Birthday drabble for someone whose first name is Sarah.
Only 100 words, only 5 capitals.
AU, ExB.

S. A. R. A. H.

slow sensuality, soft sighs
slick sexuality, stifled screams
sinful scent
skin, swiftly sliced
sweet succor spilling
so stunningly
soaking silky strands
soaking sheets
soaking spinning senses

ah... angry angel
all appetite, anticipation and attraction
ancient, animalistic
anxiously ascending
another ardent attack
an atrocious act
abused anatomy

ruptures, rapture-ridden
rumbling roars
rough, relentless reaping
red, red, red... radiant red rivulets
reeling, revolving, rotating rapidly
rousing realization
rancid raw regret

and after agony:
and after all
arrays are alternated

hush hush
heal, heavenly host
heal, hurting hull
heal, hammering heart
he holds her
helpless hunter
hungrily, he hisses: