I have been watching so much Avatar lately.

And reading so many fanfictions.

This one popped into my head.


~~About Last Night~~


Toph didn't open her eyes right away - - as if it made a difference.

She sat under the covers, listening to the world and taking in the smell. It was a weird combination, but it went together well.

It smelled like...like smoked salmon, and chocolate, with a hint of sweat and lilacs. Also...the earthbender wrinkled her nose. Fire Whiskey. And wine.

And the Earth. The little tent smelled of the Earth. This made her smile. She might not remember much about the night before, but waking up to the smell of pine needles and dirt was always a good morning for Toph.

Suddenly she became aware of someone breathing next to her, and waited a few minutes, trying to analyze the breathing patterns, afraid to reach out and touch whoever it was...

It was hot. Really hot. But they didn't care. The heat took a backseat to their...activities. He, no longer crying, was too far gone. She, with her gray-green eyes half-closed and the fire whiskey pulsing through her veins, didn't care anymore. They'd been talking, but now she was on top of him, kissing him, and he was kissing her back. The conversation was forgotten. The only sounds now were occasional squeaks from her as his cold hands travelled up her arms, or the moans he involuntarily released when she kissed him just right. She could taste the fire whiskey on his breath, and she was dying to ask him a million questions, but her mouth was completely unwilling to depart from his.

"No more words?" she managed to say as she gasped for air.

"No, no more," he had replied, rolling over so that he was on top of her. He kissed her fiercely, his hands tangling in her clothing...

Toph sat in stunned silence as the unsettling truth of last night replayed itself in her mind. She couldn't bleieve it.

Last night, she, Toph Bei Fong, had most definately lost her virginity.

To Sokka.

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