Chapter Three- Jumps and a Surprise

Ranma and Kuno walked into an old storage unit, auguring again.

"I never asked for thy help, alright!" Kuno spat.

"That's considering if you could even walk!" Ranma shouted.

Sentina came in from behind them. "Tranny- Dumbass, cut your bull shit and let's start practicing."

Ranma and Kuno sat down to put their ice-skates on, glaring at one another.

"I bet you haven't gotten any better," Kuno smirked.

"Hey, I've been skating way longer then what you have," Ranma shot back.

With their skates on, Ranma and Kuno went to take their first step on the ice.

Sentina heard a yelp as she looked above the newspaper she was looking at in her hand. At first she blanked confused, as she saw Ranma and Kuno fallen position on the ice. She slowly closed the newspaper in her hand and set it aside. She walked up to Ranma and Kuno.

"What- the hell- is this?" She pointed at the two.

"It's a way or saying we don't know how to ice- skate," Kuno, in his weakened condition.

Sentina sighed. "Well, I guess we're going to have to learn how to fall first before anything else. Okay boys, get up."

Ranma and Kuno crawl to the wall to themselves back up.

"Sentina walked up the billboard to switch the paper, that showed the list of moves on it. She went to get her own skates on, she glared furiously at the two; who were still standing there, holding onto the wall, on the ice.

"Why the hell didn't you two tell me, that you didn't know how to skate?" Sentina pissed off. "I thought you two competed against them before? Isn't that why they wanted you guys for in the first place?"

"Well I competed against them once, it's a long story, but Akane and I ended up winning anyway," Ranma stated.

"The only time I competed, was with Azusa," Kuno shrugged, not mentioning the other time.

"Then how come you two don't know how to figure -skate then huh?" She narrowed at them.

"Because we never actually learned that's why," Ranma shot back. "If everyone I competed against, weren't a bunch of idiots, I probably wouldn't have won."

"Thou shouldn't have," Kuno pushed aside.

"You were one of the idiots I was talking about," Ranma said.

"Yeah, and you ruined my ice- rank, you'll pay for that Saotome," Kuno glared.

"Huh?" Ranma smirked. "What ice- rank?"

"At least I can build one- overnight," Kuno injected. "Thee couldn't build a ice-skating rink with thy life depended on it."

"Well what kind of an idiot builds an ice-skating rink, when he can't even ice- skate," Ranma, referring to Kuno.

"Huh, like you can do better?" Kuno scuffed.

"You know I can?" Ranma snapped back.

"Nay, like thee can ice-skate, you're as bad off as you were when we first competed," Kuno jumped in.

"Oh yeah, do you know what they use to call me?" Ranma's eyes thinned.

"Tranny on skates," Sentina glared board.

Kuno smirked.

"What-" Ranma glanced back at Sentina, clenching his fingers. "No!"

Kuno laughed.

"They use to call me the ice-man," Ranma glared. "So I wouldn't be laughing if I were you."

"Ice man, good one Saotome. Do you know what they use to call me? They called me the-"

"Freakin' dumbass on ice," Sentina cleared out.

"No….they use to call me the Blue Thunder of Figure Skating,

Ranma fell.

[AN *laughs*: I did NOT see that coming!]

Sentina sighed as she rolled her eyes to the side, in annoyance .

"Hey! My name's better than yours from a long shot," Kuno stood without realizing it, as he feel on the ice again.

"Ha-" Ranma pointed, sitting on his knees. "That just goes to show you that my name's the better one."

"No it's not, mine is!" Kuno bellowed.

"At least I didn't steel mine, from some other stupid name made I've made up," Ranma, referring Kuno. Whenever he would call himself the Blue Thunder of Furinkin High.

"You're just jealous-"


Ranma and Kuno looked over at their coach.

"Just stop, okay! That's enough from the two of you. You two are both pathetic from what I know of."

"HEY!" Ranma and Kuno glared back.

"Now, let's get started already, damn it," Sentina ordered.

Ranma and Kuno continued to bickering, as they snapped at each other during out their lesson. For the good news, they both got pretty much everything down; with the constant, running into each other, that is.

They learned everyone from falling to crossovers, to spins and spiral, to finally the jumps.

"Huh, that doesn't seem so hard," Ranma made his jump, but the minute he got back down, he fell.

Kuno, stood there in his position and laughed. "Now, watch how a real figure skater skates."

Kuno prolonged to his own jump, but just like Ranma, he fell.

Sentina slapped her own forehead.

Ranma glared at Kuno. "What was that again? The only thing you can do is wave your swords around like a feather duster."

"What was that!" Kuno snapped. "Why you-"

"Come on you two, back up!" Sentina yelled. "Because you two are stuck to that ice until we finish today's lesson."

Kuno and Ranma sighed, as they both got back up.

Ranma held his fist clenched in anger. "Look, I didn't even want to be in this dumb competition in the first place."

"Well hey, I assumed you two knew how to skate, winning competitions and everything."

"Like what has he won-" Ranma pointed to Kuno.

Kuno smirks. "Only if you knew Saotome!"

"Knew what?" Ranma, curious.

"There was a Martial Art's tournament going on at my sister's school. It was the Martial Art's gymnastics ice- skating tournament. It was a brother and sister event. I was fortune enough to know doth such as someone, like Kodachi knew how to skate," Kuno explained, saddened by the event that happened after; which he didn't want to bring up.

Sentina blinked, as she tossed the hand cuffs away for later. (Could it be?)

Ranma saw Kuno's face. He shrugged, as he looked down at the ice. "Well, I probably wouldn't have won if it wasn't or Akane."

"Humph," Kuno nodded in reply.

Sentina sighs in a little bit of relief, but needed to keep things rolling. "Okay, tea party over boys, let's finish up.

Ranma and Kuno, starting to get more serious about it go through the rest of their jumps, such as the waltz jump, the salchow jump. Including the loop, and the toe loop.

"Okay boys, that's enough, you two should take a break," Sentina impressed by how fast they've learned.

Ranma and Kuno, exhausted after all their practicing, went to take a break.

"How much more do we have?" Kuno asked.

Sentina pointed to the four on the bored. "The flip, Lutz, and axel."

"Flip?" Ranma and Kuno questioned.

"Yes, one of the most important one's we're going to need for later on," Sentina answered.

Ranma and Kuno sighed, having enough.

"See how fast you two work, once you guys stop all your pointless auguring."

Five minutes later Ranma and Kuno were back out on the ice trying the flip, Lutz, and axel. When they were working on their axel, Sentina taught them some different technique in using the axel. Ranma and Kuno got more use to the ice, they were amazing not doing so bad….until…

"You were suppose to catch me stupid!" Ranma was about boot Kuno in the head until…

"Hey, watch where you're aiming with those things at!" Kuno yelped in order.

Ranma, listening to Kuno, realized he had his skates on, and just budded Kuno his knee, pushing Kuno backwards on the ice.

Sentina's eyes widen to see something she thought she would never see again on the ice. "Stop, the both of you."

Ranma and Kuno, both stopped as they looked at Sentina, and sighed. (Not again!)

She absorb the two, studying them closely. "Tranny!"

"Stop calling me that!" Ranma getting more aggravated by the minute.

Kuno looked to Ranma in question. "Why does she keep calling you a cross-dresser for?"

"Shut up! It has nothing to do with you, so stay out of it!" Ranma, obviously in denial.

"And You!" She pointed at Kuno. "Catch him next time, you freakin' dumbass!"

"Hey!" Kuno protested as he glared.

"Do it again, then switch places."

Ranma and Kuno done as said finishing up the last of their practice. Sentina watched them, debating on something on her own; she sighed. (Those boy's are going to need a lot more practice. They're not even half way through. I hope I'm up to this.)

Within the next 20 minutes, Ranma and Kuno skated up to the wall they were holding beforehand, as they push and shoved their way out of the exit.

"Come on boys, let's head back," Sentina, packing up her own things.

The three of them headed back to the cabin, when the scene changed to them eating dinner. There was one phone in the kitchen that started to ring. Sentina got up to answer it, with Ranma and Kuno fallowing her not to far from behind in curiosity.

"Yes?" Sentina asked.

A voice came across the line. "You called?"

"Oh, yes I did. I was wondering if you could pick up the guys tomorrow?"

"Wait…what do you mean guys?" The dance instructor asked.

"The Tranny and the freakin' dumbass," Sentina worded seeing veins pop out of Ranma and Kuno.

"Two men together, you're really going to go through with this, huh?"

"Yeah of course, why not? I mean, I need your help, what you do say?"

"Look I am just a choreographer, what do I know, bring them by the dance floor.

"Great!" Sentina putting on a slight evil grin.

"I'm not a magician, I ain't making no promise, alright. I'm just saying I do what I can do."

"There is something else though" Sentina continued talking on the phone, as the boy's went to finish their dinner.

Sentina got off a few minutes later as she walked back to the table.

"So who was that couch?" Ranma asked.

"A buddy of mine," Sentina answered. "She's the choreographer who's going to pick you two up tomorrow for practice."

"Choreographer?" Kuno asked.

"Wait," Ranma blinked. "You mean, dancing? I ain't dancing with him?" Ranma pointing to Kuno. "I thought we were here for a martial arts figure-skating competition?"

"Same goes for me," Kuno put in. "I thought we were supposed to be fighting, not dancing."

"Hey it's something to help you guys out a bit. You guys still have a long way to go for what I have planned," putting on a small evil smirk upon her face again. She looked up at them. "Which means you two are going to have to come up what song you guys want tomorrow."

"Well then…if it can't be helped…we're gonna dance to one song, and one song only- The Willow Song by composers of Julianne Baird & Ronn McFarlane," Kuno said.

Ranma disgusted. "I'm not skating to anything with references to Shakespeare. How about something more like "Kokomo" by the Beach Boy's or something.

"No one knows who it is, but it works..."

"No it does not, it's weird…."

"It's a Shakespearean classic ."

"Why won't you guys just quit your bitching, and do one that you both know."

"Oh, okay, fine, whatever…" Ranma and Kuno sighed. They finished up their dinner as they hit the sack.