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In America, two out of every three marriages end in divorce. I bet you think that the one couple that stays together is happy right? Wrong. You are so unbelievably wrong.

You see, my parents are still married, not because they love each other, or for my sake. It's because my father won't let her leave. Why does she want to leave you ask? Well, let me give you some insight on my life for the past say, six years.

They had been happy once. They got married for a reason right? Anyway, back in Texas we were the 'hallmark card' family to the outside world. Happily married parents, still very much in love, a beautiful daughter who got straight A's and was class president, head cheerleader, and outstanding at anything she put her mind to, the son who was captain of his middle school basketball team, excelled in any sport he tried, and made the grades every semester, that was us. The family who was expected to sit around the dinner table with a mouthwatering home cooked meal, made by the stay at home mother while the father was away at work and the kids were school, and talk about all that they'd accomplished that day. The family who went camping every other weekend and had movie nights and lived in a two story house with a porch and white picket fence protecting the flower garden.

Besides the house, all of that is bullshit. Complete bullshit. Yeah Morgan and I got good grades and participated in extra curricular activities, but we did it to get away from the house everyday. There were no home cooked meals, or movie nights, or camping trips. Wanna know what there was a lot of though? Yelling. I'm not sure when it started but behind closed doors, Emmy and Thomas Zara spent a good portion of their time together yelling. It took a toll on Morgan and me. She spent more time up in her room locked away from what we couldn't escape. I snuck out every night to go to the park and have some peace.

On Morgan's 17th birthday, she and I got in a huge fight over her ratting me out. That day, we found out she'd been cutting. Well, I found out when I walked into her room and found her dead. I was 13 and I had sworn to myself, I'd never cut. But this is about my parents.

My mom went into these depressive episodes. She'd mope all day, yell at dad, sleep and do it over again the next day. My dad started working more and I barely saw him, which I was fine with. It was up until eight months ago that I think something snapped. He hit her, he beat her up. Since then he's used her as a punching bag. She wants to leave but she doesn't want to leave me, and she's scared he'll find her. I hate it, but she won't let me call the cops. We moved to New Mexico about 5 months ago, hoping we could start over, but Dad kept doing it and they kept yelling. I decided to join the basketball team at the high school I was attending to be away from them. I never invited anyone home or invited my parents to a game, it wasn't important.

Three weeks ago I convinced my mother to leave. She had to get herself together and prove she could take care of herself before she divorced him. Three weeks ago my father came home drunk and when he found out she was gone, beat me until I could hardly move. Three weeks ago was the first time I broke the only promise I'd ever made to myself.

My name is James Thomas Zara, and I'm a cutter.

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