination, and I gasped at what I saw. It was a gazebo. There were candles on each step, and there was a table with a white, silk table cloth. There was a tiny chandelier above the table, and it was just beautiful. This is defiantly the perfect date.

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