YuGiOh x Inuyasha Crossover

Summary: In her dreams, she's always surrounded by sand, burning underneath the blazing hot sun. But within the desert, she can always see a face, a face promising death and pain… and for some reason, she couldn't stay away from that face.

Pairing: Bakura/ Kagome/ Ryou (slight Zorc/ Kagome)

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So hot… The sun, it hurts…

What was she doing again? Was she walking? No… She was on the ground, tired. It became a blur in her mind. All she could remember was that she was stranded in the desert without any necessities, separated from her group. Of course, finding the gang was the least of her worries right now. There was a more important goal in her mind.

I need to survive…

Two very tanned feet stood in front of her. Unable to look up, she gave a groan of acknowledgement towards the figure. Her throat was parched, begging for any sort of liquid. It felt like days since she had anything to drink. Swallowing painfully, she allowed herself defenceless, letting her willing body rot and die under the sun,

Why is this person laughing?

Suddenly, she felt something cold splash onto her head. It took her a moment for her to realize that the figure had drenched her in cold water.


A hand lifted her face, and a mouth met hers.


Filling her sore and dry mouth with a refreshing liquid, she allowed the mysterious figure the opportunity to exploring her mouth. A tongue tracing her every tooth, lingering a bit too long for its own good after the water went down her lungs. Pulling away, she glared weakly, unable to see the figure who laughed at her poor attempts. She had gained part of her senses back, finally able to determine that the opposite party was a man.

A snicker came from his mouth, leaning closer to her ear. Mouth brushing against her ear, he inhaled softly.

The bird flew too far away from her flock.

She pushed, wanting to leave the man in front of her. After a clumsy push, he fell on the hot sand, glaring at her, but stopped after and gave her a charming smirk.

It promised death and pain…

Her eyes finally regaining sight, she stared at the man who 'saved' her.

White hair like Inuyasha, yet skin that contrast his…

He whispered something, whatever he said, she could not hear. But his mouth, it moved, and she was able to comprehend his words.

Yet, she wish she didn't.

Don't die little bird…


Quickly seating herself in an upright position, Kagome Higurashi began to gasp, breathless… Fear began to swim up her stomach, sweat drenching her light slumber wear. Raising her hands, she patted herself back to reality, hopefully shaking off the bad feeling that was enveloped inside of her.

She threw her blanket off her self and slowly trudged towards the washroom.

Opening the door, the first thing she did was stare at the mirror, checking for any red markings. Seeing that it was clean of any marking or burn, she turned on the tap and splashed the cool refreshing water onto her face. She stayed still for a moment, suddenly remembering his last words… Words that frightened her, yet left her yearning for something…

Because I will be the one to snap your tiny wings in half…

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