So... it's been a while, over 7 years apparently, but I've been binge watching Glee again since it appeared on netflix and it reminded me just how much I loved Wemma, so I thought I'd pick this up again and see if anyone's still interested in reading it

If anyone does read it, I'd love to hear what you think, and if you'd like me to continue

Emma was still in Will's arms when he woke the next morning, a quiet gurgling over the baby monitor telling him he wasn't the first person in the house to wake. He placed a gentle kiss to Emma's hair before slipping from the bed, being careful not to wake his wife. He stretched his back and wiped the sleep from his face as he padded down the hall, pushing open the door to his daughter's room, "good morning beautiful" he cooed, his smile growing as Sophie rolled onto her stomach before pushing herself up onto her hands and knees when she heard his voice, flashing him a smile before babbling animatedly at him, as if she expected him to understand every word she said

"Oh, is that right?" As always, Will played along as he scoped the baby into his arms, "I missed you too pretty girl, and I'm sure Mama missed you too, but for now she's sleeping so it's just you and me. He ran his fingers through Sophie's hair as she nuzzled into him, the baby having inherited Emma's red hair but his tight curls. "Let me change you, and then we can go and snuggle with Mama" he smiled as Sophie gazed up at him with her big brown eyes, another feature she shared with her mother.

He laid Sophie on her changing mat, quickly changing her diaper and dropping the soiled one into the bin by the unit, a bin that wrapped each diaper individually in plastic, bought by Will during Emma's pregnancy to try and make things as easy as possible for Emma. "Hey" Will chuckled as he saw Sophie yawn and clumsily rub at her eyes, "I thought you were awake. We'd better get you back to bed hadn't we?" he smiled as he took off Sophie's sleepsuit and lifted her into his arms, letting her settle against his bare chest, "let's go and snuggle with Mama shall we?

He carried the baby through to his bedroom, her head already lolling against his shoulder as he sat back in bed, pulling the covers up slightly to keep his daughter warm ,"Will" Emma whimpered as she stirred slightly at the movement beside her.

"I'm here" he said softly, "Sophie needed changing but she's settled now." Emma let out a soft hum as she drifted back to sleep, shuffling closer to Will, only settling when her head came to rest against his thigh, "I love you" Will whispered, assuming Emma was already asleep again, surprised to hear her reply./span/p

"Love you too."

Will couldn't help but let his mind wander as his wife and daughter slept against him. He couldn't believe how much his life had changed, how far he'd come. He thought back to how broken he'd felt when he'd found out that Teri had faked the pregnancy, that he'd never get to hold the baby he'd spent months dreaming of meeting. Even now, he could still remember the moment he confronted Teri, the feeling of his heart shattering in his chest when he lifted her shirt and realised that the 'baby' she was carrying was no more than a pillow strapped to her stomach.

He thought about the start of his relationship with Emma, the evenings they'd spent together watching movies downstairs only to go to bed in separate rooms. And now, now Emma was here, not only happy to sleep in the same bed as him but to sleep with her head on his bare thigh as their daughter, their very real daughter, slept against his chest. He had a wife, he had a daughter, and, in just a few months time, he'd have a second child too, and he couldn't be happier.

Will must have dozed off again, only waking when he felt Emma stir, "morning" he mumbled sleepily.

Emma rolled onto her back and yawned, "morning.

"How are you feeling?" Will brushed Emma's hair from her face.

Emma reached for Will's hand, "a little queasy but I, I slept well." She rolled over to face Will and noticed he was holding their daughter, "Is Sophie okay?" /

"Yeah" Will kissed the baby's hair, "she was wide awake when I went in to her, but got all sleepy again almost as soon as I picked her up."

Emma smiled, "has she had her breakfast?"

"Not yet" Will shook his head, "I was going to take her downstairs and let you get some sleep but she wanted to sleep too."

Emma slowly sat up, moving closer to Will when he held out his arm, watching him with Sophie, the way she curled into him, his hand gently stroking circles on her back as she slept against is chest, "She's lucky" Emma said softly, putting a hand on her stomach, "they're both lucky to have you as their Daddy."

Will gently brushed his lips against Emma's, "they're lucky to have you as their Mama too" he told her before kissing her forehead, "and I'm not just saying that Em, they really are."

"I'm sorry" Emma whispered, "that I wasn't, wasn't happy when I found out I was pregnant again, it was a big shock to me, I thought… I take my birth control every morning Will, I've never missed one, I wasn't, we were actively trying for a baby when I got pregnant with Sophie, I was… it wasn't a surprise, I knew there was a good chance that I was going to get pregnant, but this time…" her hand came to rest on her still flat stomach

Will kissed Emma's temple, "I understand" he told her quietly, "well, I don't know if I do, but it makes sense" he told her, not wanting her to worry about how she felt, "having a second child is a big thing Em and it's come completely out of the blue, it's completely normal for you to feel scared or overwhelmed, but whatever happens Em, you're not going to be on your own, I'm not going anywhere, I'll be right by your side, just like I was when you were expecting Sophie."

"Do you think I'd be able to have the baby here again?" Emma asked quietly.

Will nodded, "I can't see why not, but why don't we make an appointment for you to see the doctor? And when we've seen him, you could give Kate a ring and speak to her?"

Emma nodded, reaching out to gently stroke Sophie's back when she saw the baby begin to stir, "I'll call the doctor on Monday and make an appointment. But for now, I think someone might be getting ready for her breakfast."

Will smiled and kissed Sophie's head, "are you awake now Princess?" he asked as he felt her stretch against him before she babbled sleepily and reached out to Emma.

"Hello" Emma smiled as she took her daughter into her arms, "have you been having a nice cuddle with Daddy?" She gasped slightly as Sophie nuzzled into her chest, "Will" she whispered, "do you think she…"

Will smiled, he knew how upset Emma had been when Sophie had decided, seemingly overnight that she didn't want to breastfeed anymore. "I think she might Em."

Emma shifted her hold on the baby and adjusted her pyjamas, allowing the baby to nurse at her breast, "oh Darling" she whispered as she held her closely. "Do you, I mean…"

"Will reached out and gently stroked Emma's cheek when he heard her stumble over her words, "take your time Em."

"If Sophie still wants to feed, do you think I'd be able to do it? Feed them both I mean?"

"I think that might be a question for Kate" Will told her honestly, "but I don't see why not if you're comfortable with it."

Emma curled into Will as Sophie fed, "do you really think we can do this?" she asked, "have another baby already?"

"Yeah" Will kissed Emma's hair. "I think we can, we both said how easily we adjusted to having Sophie around, it might not be quite so easy this time, but I think we'll manage. I'll take more time off work if I need to, we'll make it work Em, I promise."