Long ago,somewhere deep in the desert...

Thunder starthing



Bakura: Will you take a look at that?

Pretty pathetic,huh?

Well,you'll never believe this but that camel you're looking at was once a human being.

And not just any human being.

The guy was an pharaoh.

A rich, powerful ball of charisma.

Oh yeah!

Water flows down on Bakura.

This is his story.

(Bakura Crying)

Well actually my story.

Thats right Im that camel.

The name is Bakura...Pharaoh Bakura.

I was the worlds nicest guy and they ruined my life for no reason.

Oh is that hard to believe?

Look I tell you what.

You go back aways you know before I was a Camel and this will all make sense.

Switches to baby Bakura

All right now see thats a little too far back.

Baby Bakura playing with a doll.

Dolls lose its head.

Oh ho! Look at me!

Thats me as a baby.

Baby Bakura crying.

A dozen of the servants comes with a new doll.

Ahem! All right lets move ahead.

Rhythm music played.

Bakura: Oh, yeah.

Theme song guy: There are despots and dictators political manipulators.

There are blue bloods with the intellects of fleas.

Bakura come to a dead-end he order to bild new enter for hem.

There are kings and catty tyrants.

Bakura snaps fingers a servant lift him to his throne.

Who are so lacking in refinements.

Theyd be better suited swinging from the trees.

He was born and raised to rule.

Bakura sitting on his throne an opening band appear Bakura get a large scissors and cut.

No one haver been as cool.

In a thousand years of aristocracy.

3 babies appear Bakura get a big stamp to kiss them with.

Bakura inaugurates a ship in his honor.

Bakur whiff.

An enigma and a mystery

In Mesoamerican history.

The quintessence of perfetion that is he.

Serven dry the sweat of an fan hem.

And then give him watter so he can gargle.

Servent come with a bowl Bakura spit on him.

Bakura: Ok this is the real me.

Not this.

Changes the image of the pharaoh to the camel to Pharaoh

This Not this



Ok se this palace?

Everyone in it is at my command.

Check this out.

(Snap Fingers) Butler.

(Snap Fingers again) Chef.Snap Them song guy

Them song guy: Oh yeah!

Hes the sovereign lord of the nation.

Hes the hippest cat in creasion.

Hes the alpha the omega A to Z

(Snap Fingers)

Servents feed him.

And this perfect world will spin.

Around his every little whim.

Cause this perfect world begins and ends with...

Bakura: Me.

Them song guy: Whats his name?

Bakura Bakuuuraaaaa.

Thats his name.


Them song guy: Hes the king of the world


Them song guy: Is he hip or what?


Them song guy: Yeah

Old man trying to walk a way but Bakura back in to him.

Bakura: Gow!

You threw of my groove!

Bakura cross his arms make a angrin look.

Guard: Im sorry but you've thrown off the pharaohs groove.

Guard throws out the old man throw the window.

Oldman: Sorry!

Bakura: You were saying?

Them song guy: Whats his name?Bakura.

Guards steppes an Bakura dancing in front of them.

Chorus: Bakuraaaa.

Them song guy: Thats his name

Chorus: Bakuraaaa Bakuraaa Bakuraaaa.

Them song guy: Is he hip or what?

Dont you know hes the king of the world?

Whoa yeah.

Serven bows for him


Bakura: Ha Boom Baby!

Serven Guy: Aah! Your Highness it is time for you to choose your bride.

All righty.

Trot out the ladies.

Lets take a look-see.

Hate your hair.

Not likely.

Yikes,yikes,yikes and let me guess.

You have a great personality.

Is this really the best you could do?

Oh no.

I mean perhaps.

Bakura: What is he babbling about?

Hes like the thing that woulddnt shut up.

Anyway still wondering about that camel in the opening?

Well let me show you the people responsible for ruining my life.

First theres Athem.

Athem: Uh excuse me.

Im here to see Pharaoh Bakura.

You see I got this summons.

Guard: Inside up the stairs and to the left.

Just follow the signs.

Oh great Thanks a lot.

Bakura: Uh and dont be fooled by the folksy peasant look.

Athem got a sandal on his head

Old man: Pardon me.

Thats mine.

Oh here you go.

Thank you.

You welcome.

Aah! Oh hey Are you all right?

Her let me help you down.

Oh you so very kind.

What happen.

Well I threw off the pharaos groove.


His groove!

The rhytm in wich he lives his life his pattern of behaviour.

I threw it off and the pharao had me thrown out the window.

Athem gasps) Oh really?

Im supposed to se him today.

Dont throw off his groove!

Oh OK.

Beware the groove.

Hey are you gonna be all right?


Bakura: You see what I mean?

This guys trouble but as bad as he is he is nothing compared to whats coming up next.