Chapter Nine- Truth Behind the Mask!

Ranma, Sentina, and everyone else spying through the windows.

"I can't! Kuno and I are still in the middle of-"

"A pointless argument, I know. Get in, argue, kiss, hug goodbye, and get the hell back out."

"Oh, because you're so much help," Ranma reaches the handle, to see Sentina still standing there. "You're not coming in."

"And to watch you guys argue, no thanks, I think I've seen enough. He's not dying you know, he just has a broken ankle."

"You're the one who's acting like he's dying!" Ranma flaring looks to her.

Sentina shooed him on, and Ranma finally went in.

Kuno narrowed his eyes. "Saotome."

Ranma glared back. "Kuno."

Ranma saw Rokotaki holding Kuno's hand; now was just plain mad. He narrowed his eyes toward the door. (I need to stop listening to Sentina.)

"I see your still a gay dumbass; Shakespearean loser."

Kuno throws his glass of cold water on him. "See you still look like a jealous chick."

"I see…" Rokotaki widening his eyes.

"What the hell Kuno?" Ranko voice rang out.

"Amazing…how did that happen?" he asked.

"Well I ain't in the mood to discuss it!" Ranko yelled.

Kuno shot out of bed. "Hey, don't yell at him like that. In fact don't yell at all, we're in a hospital."

"Do all cross-dressers do that over here?"

"What are you about lying again Kuno?" Ranko, looking like she was going to kill. "Is this any way to treat a guest when they come see you in the hospital!"

"Well actually he's going to be out in like an hour!"

Ranko shot a dirty glare at Rokotaki. "I wasn't talking to you."

"Wherefore art thee even here Saotome?"Kuno asked.

"Sentina brought me here you idiot! I can't believe you would ask such a thing.

"Yeah, but thou wouldn't be here if it weren't for her."

"Yeah technically, because she's only one with a car," Ranko pointed out.

A nurse walked in. "Rokotaki, you have someone on the phone for you?"

Rokotaki sighs. (Oh no…) "Okay," he turns from the nurse to Kuno. "I'll be back." He leaned in forward as he and Kuno shard a kiss.

Ranma blanked weirded out, confused, sickened, and heart-broken.

[AN: He's in a good place for feeling like that.]

Then he remembered something. "Uh, nurse could you bring some hot water?"

"Sure thing," she left with Rokotaki.

Ranma pointed at the door. "What the hell was that!"

"We hit off really good, and now we're going out, that's what the hell this ," Kuno pointed out. "You know, I'll have to thank you for calling Nabiki. I'm glad I met him."

"Well…." Ranko looked. "I'm happy for you Kuno, I'm really am."

The nurse came back with some hot water. "Here miss."

"It's Mr. but thanks," Ranko turned herself back.

"Um…nurse, do you know how long he's going to be on the phone for?" Kuno asked.

"For while I believe, it seemed like he was auguring a little bit with someone."

"I understand, thanks."

The nurse went back on out, as Ranma jumped on him and grab his shirt, shaking him to death. "Kuno you bastard. You know you're putting me through hell right now, you know that!"

Kuno shakes his head, noticing what Ranma just did. "Again?"

"First you lie to me, then you hit on me, and you off to prom with your new boyfriend, what the hell Kuno," Ranma glared.

"Excuse me….lie, about what?"

"I'm that stupid Roko guy you were talking about, wasn't I, wasn't I?" Ranma shook him some more.

Kuno swallowed. (He figured it out.) "And what makes thee think that?"

Ranma took the necklace out of his pocket and hang it in front of Kuno. "Proof enough, you back-stabbing lair."

"Ranma, will thee calm down a bit, he's just my date for prom."

"And why can't I be your date to prom, huh?" Ranma covered his mouth, as he just realized what he asked Kuno.

Kuno smirks. (I knew he was jealous.) His face grew serious the next minute. "Because-" he closed his eyes and reopened them again. "I thought doth thee wouldn't want to."

"Withal, he did come all the way down here to meet me," Kuno said aside.

"Then you owe me a dance," Ranma blushed.

"Truly," Kuno replying with yes. He covered the necklace back in Ranma's hand. "I want to share this with thee."

"Alright then," Ranma placing his hand over Kuno's. Growing into a small staring contest, Ranma interrupted with a question.

"So, I was wondering Kuno…." Ranma started.

"Yeah," Kuno asked.

"What happened at that figure skating tournament; the one with your sister?"

"A 7.0 earthquake hit, Kodachi and I were just about to win the competition when a bunch of ice fall on her. She got stuck, half- way. It was a while ere they tried to get her out, and she was this clue towards having her legs amputated."

Ranma widened his eyes in shock. "That's- that's crazy!"

"Kodachi, hasn't been on the ice since," Kuno told him.

"Poor Kodachi."

"My dear poor old sister," Kuno looked aside to see the cherry jar he hand. "Speaking of life events. Thou know, thee still have something to do."

"And what's that?" Ranma asked.

Kuno pulled aside a red filled jar in front of Ranma. He open the led and took a cherry out to Ranma. Without any words to be spoken, Ranma bit the cherry out of his hand, wearing a flush on his face.

Ranma worked out the kinks as he spit the steam half way out of his mouth.

"Methinks thee won," Kuno said, studying Ranma carefully.

Ranma grinned, as his eyes were still attached to Kuno's.

"Expect for one thing."

Ranma frowned, as his eyes widen and narrowed.

Kuno inched forward, leaving Ranma blushed furiously, trapped because of his ankle. He was about to turn his head, as Kuno caught the other end of the steam. Closing his eyes, he started to tug at it a little.

Ranma finally getting the picture, pulled the other end. Kuno finally pulled away, as he and Ranma entered a longer staring contest then the other ones; when they heard the door open.

Kuno still the necklace in Ranma hand, as he took it in his position. Ranma blinked in confusion. Kuno wrapped his arms around Ranma's neck, placing the necklace on it. He got closer, drawling Ranma into a hug, while hooking the ends together. "I want us to share this."

A few minutes later Kuno gently pushed Ranma back, as he held his shoulders. They were caught in one of the longest staring contest they've encountered, when Rokotaki went to open the door.

Ranma finally realized where he was and got off Kuno so fast, the person who opened the wouldn't have noticed. Ranma had his hand by his heart, as his eyes widened. He looked behind him to see Rokotaki take a seat in his chair as he sighed.

"What's wrong with him?" Ranma asked.

"Boyfriend troubles," Kuno, not informing him much more.

"Wait, I thought you said you didn't have one anymore," Ranma pointed out.

"It's a off and on thing," Rokotaki said.

Kuno looked towards Rokotaki. "Do not be so down, I'm sure you two can handle it just fine."

Kuno held out his hand as Rokotaki took it. "I'm sure that prom will settle things down a bit if anything.

Rokotaki grins to himself. "You're right, he looked at the clock. "I can't wait until we get out of here."

" Methinks so," Kuno stated.

Rokotaki looks towards Ranma.

Ranma looked down to the side.

"I'm just curious, why are you here?" Rokotaki asked.

"For the obvious, to visit Kuno. "

"I thought you two were sworn enemy's?" Rokotaki asked.

"We are," Ranma glared at Kuno.

"Then doesn't you, showing up here make you feel like you care. I mean, normally sworn enemy's don't feel that about each other."

"….Sentina sort of drug me down here," Ranma put in.

"Sort of?" Kuno asked.

"It's a long story," Ranma tossing his eyes to the side again. Then he scowled at Rokotaki. "Besides, I every right to be here."

Rokotaki, let go of Kuno's hand and laid back in his chair. "Man, aren't you a feisty one."

Ranma glared at him in shout. "What's that suppose to mean!"

"Saotome…" Kuno warning him to keep quiet.

"Look, all Kuno did was hurt his ankle, he isn't dying or anything. Innless, you're the one that did it. That would mean you being would make you feel responsible or guilty."

Ranma, now just pissed off. (I can't believe this jerk.)

"But nay, he's fault," Kuno pointed out.

Ranma looked down, glancing back and forth at Kuno. "I just can't believe after everything we've been through, and you're still set on taking that jerk to prom."

Rokotaki "What did you just call me you little punk?"

"Yeah you heard me!"

Rokotaki walked up and grabbed Ranma by his shirt. "Oh I see now…so you do have feelings for him. You have some nerve you little brat. You had all that time to get him, and you didn't do shit. So stay the hell away from him."

"He's just taking you to prom stupid, besides don't you already have someone. Why won't you just go back, to where you came from, and leave us the hell alone. Kuno is mine-" Ranma pointed to himself. "- you jerk!"

Kuno, widened his eyes a little, in shock, from what Ranma had said.

"Don't make me laugh, aren't you suppose to be in a forced engagement."

"Yeah, and it is forced, which means I'm not the one who decided on it. Beside's it's got nothing to do with you. It's none of your business. Furthermore, you're the one with a boyfriend by your own choice."

"I just never seen a guy dump his fiancé, for a guy, who's a nemesis to him. And here I only thought that junk was on TV. At least around here anyway. And about my boyfriend, like I said, it's a on and off thing."

"Watch your crap- lousy mouth before I do it for you."

"Oh yeah that's right, aren't you suppose to be taking over that guys dojo. Aren't those thing's suppose to be kind of important?" Rokotaki asked.

Ranma was about to hit him, when it arm stopped him. Ranma turned to see Kuno; on his knee one, with his almost fixed ankle, on the other side. He glared. "How much did you tell this jerk."

"Hey," Kuno narrowed in his eyes. "I didn't tell him that much. Besides we're in a hospital, not a dojo, so keep the violence to minimum."

Ranma drew back his fist. (Kuno's right this is no place to fight.) "Even though that lousy jerk- punk you call your date for tonight deserves it."

"What did you just say?" Rokotaki getting all up in Ranma's face again.

"What are you death!"

Kuno felt some soreness ,on his ankle, from the stress. He turned to Ranma. "Out! "

"Huh?" Ranma blanked.

"I say out!"

"What, you kicking me out!"

"Exactly, now get the hell out this room, Saotome!"

"You want me to leave?"

"For the time being, yes."

"Fine, then I'll make it easy on you then. I'm outta here!" Ranma, threw the necklace back, at Kuno's head, before he left, slamming the door behind him.

"Seesh, how do you put up with him."

"Everyday…you get use to it," Kuno responded back.

Ranma came out with his hung down. (I can't that jerk.)

Sentina saw this and walked up to him; from the bench she was sitting on. "What's wrong?"

Ranma kept his head down. "Nothing…let's go."

He started to walk away, until Sentina pulled him back by his arm. He shrugged her off and ran to the bathroom.

(Ranma?) Sentina leaving behind a concern look.

Ranma turned himself into Ranko as he walked slowly back out of the bathroom, as tears streamed down her face, mopping the floor.

Sentina, feeling sorry for him/her, goes up to pat her back for comfort.

Ranko went up to hug her, sobbing her in shoulder.

Sentina sighed. "Okay, what happened?"

"Just shut up and let me cry."

"What are you talking about, you don't cry," Sentina turned her concerted look to a questionable one.

Trying to soak up some, she looked up at Sentina. "And you don't love Kuno."

Sentina blinked. "So I was right, you are love sick."

"Just shut up!"

"Hey, come on stop that, there's no reason for you to cry."

"And there's no reason why Kuno, should be messing with my feelings like this."

Sentina sighed. "So come on, tell me what happened already."

"He- he kicked me out, no wait…scratch that, I was only one he kicked out."

"Okay, how about you go sit, I get some hot water, and you can start from the beginning," Sentina unlocked out of Ranko's grip.

Ranko nodded, and went to wait on the bench. Sentina came back as Ranma started explaining the story to her. This time, not spreading tears, but anger and depression.

Sentina sighed. "And now you guys are using cherries." (What was the point of me giving them anything, other than?)

Ranma stood and pointed to Sentina, unbelieving and furious."Here I am telling you about what happened, and all you can think about his cherries?"

"Ranma," she stood in front of him as she put a on his shoulder. "Look, you don't have to take my advice, but maybe some apart is what you and Kuno need right now."

"You're the one who told me to see him."

"I did, but you agreed to it," she pointed out.

"You're the one who took me here to see him," Ranma glared.

"That's because you wanted to," Sentina added in. "Look Ranma, maybe things will work out at prom."

Ranma, finally wearing a hard stern look at Sentina. "Thing's won't work out at prom, because I ain't going."

"You're going to take prom night out on one guy?" Sentina asked.

"Heck Sentina, it's not even my real prom, beside the prom is going to be at his worthless, so –called half of a luxurious mansion."

"Are you sure, I mean Kuno can't be serious about a guy he just met. I mean, he did tell you that, Rokotaki was just his date for prom." Sentina pointed out. "Besides, from what I know, you had played with his feelings more than enough times."

"That's different!" Ranma glared.

"How so?" Sentina asked.

"That situation was different," Ranma put in small words.

"Different, in what way?" Sentina demanding a reasonable explanation. "Just because Kuno still doesn't understand your transformation, doesn't mean you have to hit on him while you're a girl."

"Well, hey, sometimes I have to just get him off my back."

"So what are you going to do then, huh?" Sentina asked.

"Do what all girl's do when guy's break their hearts," Ranma got up, while Sentina fallowed him.

"Beat the living shit out of him?" Sentina asked in excitement.

"Well there is that, but there's something else," Ranma ran back into the back to splash himself with cold water. He came out as a she. "Eat a gallon of ice cream, while watching the same chick flick, crying my eyes out, while looking at the phone every five minutes, for the next eight hours."

Sentina almost fell over, but sighed. "You're not serious, you are a guy!"

"Well I'm a girl right now….and for the next eight hours, may I not add"

Sentina watched her, as they both exited the hospital doors. Sentina, under her breath. "Poorrrr….Ranma."

Sentina and Ranko made it to the Tendo Dojo, and set their shoes aside once they got in. Ranko did exactly what she said. She went to the fridge to grab the galloon of ice-cream they had stored away. She grabbed her futon, blanket, pillow, and a chick flick."

"You mean you're seriously going to do this. Are you that love- sick over Kuno. I mean, you can't be that depressed ."

"I'm not, I just feel like doing it."

Sentina narrowed her eyes. "Right."

Ranko stuck in the tape and got comfy. He turned to Sentina. "Would you mind, I would like to be alone for a while."

"uh..yeah, sure…I have my own business to take care of", with that she finally left to go talk to Kuno.

Sometime later, Soun, Genma, Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi all came home, to see a red eyed and hair girl, already halfway through the ice- cream container. Re-winding a part of the chick flick, re- watching it, over, and over, and over again; repeating the movie.

[AN: Well at least everything expect for the name. I actually didn't get this off a movie, but Ke$ha.]

"Tatewaki, I'll knit you a sweeter, I wanna warp you up in my love, forever. I'll never let you go Tatewaki. I'll never let go."

They just stood there without a word, until Nabiki ruined the silent moment.

"Huh, Tatewaki?" Nabiki asked, then she narrowed her eyes at Ranko. "What happened to you?" Nabiki asked.

"Are you crying?" Akane peaked in to get a better look.

"Oh my, why are you are repeating yourself like that?" Kasumi asked worriedly.

"Genma, what is this?" Soun pointed shacking in shock.

Ranko ignored them all, as she kept on repeating the lines.

Akane, having enough of Ranko's weirdness. She goes to pour her hot tea over her head; turning her back to Ranma.

Ranma oblivious to his surroundings, yet continued to recycle after the movie. "Tatewaki, I'll knit you a sweeter, I wanna warp you up in my love, forever. I'll never let you go Tatewaki. I'll never let go."

Everyone went uneasy, sick, and just plain disturbed after hearing it from Ranma's boy half.

Soun and Genma's eye twitched.

Kasumi stood there in horror. "Why is he saying that about Kuno, do you think?"

Akane, on fire in anger. Nabiki handed her mallet, as she went to whack him with it. Ranma was out for a quick second, but continued. Akane went next to his ear next. "You're driving us all crazy!"

Ranma, puts his head aside and copies again, and again, like a computer program.

"CUT THAT OUT!" Soun went for it, as he tossed a kick, which only made Ranma flip over on the wooden floor on the outside.

Genma, finished the job by throwing Ranma into the outside pound.

"Will someone turn that off already," Nabiki commented, annoyed.

Kasumi did watch Nabiki asked; Ranko popped out of the pond confused.

"Huh" She looked one way, then the other. "Huh?"

"Hey, what happened to you my boy. You should know better then be crying like a little girl.

Instead of Ranma getting made and asking, what did you do that for? She crawled out of the pound and back to her bed, obviously not aware or caring that she was wet. She grabbed the remote was about to push play, until Akane snatched it out of her hand.

"What was that for?" Ranko snapped.

"Cause you're sickening us all out! That's why!" Akane yelled.

Ranko snatched the remote back. "Shut up and let me cry. Or act like Ryoga." She pushed play re-watching the chick-flick repeating every part that got to her. "I never thought of that as a romantic story before."

"Do you think we should, just, let her go for the night?" Kasumi asked.

"How about a game of Shogi!" Soun called out.

"Right on Tendo!" Genma said, as they played in another part of the house, keeping their eyes on Ranko/Ranma.

Akane, Nabiki, and Kasumi all took their shower before heading out to prom. Genma tried to get Ranko to go, but it failed. Genma and Soun finally giving it up and headed the sac.

When the movie was over; Ranko went to turn herself back to her boy half, and went to sit outside on the rock in some seriously intense thought. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge bouquet of red roses came flying at Ranma.

Ranma's eyes jumped as they grew huge. (Kuno…)

"Ranma Saotome!" A voice thundered through the air.

Ranma narrowed his eyes, finally seeing Kuno from the moon light. "Hey, Kuno, just what the heck are you doing here?"

"They're for prom, what else?" he asked.

Ranma jumped from right in front of Kuno, eye to eye.

Kuno's eyes soften, as he saw redness spreading across Ranma's. "Have-" he swallowed; "-have you been- crying?" Kuno blinked. "Did I- did I- hurt you- that badly?"

"I'm not going."

Kuno confused. "What?"

"I'm not going."

"But thou shall," Kuno protested.

"I don't have to do shit Kuno. Why should I have to sit there and wait for you to dance with that jerk, before asking me, all night," Ranma said

"He's only going to be for tonight. He has to back Okinawa the next day, because of his boyfriend. Withal it's just dancing. So I don't what's making thee jealous."

"I'm not jealous," Ranma scowled obviously in denial again. "It's just, I'm the one who you're supposed to be dancing with at this stupid prom; not with that other moron.

"I would call doth being jealous, wouldn't thee?" Kuno asked, giving off a cleaver look.

"Shut up," Ranma netting his brows. He looked down curiously sneaking his eyes behind Kuno. "Hey… what are you hiding?"

Kuno took the necklace from behind his back, hanging it in front of Ranma.

"I would like to apologize about this evening. I didn't mean for things to turn out this way. I just didn't tell you get out because of my health. I needth to speak with Rokotaki about his boyfriend. He probably wouldn't tell me anything with you being there and all so..."

"Yeah, I understand," Ranma changing his expression to a understanding glare.

"Look Ranma, he's the one who's expecting serious, but I know he's not; he's just acting the way he is, to get away from his boyfriend. I mean he did ask me to come with him, to Okinawa."

Ranma eyes widened with feared expression upon his face. Scared that he might lose Kuno all together.

"But I turned him down," Kuno respond. "I clarified the explanation to me, so he'd know the truth. Therefore he agreed to go back to Okinawa tomorrow to work things out with his boyfriend."

Ranma turned around quickly, so that Kuno wouldn't any tears coming up. He kept his voice clam. "Well…Kuno, and here I thought you would've like to a trip to Okinawa.

"Hey if I take a trip to Okinawa, it's going to be with thee. Not with some stranger who I just met." Kuno reached Ranma's un- flowered hand, which was is right, and stop at the sound of sniffles.

Kuno grinned to himself. "I never thought I'd see the day you would cry."

"If haven't seen me yet."

Kuno pulled Ranma in toward him, as Kuno flips the necklace, with his left hand over Ranma's back.

A very emotional Ranma, wept a bit against Kuno's shoulder, trying calm himself.

Kuno smirks. "Methinks thee adapted to your girl side- or whatever Sentina called it, pretty well."

Ranma lifted his head, with a stream of tears running down his cheek. He tapped his fist against Kuno, hitting his chest again, again, and again like a little kid. "Shut up and let me cry, you idiot."

"So much for not showing me your tears," Kuno laughed and tightened his arms, pulling Ranma in closer this time.

After he kissed the top of Ranma's head, Ranma staying put, lifted his head and looked straight into Kuno's eyes. Lost in each other at the moment, Ranma drew near with his lips, going in for their first kiss, which was imminent…

Pending the moment, Kuno backed away; putting a finger in front of Ranma, in the process. "Not now sweetness."

Ranma's tears dried up, and blinked in shock. (Did he just call me sweetness?")

"Wait until prom."

"But I'm not going to prom," Ranma stepped back.

"I agreed to give you a dance, and thou art still not coming to prom?" Kuno asked.

Ranma looked aside. "I'll think about it." He turned back to Kuno.

"All right," Kuno put the necklace back in Ranma's hand, covering it with his.

Ranma brought up his hand to kiss it, accepting the necklace.

Kuno, put his hand under Ranma chin and lifts it up staring into his weary eyes. "Shall I do the honor?"

Ranma trying to hold back, from shedding tears again; he grinned and nodded in reply.

Ranma gave Kuno the necklace. Kuno hooked it around Ranma's neck as a grinned and gave a slight kiss on Ranma's cheek. He drew his hand down the necklace line, holding the end of it.

Ranma connected his right hand on Kuno's. They both gazed at each other. Ranma gazed changed into a intent look. "Is this- is this what being in love is like?"

Kuno gave Ranma the benefit of his wisdom. "Well….at least. methinks it is."


They both got interrupted when they heard a car horn.

Kuno turned around, as Ranma leaned in forward, studying the car and the person driving it.

Rokotaki rolled down his window. "Come on, hop in."

"One minute," Kuno turned back to Ranma. "I really hope you decided to go."

With that Kuno and Ranma fall out, releasing their hands, as Kuno walks to the car.

Ranma sees them drive off and sighs, being easy drawn back into his depression. (Kuno…) He turns back into a she. She get's comfy again, and finishes up her galloon of Ice cream; while watching different movies. (Should I go?)

PROM NIGHT! [AN: It' about time dammit!]

Most of the junior and seniors entered the Kuno estate. Walking through the halls, they finally made it to a huge dark room. The only lights that where on, where the rainbow disco lights. There hung a disco ball from the ceiling, making green the most dominate. Disco music was blasting, and the food was lied out on the table.

Akane, Nabiki, Ukyo, Shampoo, and Kodachi walked in.

Akane was wearing a blue and yellow Yukata with a glitter blue/yellow mask.

Nabiki was wearing a dark red dress with a yellow design on it. She had stick-mask, and didn't exactly wear it, innless she was doing business.

Ukyo was wearing a dark green Yukata, with a glitter black/green mask, with a black feather out of the green side.

Shampoo was wearing a hot pink dress with colorful designs on it. colorful a light/dark purple stick-mask. [AN: Trust me, it all worked out, even if the design was a bit crazy.]

Kodachi had a black Yukata on, with a red/black flowery mask on.

Ryoga and Mousse both had tux on but different mask.

Ryoga's mask was black and yellow striped- sided. Mousse had just a plain black one on that showed tear drops on it.

All huddled up in a group, they were discussing on what they should do about Ranma and Kuno. They suddenly saw two masked men walk into the room, holding hands.

"Hey you think that could be Kuno and what's his face?" Ryoga asked.

"It's possible sugar," Ukyo said aside.

As the DJ announced the first song, Ryoga came over to see if Akane wanted to dance.

"Uh…sure, okay."

Tears streamed down Ryoga's face. (This is the happiest night of my life. I'm finally going to tell Akane how I feel about her.)

While Shampoo, was dealing with her own issues with Mousse; Ukyo and Nabiki carried on the conversation.

"Hey, speaking of Ranma, isn't that her now?" Nabiki pointed across the room, talking about his girl form.

"How can you tell?" Ukyo asked.

"It's the only red- head pig-tailed girl I see around here," Nabiki added.

"It has to be, he's wearing my Yukata," Ukyo said is shock. Akane away. "Akane, come here quick.

"What is it?" Akane asked.

Ukyo pointed to a girl setting on some steps, across the room.

"What about her?" Akane asked.

"That has to be Ranma," Ukyo pointed out.

"How can you tell?" Akane asked.

"That's the same Yukata I lent him, when he was working for me."

Akane narrowed her eyes. "He's wearing the same Yukata from when he was working for you, here at prom?"

Ukyo shrugged. "Well, it does look like it."

"Well, let's find out."

Akane, Ukyo, Nabiki, all went over to see if the girl was Ranma or not.

Ranko, picked up her head as the three came near. (Oh great, this is all I need.)

"Ranma?" Akane asked.

"Uh yeah…" She asked.

"So it is you," Ukyo put in.

"What are you doing here, you told me you weren't coming?" Akane snapped.

"Isn't a girl's prerogative to change her mind?" Ranko asked.

"YOU'RE A GUY!" Akane yelled.

"Keep it down!" Ranko, now up in Akane's face.

"What are you doing without Kuno anyways?" Nabiki asked.

"Kuno doesn't know I'm here," Ranko said.

"Not like that," Ukyo reminding him of the outfit he's wearing.

"So running from your troubles I see," Akane glared. "Like farther like son."

"You couldn't have said it any better," Nabiki defending Akane.

"Oh, like you guys know what happened?" Ranko V- shaped her brows at the three. Then it hit her. "Innless…you guys do know what's going on here.

"Well….we aren't sure exactly what happened, but we have a good idea," Nabiki tapped.

"So what did you do this time huh, rob a bank, leave without paying, get another fiancé, date another guy….Ranma, I shouldn't have to remind you…you are a guy, and Kuno of all people, have you gone crazy!"

"PIPE DOWN!" Ranko getting into her face again.

Thanks to the magic works of Kodachi; her and Shampoo finally come over to see Ranma.

"Ranma really you are?" Shampoo asked.

"Ranma darling!" Kodachi shouted happily.

Finally, Ukyo, Shampoo, and Ukyo all started fighting over her/him…[AN: Whatever the hell, I don't care anymore..I can't believe this thing is almost 200 pages long. And it's not even Kuno's letter….forget it, back to the Fanfic.,,]

Ryoga and Mousse finally pop up.

"What kind of funky business are you doing with my Shampoo, you two- timing cross-dressing cheat."

"I'M NOT A CROSS-DRESSER!" Ranko finally yelled.

"Giving the choice to go to prom as a guy or a girl, and if you are a guy and you dress up like a girl, just to go to prom, then you are a cross-dresser." Ryoga just confusing the heck out of everyone. [AN: So OC.] "Ranma, you should go out there and take your medicine, like a man. You don't' see me hiding from some guy just because Kuno's out there."

Suddenly someone accidently spilled hot coffee all over Ryoga, turning him into P- Chan; and of course when Akanke was looking the opposite direction.

Ranko laughs, with one hand covering her lips; with the other waving up and down at Ryoga. "With you being a pig and all you don't need to worry about hiding from Akane….then again…" She looks at Nabiki. "Is that cold?"

"Yeah why?" Nabiki asked.

"Can I have it?" Ranko asked.

"Uh yeah, here," Nabiki gave the cup to Ranko.

Ranko held it right above P- Chan's head.

The minute Akane turned around, Ranko poured the water, to see that P- Chan got away. "Damn…"

"Yeah…" Nabiki said aside. "Did you really think that old trick was going to work?"

Ranko sighs.

"Ranma know better that Ryoga runs," Shampoo pointed out.

Akane, looked at the floor to Ranko. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing," Ranko sighed as she dropped her head.

"Hey, what happened to Ryoga?"

"Uh…Nabiki eyeing his clothing on the floor. "He ran away."

Ukyo and Shampoo, looked at each other as they shrugged.

"What on earth?" Kodachi asked confused. She glanced at Ranko "How did you do that?"

"Eh? I didn't do anything…" Ranko said quickly.

"Oh Ranma darling, you'll dance with Kodachi right sweetums?" Kodachi asked.

"Uh…" Ranma twitched. (I forgot about Kodachi….great, now nothing can be worse.

"No, Ranma only dance with Shampoo!"

"No way hussy, he's mine," Ukyo put in.

The three started auguring and then all look at Ranma.

"Well which one dance with?"

"Uh?" Ranko sweats.


"Well Ranma sweetums…."

"Well Ranma- honey…"

"It's not like I care who he dances with, I mean he'll just pick Kuno before any of us."

"Yeah has long as he's-" Mousse splashing water on Ranko, turning her into Ranma. "- with other men, I don't want him nearby Shampoo."

"Mousse," Shampoo shocked, but knew he was right.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean he can't dance with other people," Ukyo put aside.

"Ukyo right Mousse," shampoo taking Ukyo's side for once.

"So is it true Ranma darling, do you have feeling's for my brother?" Kodachi asked intensively.


"Oh here we go," Akane rolled her eyes.

Ranma looked at the five of them.


"Oh come on, will you just tell us already," Nabiki getting annoyed.


"Well Ranma…"

"Ranma- honey.."

"Ranma- darling…"

"Oh, I am so out of here," Ranma excepted quickly and safely enough to the men's bathroom.

"Sounds like the straw, that broke the camel's back." Akane replied.

[AN- Tab *Sighs* :I know this almost a 200 page fanfic, but you guys are going to love the next part…well at least I will anyway…]

However as soon as he got in, he saw a man coming out of one of the stools and gave him an odd look.

Ranma, looked at the man then himself as his eyes widened. (Oh no.) Then he narrowed back at the man. "What are you looking at? It's not what it looks like okay."

The stranger just walks out of the bathroom. (What a freak.)

Ranma, heard two more voices coming near, as he realized he was still in his red Yukata and red/back mask. Not to mention one of the voices, he recognized very well. (Oh no…that's Kuno's voice!)

Ranma quickly hid himself in the middle stall, when Kuno and Rokotaki came in. [AN: And I don't think I need to explain why.]

Kuno and Rokotaki were talking about Sentina, Rokotaki's boyfriend, and Okinawa. A few seconds passed, when Ranma peaked above the stall to see if it was safe for him to come out.

He wasn't even close, the first thing; or person in this case, was Kuno. What he saw after…a little lower of Kuno…. [AN- Tab *clears throat*: I don't think we need to discuss this beyond.]

Ranma's face went awkward, and hot- red. He sunk back into the stall, trying to shake the image out of his head….until…he got curious.

Ranma, re- peaked his head over the stall, observing Kuno, as they over- heard their conversation.

"So what are you two going to do, once you get back?"

"Probably talk about the situation. I kinda left without telling him. He found out from Nabiki, that bad-stabbing bitch."

Ranma and Kuno, both smirked on that one.

"At least thou got a free trip," Kuno informed him.

"Yeah, so how about you and Ranma?" Rokotaki asked.

"Umm…not sure," Kuno shrugged. "Thus, I have a surprise for him tonight. In spite of this, he might already know what it is; so it won't be much a surprise.

Ranma peaking up a bit more. (Surprise?)

"I'm just curious…when are you two going to hook up?" Rokotaki asked.

"Hook up?" Kuno sighs in thought. He turned to Rokotaki "Umm…not sure."

"I mean you two already seem like a couple to me. Sharing things, hugging, kissing, cuddling, sleeping together. So did you two get any farther than that or what?"

Kuno looked downward, knowing very well were Rokotaki was going. A blush crossed his face. "No."

"Sounds to me like you two were close though."

Ranma, face got hot red again, as he smirked. (Me and Kuno, huh?)

"What do you mean we were close?" Kuno asked, as he paused from zipping up.

"Well, you told me all he had on was a towel," Rokotaki pausing as well.

Kuno face got redder as well. "That doesn't mean anything Rokotaki."

"You know Ranma isn't a bad guy. Of course I already he doesn't like me, but I haven't exactly given' him a reason too."

Kuno nods in response. "I guess you could say that."

"It's just hard to believe he was your nemesis at one point," he said.

"He still is, but he's my nemesis now, " Kuno smirked.

They both shared a laugh, as Ranma's heart started beating like crazy.

"Well you guys went pretty far, don't give up on him now, Kuno," Rokotaki supported.

"Who said anything, about me giving him up?" Kuno asked. "If anything, I wish he was here right now, prom night really sucks without him."

"Yeah….wait…right now, here?" Rokotaki asked.

Kuno shrugs. "Yeah, why not?"

Rokotaki points to Kuno, glancing up and down quickly. "Like that."

"Hell, I'll seduce him right here and now. I'd make him my toy, if he were here."

Ranma's whole face was red; as he fell off the door, and banged his head against the toilet.

Kuno and Rokotaki, turn around re- dressing themselves. Rokotaki turned to Kuno. "You must really love him."

"I do," Kuno responded.

Rokotaki shrugged. "I didn't think anyone was in here."

"Me earthier," Kuno shrugged.

"Hey, you okay in there?" Rokotaki asked.

"Thou shall answer back once spoken too."

First , Ranma held up his middle finger out, at the both of them.

"Yo, what's probable dude, we're just trying to help," Rokotaki said.

Ranma then held up a thumbs- up sigh.

Kuno and Rokotaki look at one another.

"Then I guess he's okay then," Rokotaki shrugged.

"Alright, if you say so," Kuno looking at the stall oddly. They both finally left.

Ranma came out of the stall and turned himself back to his female form. (There's no way I can let him see me now. Maybe I should get some air.)

Later on Rokotaki got a phone call from his boyfriend. So he and Kuno headed outside; towards another dance stadium, where it was more calm and quiet.

A few minutes passed when Rokotaki got done with his call. He walked up to Kuno. "Hey there's something I have to take care of. I'm sorry about this Kuno but I have to leave."

"Your boyfriend?" Kuno asked.

"Actually my sister in law is having some problems about tomorrow's plane tickets so…"

"It's alright man, it can't be helped," Kuno a little down.

Rokotaki raised his hand for a high- five. Kuno took it as they shook.


"Of course."

"You have my number.""


"Don't forget to call, alright," Rokotaki said.

"No problem…even though…Methinks Nabiki might be calling you all the time now."

"Oh gee…well, let's hope not. Well, buy Kuno," at that Rokotaki left.

"Bye," Kuno waved back.

Kuno went down to sit on one of the benches, when he found that he was sitting next to a young girl. Not just any girl, but a certain red headed pig- tailed girl. She had a black/red mask ,with a dark-red Yukata on. Of course Kuno being the dumbass that he is, and with the masqueraded customs, he didn't know.

"Would thee wanna dance?" He swallowed nervously.

"Err…sure.." She turned to the guy sitting next her. Not just any guy, but a certain brunette with a tux on, with a black/glitter mask that matched his tie.

Kuno took her hand, as he led her to the dance stage. Kuno held her around her waist, as her hands tied around his neck; as they started to dance. Calm music filled the air when they swayed back and forth. A good 30 minutes past when Kuno was eye to eye with the girl, as he leaned in a little too close.

Ranko struggled the temptation not to kiss back, but got lucky to find the strength to boot Kuno in head. "What are you doing?"

Kuno shook out of it. "Uh, I'm sorry, I just, I mean- your eyes, they remind of-" Kuno looked down and then back at Ranko. "I'm sorry, I have to go."

Ranko blanked in shock. "Hey wait…"

Ranko went off to go find him, but gave up; she sighed in thought. "First I can't find Kuno, even though I know he's here; next a that goes taking off. The way this is going….ugh, I give up; maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea. She finally went back to the men's room really quick to switch to her male form. (There's no way I'm going back out there as a girl again.)

He switched to a tux. It came with a white and black tie, that had lightning zebra stripes on them; which matched his half white mask.

He was about to leave, when Ranma finally found the mysterious guy again; he seemed to be deep in thought. He was standing against the wall, which was next to the outside door. Ranma went up to him as he tugged on his tux, with his head down.

Kuno, a.k.a the mysterious man, turned to Ranma. "Yes?"

Ranma, not say anything, and just wraps his arms around him.

"Thee could've just asked, if you wanted to dance," he replied.

Ranma V- shaped his eyes in thought. (Wait a minute….didn't he just run off a minute ago, dancing with me before?)

They both studied each other, as their eyes connected, and never did they once let go of each other. In fact in all things they got even closer. (Then again, maybe I don't remind him of anyone.)

As the music slowed down a bit on the inside. Ranma and Kuno felt a little too comfortable as Ranma head against Kuno. After another good 30 minutes, Ranma lifted his head to the un-identified man.

Kuno grinned as he whispered. "You know, you remind me of someone very special."

"That's funny," Ranma said in low tone. "You do too."

They were caught in another staring contest, as they grew suspicious. Not realizing the identity behind each mask, and as a test to see if they were right. They finally shared their first ever- lasting love of a kiss.

They over- heard someone speak through the microphone, as they started danced until they started to announce queen and king.

"This year's King is Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furinkin High, and Ranma Saotome-" The speaker paused. "Wait- Ranma Saotome?"

Ranma and Kuno, pulled apart and froze; with a dramatic build up throughout the audience.

"Kuno and- and- Ranma Saotome," Kodachi stood in there in shock, as the rest of the girl's repeated it.

"Ranma and Kuno," Akane said aside.

"But that's wrong, prom king and queen is suppose to be a man and girl thing," Ukyo put in.

"Sorry everyone, there must had been some kind of mix up," The announcer spoke.

Poorly trying to solve the issue, Nabiki smirked to herself. (Ah, and how sweet revenge is.)

"Since we aren't sure how to fix the confusion, we're going to have to have a prom king-king this year. We're sorry for the inconvenient."

There were lots of complaints among the crowed, half of them complaining to pick the next queen and king; the other half threaten to get their money back.

"So Tatewaki Kuno and Ranma Saotome, please step up and claim your- crowns.

They both swallowed nervously as the pulled each other's mask off. Kuno and Ranma just stared at one another, in shock.

The announcer put the spotlight on them. "Tatewaki Kuno, and Ranma Saotome, please come on up,"

Without having much of another choice, Ranma and Kuno walked up to accepted their crowns. Kuno spotted Nabiki, as she lied a evil smirk. With Kuno knowing Nabiki pretty well, knew she had something to do with it.

"Nabiki…" Kuno whispered under his breath.

"What about Nabiki?" Ranma asked.

Then it hit Kuno, like a baseball in his face. "Why that back-stabbing..,,,"

"What did she do?" Ranma asked.

Nabiki finally walked up to the front as she continue to wear her evil smirk. "Was it good for you too Kuno."

"Why you little-" Kuno, trying to keep his anger under control. "You were the one who switched the names weren't you?"

"Me, switch what again?" Nabiki asking innocently.

"But why Nabiki?" Ranma asked as he scowled at her.

"If I hadn't found out that Kuno, was lying to me since the beginning, I wouldn't have," She pointed out. "I mean, the votes did come out to be with Kuno and the Pig-tailed girl after all. Am I right or not?"

"You did all of this, just because Kuno was lying to you?" Ranma asked.

"I wanted to see if you guy would've ran or not; besides I got lots of bet and profit after it."

"Why you-" Ranma and Kuno looked at her, like they were about to kill her.

The announcer finally ushered them off the stage, letting go for the rest of the night. Ranma and Kuno, headed outside, when they found a bench to sit on.

"I can't believe Nabiki did that," Kuno veined.

"Well maybe if you hadn't lied to us in the first place, this wouldn't have had happen," Ranma informing Kuno.

"Well-" Kuno was about to insult Ranma, when he took it back. "Well…yeah, I guess you're right. Nevertheless, I wasn't just about to tell you that I loved thee, right then and there and there?" Kuno put in.

"What about now?" Ranma asked.

"What do you mean now, didn't you figure it out once you found out you were Roko?" Kuno asked.

"Well yeah….that also mean's Sentina wasn't lying to me earthier."

"Figures Sentina would know," Kuno adjusting his sitting. "The question is dost thou love me?"

Ranma blushed but nodded in response. "Hey, I turned myself into a girl and ate a whole galloon ice-cream; watching some chick flick with the phone by my side all night, because of you."

"Wait…turned yourself into a girl?" Kuno asked.

Ranma sighed, as he decided to finally try, once more, to tell Kuno about his cruse.

"Jusenkyo huh….I believe I've heard it mentioned once or twice, however I never thought it was true."

"So doth means doth thee were her, then, that means I loved you ever since," Kuno pressing on the thought.

"Tell me why I'm not surprised," Ranma scowled.

"Speaking of surprises, I had one for thee," Kuno put in.

"It was that kiss back there, wasn't it?" Ranma asked.

Kuno nodded. "Indeed, Ranma Saotome."

"I think it would've been better if I actually knew it was you," Ranma put in.

"I had a funny feeling it was the," Kuno responded

"So uh…" Ranma blushed again. He rubbed his hands together, kind of nervously. "So how did I do?"

Kuno, went straight for Ranma's eyes, drawling himself in. "Addicting," Kuno, turning his eyes into lust.

Ranma grinned, as he in-closed his face, with his heart pounding,

Nose to nose now, they drew up and down, as they took in each breath by breath. Their lips finally touch, going in slowly, as their tongues fought the inner battle inside.

Ranma wrapped his arms around Kuno, as Kuno moved his hand more his ear; with other arm down by his waist. After a few minutes of their passionate kiss, they finally let go to catch their breaths.

"Did, did you tell Rokotaki about the necklace?" Ranma asked.

"No, but he use to have the same one. Why?" Kuno asked.

Ranma shook his head. "It's nothing…"

"Tell me not thy still jealous?" Kuno taken aback.

Ranma shook his head. "no, it's not that, I was just curious, that's all."

Kuno narrowed at Ranma. "Okay, what happened?"

"No…nothing happened."

"I mean he did leave almost an hour ago to back to fix plane tickets, so-"

"So it was you two, that were there talking about plane tickets," Ranma figured out.

"Yeah doth was me and him," Kuno pointed out. Then he gave Ranma an odd look. "Wait…when did you get here."

"Uh- um…" Ranma then spoke. "Almost the whole time."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kuno asked.

"I didn't want you to know that I was there," Ranma, not stopping while he was ahead.

"Why not."

"Because I told you I wasn't going to go," Ranma, telling the half of it.

"You were worried, not to mention jealous, weren't you?" Kuno teased him.

"I um…" Ranma came to a complete pause.

"Oh come on, thou turned to a love- sick, depressed girl, watching a chick-flick and the phone, while eating ice cream. I think that's proof enough," Kuno reminded Ranma, from what Ranma had told him.

"Alright fine, I was afraid I was going to loose you all right Kuno?" Ranma asked.

Kuno smirks. "Now that's more like it." Then he turned serious again. "Is that why you asked me about the necklace."

"Well I overhead the both of you talking about sharing things and-"

"Wait…" Kuno eyes widened wide. "You were the one in the stall?"

Ranma cleared his throat, and blushed like crazy.

"That means you heard-oh…" Kuno, pulling out the redness next.

"It's not like I mind, I mean already saw….Nevermind," Ranma looked aside. (I'll gotta learn not to, stick my foot in my mouth.)

"What was that again?" Kuno leaning towards him.

"Nothing, nothing," Ranma weaving his hands in front of him.


"Nothing….I was an accident, but then I got curious."

"I already know about your curiosity, I just wanna know what you saw," Kuno pointed it.

"We were both in the bathroom, what do you think I saw?" Ranma, wishing he never asked that.

"So you-….both of us or was it just me?" Kuno asked.

"It was just you Kuno, you were closest, and beside, why would I be interested in what that jerk has anyway, Ranma still red.

"Interesting…I can't say that I'm not intrigued," Kuno put in cleverly.

"Did you mean that; I mean what you said back there, about seducing me stuff?" Ranma asked.

"Well if Rokotaki wasn't there. Or have no shame and-"

"Don't even think about that!" Ranma put his foot down.

Kuno laughed. "I'm impressed….really…well Ranma, we both know how these things work."

"Don't tell me you're talking though stupid sex- toys," Ranma narrowed his brows.

"Well technically speaking we don't need any toys…" Kuno leaned to whispers in Ranma's ear. "If you're mine."

Ranma, not dropping the redness yet, swallowed and sweated. "Eh?"

Kuno, kissed and nibbled at Ranma's ear, next he kissed down Ranma's neck to his shirt, as he un-button the first button.

"Hey, um…pervert…we're still outside, and these still a lot of people here; dancing.

Kuno, smirked as he laughed it off. "Don't worry peeper, I was only teasing thee.

"Well careful how you're hittin' on me, you sick- twisted basterd."

"Oh come on…" Kuno went next to Ranma's ear to whispers again. "I know you enjoyed that.

Ranma, narrowed his eyes at Kuno, seductively back. "I never said I didn't, now did I?"

They immediately locked back into a French kiss, when Ranma felt he was going down on the bench. His eyes opened with some panic as he kicked Kuno the other side of the bench.

"I said quit that already!"

Kuno, bought himself up close to Ranma again in a low voice. "Then would you like to be on top.

"Aue…man…Kuno…that's not what I meant!"

"You know, now speaking of it….." Kuno eyed to the side.

"What?" Ranma asked, giving Kuno a suspicious look.

"You know, since thee have seen the parts. of my beautiful skater body; you get show me-"

"NO!" Ranma snapped.

"Huh?" Kuno shocked by Ranma's reply.

"No way man!" Ranma continued.

"It's only fair!"

"That was an accident!" Ranma half truthed.

Kuno gave Ranma a look. "Not if was on purpose, curious man."

Ranma gives the same look back. "Fine…but you'll have to catch me first." Ranma took off, as Kuno started chasing him, all around the yard. Where, Kuno caught Ranma by a tree, and held him close. They cuddled for a moment, when Kuno noticed that no one was around them.

"Thou know…" Kuno said in a sly, low voice. "This would be a good time to do it."

"What?" Ranma widened his eyes. "Now."

"I did catch you," Kuno said back to him.

Ranma looked around to see if anyone can see them….no one. Red none other like before. He untied his strings and opens up an opening.

Kuno, peered in observing what was there, with his own thoughts. He lifted an eye- brow. "Mine's bigger."

"Huh?" Ranma, not expecting the comment Kuno just made.

Kuno lifted his head, to meet up with a scowl- face boy. "Not huh, mine is."

"No, mine is!"

"No mine is!"

"Mine is!"

"Mine is!"

"Mine is and you now it Saotome!"

"How you can tell, you got a way closer look then what I got."

"Aye but thee see, I know what mine looks like."

"How do you I know you're not lying."

Kuno, coming up with is brilliant idea's first, came up with a new one. "How about this, I'll let take a closer look, if I get to touch yours.

Ranma's eyes shot open. "Are you crazy Kuno."

Kuno, gives Ranma a quick kiss on his lips. "Oh come on, what more crazy me or the Iron Louts we had to pull off? I mean you want to know if I'm lying or not, right?"


"Well then…"

Ranma, sighed aside. "Kuno, you perverted, horny, bastard. Are you trying to seduce me until I crack?"

"Thou art my toy now Saotome, get use to it."

"I'm not your toy just yet Kuno."

"Doth where thee be wrong. Thou just won't let me play with it yet."

"Hey now, there are reasons for that," Ranma, made Kuno look around, reminding him that they're still out in the open.

"By the way, if I were that bad, I would've done you in long ago."

Ranma (And by that he mean's my female form.) He looked up at Kuno. "Well who cares if yours is bigger. What matters is who's better."

"Ah, I see where we're going with this." With a another sly look, Kuno introduces a challenge.

"I bet you I can last longer. I mean I do have more experience then you."

"So you can Sentina have been talking, huh. Well I could last all day, try me?"

"Maybe I will."

"Maybe you should."

"Are you challenging me?"

"You were the one challenging me first."

"Then bring it on!"

"It is on!"

"The first one to my room get's to be on top," Kuno ran for it.

Ranma, as easily caught up with him. "What does it have to be your room, why not mine. And if it's anyone going to be on top, it's going to be me."

"We'll just see about that."

The ran off as the night flowed down. The outcome came down to Kuno's room, with Ranma on top.

Within the next month. Sentina took frequent trips back and forth, with her new boyfriend. Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi, believe or not finally gave up on Ranma. There were some issues about Akane, and the dojo, which haven't been completely resolved yet. Nabiki cut's business off with Kuno, and starts with Rokotaki. Mousse and Shampoo finally start dating. There's a new triangle between Ryoga, Ukyo, and Akane. Kodachi ends up with Gosunkugi. Last but not least Ranma ends up living with Kuno.

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