Flaws & all - Will Schuester loves Emma Pillsbury, he loves her red hair, her big brown eyes, he even loves her excessive cleaning and obsessive routines, he loves every freckle on her body. To put it bluntly, he couldn't imagine living without her, which is good, because she doesn't think she'd survive without him.

Rating - T

Characters - Will and Emma

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She wasn't perfect, he knew it and she knew it, but he loved her. He didn't mind that she had to wash her hands for three minutes and twenty-seven seconds before she could even think about eating dinner. He didn't mind that she had to disinfect the bath both before and after she used it. He didn't even mind that he was always the one to take the garbage out, saving her from a small panic attack as she pulled on rubber gloves, and sweatpants that she'd throw in the bin if they so much as brushed against another garbage bag. He didn't mind that some weeks she got through more hand sanitizer than anything else they bought, and he didn't mind that she made him brush his teeth and use mouthwash four times before she allowed his tongue into her mouth almost three months after they officially started dating.

He didn't mind when she refused to move in with him, not even when he offered to scrub the flat from top to bottom and throw away all the towels and bed linen his now ex wife had used. He didn't mind that they couldn't eat out, due to the fact that she had to be sure the food she was eating had been washed, and prepared by clean hands. He didn't mind cooking her a romantic dinner, after she'd learnt to trust him to wash his hands properly. He didn't even mind that the closest he got to being intimate was her leaning her head on shoulder as they watched a film. On her sofa naturally.

He did however mind that there were days where he'd find her sobbing in her office after she'd overheard students calling her a freak, a looser, she'd heard them wonder loudly about her ability to give 'guidance' to anyone else when she was obviously so screwed up herself.

He'd held her and kissed her and wiped away her tears, he'd told her she was beautiful, and that he didn't care about her obsessive cleaning, that he didn't care about anything other than her happiness, "As long as I've got you, and you've got that beautiful smile, nothing else matters" he'd told her, running his fingers over her lips as they curled into a sad smile. "That's better" he'd told her, promising he'd do anything to make her feel better.

"Will" He jumped slightly, half asleep himself he thought she'd dozed of hours ago.

"Yeah?" his grip around her waist tightened, pulling her closer to him.

"You know you asked me to move in with you?" Will nodded, realising this was probably going to be an important conversation he sat up, pulling Emma with him. She laid her had on his muscular chest, feeling him begin to play with her hair, she couldn't look at him as she continued. "I want to live with you, but your apartment was where you lived with Terri, just like here is where I was going to live when I was married to Ken, which is why it wouldn't be right if we were to move in together."

Will nodded again, "Em, I understand, you don't have to..."

"No" she interrupted him, "you don't understand, I want to live with you, but I want us to live in a place that's 'ours' not in my apartment or your ex-marital home. I think we should both sell up and start somewhere new. Somewhere clean and new."

That was how they came to spend the weekend, curled on the sofa in Emma's apartment. To steaming mgs of tea on the coffee table, a fleece blanket over their legs as the rain pounded against the window, Will held Emma in a loose embrace, her back against his chest, she balanced her laptop on her knees as the huge list of houses for sale in Lima became a smaller list of places they wanted to view, houses they thought they could make their home. They'd decided they wanted at least 2 bedrooms, so that even in the home they planned to share, Emma wouldn't feel rushed into anything.

Emma gasped as she clicked on the next property. Will couldn't see her expression from where he sat, but he'd guess she was smiling. "Like that one?" he asked, running his fingers over the bare skin of her stomach, his hand slipping under the soft cotton of her t-shirt. Emma nodded, clicking through the pictures.

"It's got 4 bedrooms, one with an en suite, a shower room, a bathroom, look at the size of the garden, perfect for. . ." She stopped, embarrassed at the thoughts that had just crossed her mind.

"Perfect for what?" Will asked, taking the opertunity to kiss Emma's neck softly.

"Erm, barbeques, it would be perfect to have a barbecue there."

Will knew Emma was lying, she hated barbeques, said that barbecued food was just food poisoning waiting to happen, and he chuckled slightly, curving the fingers that were stroking her hip, causing her to shriek and grab the laptop stop it falling from her lap as Will found one of her few ticklish spots. "I know you're not thinking about barbeques" he told her. "Tell me. I won't laugh"


Will nodded, "cross my heart, hope to die"

Emma sighed, "I know we're taking things slowly, and I like that, it feels 'right', but I saw that picture and all I could see was you chasing a kid around in the back yard, our kid"

"How many?"

Emma was shocked by his response, "What?"

"Kids. How many? And where are you while I'm chasing them around the garden?"

Emma laughed slightly, "Two, Sophie and Jack, I'm in the kitchen, making dinner, with Jack, he's just a, a baby, you were trying to convince Sophie to leave the paddling pool and come in for dinner." She paused and bit her lip, his silence telling her she shouldn't have told him so much.

"You've thought about this then?" He asked .

Emma nodded slowly, "It's too much, I shouldn't have said anything, I'm sorry."

Will shook his head, "Em, there's nothing to think about. I love that you've thought about this, that you see us having a future, I'm extatic that you feel comfortable to be able to share this with me. That we've got something to work towards, something to look forward to. Because if that's what you want it will happen Emma, I promise you, you'll be happy."

Emma nodded slowly, she should have known Will wouldn't have made fun of her. She was however puzzled when he told her he needed her to move, "why?£ she asked

"Because" he told her, "if you don't move I can't reach the phone, and if I can't reach the phone I can't ring the estate agent and arrange a viewing for that place" he gestured to the laptop.

Emma nodded and stood from the sofa, allowing Will to sit beside her once he'd picked up the phone. Emma couldn't help but smile as he spoke to the estate agent, it had taken more than 30 years, but she finally felt like her life was coming together

Coming next time: Is Will and Emma's dream house as perfect as it seems?