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A hugeeeeeee thanks to Treknik for the beta-reading!


Jack O'Neill was in a very good mood. He had finally finished the mountain of paperwork on his desk and now he was going to his 2IC's lab to invite her to go to the mess. The door was semi-opened and his hand was already on the handle when he heard something that stopped him.

"No, Jack! I've already told you many times, the steak is for Homer, not for you!"

O'Neill's eyes widened in shock even more when Carter said, "Jack, you really need a bath . . . ohhh now it's better! You're really cute!"

Am I cute? Am I in an alternate reality?

"Good boy, Jack! Let's go fishing! And look,there are fish in this pond!"

Fishing? Ok, now I have to see what she is doing!

He quickly opened the door and entered the lab, moving as fast as he could to stand behind his 2IC.

"Carter! Whatcha doin'?"

She jumped out of her chair shocked, failing to close the window of her PC. She opened and closed her mouth several times, like a fish out of water. She finally managed to find her voice and say, "Sir! Do you need anything?"

"Um . . . yeah, did . . . I misunderstand you or did you say the words Jack and cute in the same sentence?"

Carter blushed and stammered, "Ehmmm . . . it's not what you think, sir . . . I can explain . . ."

"OK Carter, then enlighten me!" Jack replied with a grin.

"Oh, it's just a game, a Facebook application. Look! You can create a Pet and then you have to take care of him. You have to wash and feed him, play with him, and check that he is always happy. But we were off world for a week, so he was all dirty, covered with flies and Homer escaped! I had to ask for help to find him . . ."

"Wait! Homer?"

"Yeah, he is Jack's Petling . . ."

"And Jack is?"

"It's my Pet's name . . ." Sam answered, avoiding Jack's eyes.

"So, to sum it up, you have a Pet called Jack and he has a Petling named Homer," laughed O'Neill, "And is it just my imagination or does the house have furniture similar to a certain cabin?"

"Ehmm . . . it's possible to choose many kinds of furniture, windows, doors, fixtures, fittings . . ."

"What about the fishing? I heard something about a pond!"

"Oh . . . yes . . . there is a little pond too . . . but maybe I'm boring you with these things. Did you come here for a reason, sir?"

"Yeah, I'm going to the mess. Do you wanna join me?"

"Of course, I'll see you in five minutes."

"Perfect, I'll save a blue Jell-O for you," answered O'Neill and when he was nearly out of the lab, he turned back and added with a grin, "Carter? You do know that you can go fishing with the real Jack, don't you?"

And with these words he left, leaving a blushing and smiling Carter.

Warning: Pet Society is addicting...Cami, I have to send you to rehab! LOL