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The Unforgiven

Chris quickly made his onto the floor where his room was. He was out of breath after have sped down the highway to the hotel, running across the parking lot and running up the three flights of stairs. He swiped his key in the door, opening it.

"Shawn…" He called out but received no answer. He made his way into the bedroom, it was empty, and everything the way it was when he left earlier that afternoon. He ran back out the room into hallway. 'Shawn I pray you're not hurt.' He thought running down the stairs to the second floor to Hunter's suite. He frantically banged on the door and received no answer. Turning the handle back and forth anxiously he wasn't surprised that it was locked. Looking down the hall he spotted one of the maids, "Excuse you wouldn't happen to have a master key would you?"

"Yes I do but I'm not permitted to give it to you." She responded. "I left my key in the room and my roommate is at work. Can you please just open it?" he asked. The maid reluctantly walked over to the door swiping the green card, the beeping noise signaling the door was open. "Thank you." He responded as he made his way into the room. The door to the bedroom was ajar, and as he made his way to it he prayed Shawn had fallen asleep while packing.

"Shawn" he called out lightly opening the door. He walked further into the room. He looked over at the bed looking in horror at the fresh blood stains.

"Shawn…" he called once again. No response. He looked at the closet door near the window. He crept over to it. Opening it with caution he spotted Shawn bawled up in the corner, holding the sheet to his naked body.

Overwhelmed by it all, Chris dropped to his knees.

"Shawn" he whispered reaching out a hand to the blonde.

Shawn, just then realizing someone was there, turned to Chris. Chris crawled into the closet with Shawn wrapping his arms around him. He couldn't help but cry feeling it was his fault that Shawn was hurt.

"Chris…I'm bleeding." Shawn spoke, barely above a whisper.

"I—I know, I saw it…I saw it on the bed." Shawn stayed quit after that, allowing Chris to hold him. After about ten minutes, Chris knew he had to move Shawn out of the closet. But as he tried to wake the blonde he received no response. Slapping Shawn lightly but with enough force to try to wake him, he still received no response. He removed the sheet away from Shawn's body and realized that he was still bleeding, too much to be from tearing. Something was wrong. Reaching up, he grabbed a robe that hung above them, putting it on Shawn. He crawled out the closet then he picked up the blonde into his arms. He carried him down into the lobby capturing many of the guests' attention.

"Do you need me to call for medical assistance?" the desk clerk asked.

"Yes!"Chris said watching him immediately pick up the phone. After a few minutes of waiting and the ambulance still not there he became impatient.

Not wanting to wait any longer he carried Shawn out to his car. He reached into his pockets for his key then he realized he left them in his room. Panicking for a moment he thought about the distance between the hotel and the hospital he passed on the way. Knowing it would be quicker to take Shawn there himself rather than wait for the ambulance he looked down at the unconscious blonde. He knew he would be tired afterwards but Shawn was too important to him for him to put his needs first. Giving Shawn a kiss on the forehead he started running down the freeway towards help.

Out of breath, his back killing him and ready to collapse, he walked into the emergency room.

"Help Me! Please help." He screamed. Nurses rushed over to him with a stretcher. He lightly placed Shawn onto the gurney. "Sir, what happened?" someone asked wiping at the blood running down Shawn's leg.

"He…raped….he's pregnant." Chris explained trying to catch his breath. The nurse instructed him to take a seat in the waiting room but Chris ignored her not wanting to leave Shawn's side, who was still unconscious.

Chris ran down the hall along with the doctors as they wheeled Shawn into the OR.

"Sir you're going to have to wait here." One doctor instructed. Chris, defeated, stayed behind as the doors closed behind them.

Chris sat in the waiting room, anxiously awaiting the doctor's return and when he did Chris jumped up right way.

"Is he okay?"

"Mr. Irvine there was hemorrhaging. We nearly lost him but luckily we were able to stop the bleeding and save Shawn. Regarding the baby, I'm sorry but-" Chris didn't listen to the rest of the conversation.

He ran into the room seeing the blonde connected to an IV and a breathing tube under his nose. Slowly approaching the bed he reaches out and grabs hold of Shawn's pale hand. Where there used to be a protruding stomach lay a nearly flat space. The sight rips his heart out but he sniffs the tears away and tries to be strong for Shawn. Chris doesn't know how he'll even begin to tell Shawn that his baby is gone. Tears start to roll down his cheeks as he can't hold them back any longer, he failed Shawn. He failed to protect him from Hunter and now he sees the result. "Shawn, I'm so sorry." He says gently as he lifts Shawn's hand to his lips and kisses the back of it before pressing it against his cheek. The silence is interrupted by the sound of his phone. Looking once more at Shawn he exits the room answering his phone.


"Chris, where are you? Is Shawn ok?" It was Cena.

"I'm at the hospital and no…Shawn isn't ok."

"That Bastard! He's laughing and joking with Orton like nothing happened."

"John, he's really done it this time."

"I gotta go John, I'll call you when Shawn wakes up."

He walks back into the room seeing Shawn laying there, his eyes fluttering open. He chooses to remain quiet as he approaches the bed.

"What happened to my baby?" he asks hoarsely as he hand rubs his stomach.

"…Shawn…" Chris begins but finds himself unable to speak. Shawn closes his eyes and starts to cry realizing what happened.

"Chris…My Baby…she's gone?" Chris climbs onto the bed next to Shawn, wrapping his arms around him lightly consoling the blonde. "She's gone…" he whispered over and over again as he cried into Chris's shoulder until he dozed off. As Chris lay there in the dark holding him, he could feel the anger boiling inside of him. He looked over at the clock it was 9:15. He is going to pay Hunter a visit tonight. He gently lays Shawn's head onto the bed and exits the hospital room. He walks over to the front desk and asks the nurse to call him a cab.

" Chris what are you doing here?" Cena asked the moment he spotted the angry blonde enter the arena.

"Where is Hunter?" he asked not bothering to stop and answer Cena's question.

"He's in the ring. Why are you covered in blood?" Chris looked down at his shirt, having forgotten about the blood stains.

"Cena he raped Shawn, ok? HE RAPED HIM and he lost his baby. Now leave me alone!" he shouted as he approached the curtain. He opened the curtains and ran down the ramp stirring an immediate reaction from the audience at seeing him. Hunter turned towards the ramp spotting him. He tried to quickly exit the ring but he was too late, Chris ran into the ring spearing him before he had the chance to run. He sat on top of the blonde delivering immediate punches to Hunter not stopping once he drew blood. Hunter poked Chris in the eyes causing his eyes to fly to his face. Seeing that he was distracted Hunter quickly rolled under the bottom rope and out the ring. He ran over to the security wall jumping over it. Chris rubbed at his eyes as he ran after Hunter catching him. The Audience cheered him on thinking it was a part of the show but this was real. Chris really wanted to kill him. Hunter was down on the concrete on his hands and knees trying to catch his breath after having been kicked in the ribs. He backed away from the blonde and as he ran towards him at full speed pictures of Shawn crying entered his mind. He punted Hunter in the head knocking him over onto his back. He jumped onto him once again and although Hunter wasn't putting up a fight he didn't stop. All the anger and rage he had built up against the taller man was finally being released during the brawl. Chris could here Cena along with Security yelling for him to stop it but ignored them.

'This bastard raped Shawn' played over and over in his head as he pounded his fist into Hunter's face, he saw red and pure hatred filled his heart.

By now security were here pulling him off of the battered man who lay unconscious with several thousand fans looking on.

"Jericho if you lay one more hand on my champion you are fired!" It was Vince McMahon.

Chris watched them help Hunter to his feet. Breaking free from the grip of the security he punched Hunter once again knocking him back onto the ground. "Fuck You! I quit!" he screamed. He walked away from the scene leaving the arena to return to the hospital and to Shawn. He knew neither of them would have to worry about Hunter again.

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