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(This takes place around Kingdom Hearts II. Enjoy!)

Chapter 1: Swan Lake

Sora leaned his head against the window of the ship, gazing out at the infinite space that separated the multiple worlds. How much longer would they have to go on searching?

"Sora? Sora?"

"Earth to Sora!"

Sora jerked and looked up. "Wha-?"

"You okay?" Goofy asked, looking at the boy with concern. "Ya' seem a little distracted."

Sora shook his head. "I'm fine, just." He sighed. "I'm worried about Riku and Kairi."

"We'll find them," Donald said, glancing back from the cockpit. "We just have to keep on searching."

Sora nodded and leaned back in his seat, his eyes drifting back to the window. He watched as worlds they had already visited pass by, comets, portals-what?

"Donald!" Sora yelped, pointing at a large, purple and black portal that swirled opened before them!

Donald quacked in alarm and yanked on the controls, causing the ship to lurch back.

"Yeow!" Goofy cried as he was flung from his seat.

"Hang on!" Donald yelled as the ship spun away from the dark portal.

"Now he tells us," Sora groaned from his position on the floor. Looking up, Sora noticed that the worlds that they had passed seemed to be growing smaller and smaller.

"What the-?"

Donald yelped. "The portal is pulling us in!"

"What?" Sora yelled, his eyes wide in shock.

"Look out!" Goofy shouted as comets began flying by them, sucked in by the portal's power.

"Donald!" Sora yelled as a massive comet shot at the ship.


The trio screamed as the force of the comet sent them tumbling end over end into the portal. Another comet smashed into the side of the ship and everything went dark.

"Ouch," Sora groaned as he pealed his face off the window, rubbing his head. "Nice driving there, Donald…"

The duck only glared in reply as he tried to retrieve his wizard wand from underneath a seat.

"Where'd we end up?" Goofy asked, his hat hanging off his nose.

"Whoa, check this out!" Sora said, pointing out the windshield of the ship. "Is that a lake?"

Donald and Goofy followed the boy's finger to see a world floating before them, a large castle looming over a shimmering lake.

"That portal must've led us to a new world!"

Donald narrowed his eyes and looked at the screen. "Swan Lake."

Sora looked away from the window. "Isn't that a ballet?"

"Gawrsh," Goofy muttered. "Do ya' think we have to pay for tickets?"

"No you palooka!" Donald yelled, his face turning red. "There's no ballet going on down there!"

Sora shrugged. "Aw well, they aren't my thing anyway. Wonder if we'll find a keyhole in this new world?"

"I thought you said this world had a lake?" Donald growled as the group trudged through a thick forest.

Sora glared at his companion. "I just pointed it out! You're the one who chose where to land, did you see a lake?"

"Hey fellas!" Goofy called, pushing away a branch with his shield. "Is this the lake?"

The group peered through the branches to see the most beautiful lake they had ever seen stretch out before them, the moon glinting off the water in a silver light. A large castle loomed high above the lake, its ruins casting a somewhat haunting feel around the area.

"Where are the swans?" Goofy asked, scratching his head.

"This place is so cool!" Sora looked at the lake in awe. "It's just so-"

"Heartless!" Donald yelped.

Sora spun around to watch a pack of wolf-like Heartless appear out of the forest, their blank yellow eyes staring into the trio.

In a flash of light, the Keyblade formed in Sora's hand and he shot at the Heartless, swinging with all his might. The creatures snarled at the light of the Keyblade and snapped, their fangs glinting in the night. The moment Sora knocked down one Heartless-wolf, another would attack in its place.

"There's no end to these things!" Goofy shouted, smashing one with his shield.

Sora looked around and watched as another Heartless-wolf shot out of the forest, but he quickly realized it was not a Heartless-wolf, but a Heartless-werewolf!

The creature towered on its hind legs above the wolves, the Heartless emblem stretched over its thick chest.

"That must be the leader!" Sora thought and swung at the wolf, his eyes locked on the mark.

The Heartless snarled and swung, its sharp claws slicing in the air.

Sora yelled and quickly jumped to the side to avoid the attack and swung his sword.

The Heartless growled and swung again, its claws cutting the air just above the boy's head.

Sora gulped and darted to the side again and hurled the Keyblade with all his might.

The wolf dodged the flying Keyblade and knocked it behind it back, sending the weapon right into a tree. Sora groaned and ducked underneath the monster's claws, before darting around the creature's side, but was caught in the side with its claws.

The boy grunted in pain as he slammed into the tree, and wrapped his hands around the Keyblade's hilt as the wolf charged at him. Sora planted one foot on the trunk, and with all his might, yanked the weapon out of the tree and swung at the wolf. The Heartless howled in pain as the weapon sliced through its chest and it vanished in a swirl of black shadows.

The moment the werewolf-Heartless disappeared, the remaining Heartless disappeared as well into swirls of shadows. The trio stood there, panting and gasping for breath.

"Man, that was weird." Sora gasped, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand.

Suddenly, a shriek tore through the air, catching the trio's attention.

"It came from over there!" Donald shouted, pointing in the direction of the scream.

"Come on!" Sora yelled and bolted through the trees, Donald and Goofy close behind.

"No! Please!" A woman cried, which was followed by a loud snarl.

Sora shot through the trees and looked to see a ring of Heartless circled around a young woman with golden blond hair and wearing a white medieval styled dress.

"That girl's in trouble!" Goofy said, staring at the massive circle of Heartless. A werewolf Heartless barked and the pack of wolves closed in on the girl.

"Well then," Sora tightened his grip on the Keyblade. "Let's help her!" The boy yelled and shot straight at the Heartless pack, the creatures scattering in surprise.

"Don't worry Miss!" Sora said as he stood protectively in front of the girl, blocking her from the snarling Heartless. "We've got this!"

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