Devil In Disguise

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

-Paul McCartney and John Lennon


Hey, did you know that at least one person dies each minute in my country? Just wait. In 60 seconds, one or more families will be scheduled to receive a phone call or a knock on the door from the police to inform them of the death of their own.

Why do I write that fact down for the sixth time in this journal? Another guy was gunned down. Gang violence...


Can't write. Spent all day doing yard work.


My birthday is in 11 days. Other than that, nothing new. Oh, the dishwasher broke. Again. Sink is clogged, too. Man, I knew we didn't have a garbage disposal.


Still haven't fixed the sink. We've been washing dishes in the bathroom lately. Seemed like a bullet proof plan until some food on one dish finally clogged it. Soon we'll be resorting to using toilets... or the garden hose.


Some Bloods got destroyed by the police force today. A lot were arrested for something (the police haven't said yet), but a few escaped.

1-0, Police.


Went to Joshua Tree after my last entry. I can't get enough of that place, but that's why I came home so soon. I've had enough of that place until I decide to go again.


Going out tomorrow for my birthday. A party is later on in the day. I figure I'll go to town for a while and see if I can't buy myself something nice.

Oh, the sink is fixed. We'll likely continue shoving food into it as if it were a garbage disposal again by tomorrow or the day after my birthday.

"6-6 is empty; his birthday..."



The alarm clock rang and I began my chores. It's my birthday today. I had breakfast and left. The family had already gone, too. They were likely preparing last minute party ideas, while my Dad was at work. He'd get out early today for me. On my way out the door, I cut my arm on a rusty chain link fence. It isn't the nicest thing.


I looked at my arm and saw it was bleeding. The cut was pretty deep, but as far as I could tell, no rust was stuck in the cut. I went inside anyway and cleaned it, only to find out we were out of bandaids. Sighing, I dug out an old blue bandana and wrapped it around the cut.

Happy birthday.

I walked out the door again and carefully navigated my way past our ramshackle fence. The family took the car, so I figured I'd just walk to town and get something.

I wore a short sleeve shirt that day, with a bandana wrapped around my arm for the bleeding. That was a bad idea. After I made it into town, I was confronted.

"Yo! Hold up!"

"Bloods," I hissed to myself. I kept my cool. I'm not a part of any gang, so maybe they're going to ask me about money or...

That's when I realized my mistake. I looked, shaking at the blue bandana on my arm.

The two Bloods were in front of me now. One was quiet, the other spoke.

"You a Crip man? Crips ain't supposed to be here, this is our territory."

The silent one had his hand in his jacket pocket.

"I...I...I'm not a Crip," I said, trying to remain calm despite the fact that I was practically vibrating with adrenaline.

"You're not a Crip?" asked the one guy. I shook my head. "No. I'm not."

"Why you wearing that blue bandana on your arm, then?"

Hesitantly, I rolled up the bandana to show the guy the cut on my arm. He looked at it.

"I don't have any bandages at home, this is all I have."

The Blood was silent for a minute, then started talking.

"Whatever, man. Get out of here."

My relief was overwhelming. I turned to walk away, the silent guy started talking.

"I think he's a Crip."

I froze when I heard a gun cock behind me.

"This kid? I know the Crips are wimpy, but they don't initiate scrawny spit fucks like this kid."

"Turn around, boy."

I turned slowly with my hands in the air.

"Tell me why I shouldn't," the one with the gun said. My heart was racing.

"I'm not a Crip. If you kill me you'd be killing an innocent person..."

The Blood was unmoved. "Okay."
The gunshot was loud, and I felt a strong impact with my chest, followed by a burning sensation. Looking down, shaking, I saw blood pouring out of a wound. I was still standing.

"Please..." I coughed. "It's... it's my birthday! Let me walk away from this!"

The guy with the gun didn't shoot again. My breathing was becoming shallow, and holding myself up became a chore.

"Okay. Walk away."

I turned around and started walking, holding my chest.

"Happy Birthday," said the Blood with the gun.

There was another gunshot, and I felt another impact and burning sensation, this time in my back. That was it. I fell to the ground, my senses becoming distant and faded. But I was still alive. I heard the two Bloods talking, chuckling.
"Man, that wasn't nice!"
"Whatever, man. Let's go."

I was laying in a growing pool of my own blood. Each second that past, I became more and more distant from the world. Several minutes later, the 'thump thump thump' that was my heartbeat had stopped. I lost all feeling in my body, and could no longer move. Some people in a car pulled over when they saw me and ran to my aid. I don't know what they did except for move me onto my back. I could read the lips of one of them.

"Call for help"

The other took out a phone and exchanged words with someone on the other line. A few minutes later, paramedics showed up. They took my pulse and tried to resuscitate me, but I was getting no feeling in my body back; no movement. One paramedic shook his head slowly and pulled a blanket over my body. Before it went over my head, he shut my eyes.


Suddenly I was able to move again. I was falling. Falling through nothingness to a light below me.

Though the passing is painful, the sleep is peaceful.

I landed in the light as if it were a pool of water, and I was temporarily blinded. I felt something form on my back, and then I opened my eyes again when the light faded. I was in a forest, in front of a huge tree with what looked like a face.

"Hello, my boy," said the tree.

I just stared. Why is a giant tree talking to me?

"I am not a 'giant tree' as you think, boy."

I gulped.

"No, you are not insane."

...I literally said nothing to this tree at that point.

"You are in my forest, dear boy. The forest of the Kokiri."

I suddenly found my voice.

"Why? Why am I here? Who are you? Where is this forest?"

"Which question do you wish answered first?"

"Who are you?" I asked. This tree was huge.

"I am the Great Deku Tree, father of the Kokiri."

"...Then I take it you already know my name?" I asked, seeing how this tree can read my mind.

"Yes, Jack. I know your name. What is your next question?"

"Where is this forest?" I asked. Hot damn, this tree was enormous!

"This forest is toward the outskirts of Hyrule."

...which lead me to my next question:

"Why am I here?" I asked.

Without a pause, the tree answered me straight. "Alas, boy... but your life on earth has reached it's end. You have died."

That's when I knew I was insane. I felt my heart and it was beating. Was I dreaming right now?
"I assure you boy that this is no dream."

I looked up. "If I'm so dead, why am I alive?"

"Your life in your world is at an end. In this world it has begun again."

"So I'm a child?"
"Not quite. Look at yourself."

Puzzled, I looked at my hands. They were green. I looked all over my body. It had turned green, and I thought I didn't have clothes. It wasn't until I looked closer did I realize that I was wearing clothes, they were just the same color as my skin. The last thing I looked at was my back. Two big green translucent wings sprouted from the spine of my back. I had started to hyperventilate.

"Calm, boy. Calm."

I looked up at the tree, still alarmed.

"You will live in this world as a guardian fairy... once you have been trained."

I looked at the small wings on my back and tried to move them, but they wouldn't respond to what I wanted them to do.

"You must let them develop fully. You have only just started the next life."

I was curious. "What happens when I die here?"
"Fairies do not age, but they can be killed. The Goddesses will call their fairies back, but they otherwise do not age."

I didn't respond again. I was still in shock. My heart was pounding still.

"Calm, my boy. Calm," repeated the tree- I mean, Great Deku Tree.

"I will assign one of our fairies to train you. Do you have any questions?"

I gulped, still utterly suprised.

"Yes... what do these fairies do?"

"Fairies such as yourself are guardians, and you must watch over the Kokiri as parent figures. Since you know not our ways as of yet, I must assign you a fellow fairy for your teachings. She will watch over you as if you were her own, and in turn, you will return the favor."
"How do I return the favor?" I asked, briefly forgetting my recent transformation/death/being shot/cutting my arm on a fence/dressing the cut on my arm with a blue bandana/being spoken to by a giant tree...

"You will find out in due time. It is not yet time."

I slowly nodded. "Okay."

I looked back up.

"You are much too small to make much of a journey until your wings develop. Navi will help you find a Kokiri house to stay in until they develop."

"Navi! Come!"

End of Prologue

I know. I know. It sucks, why am I writing this, blah blah blah. Save it. If you're thinking of flaming this story, rest assured knowing I already did that.