Bella Swan thought she had most perfect life she could ever have, at age 14. She had it all. She had all she ever wanted. And that was Edward Cullen. As of 2 days 5 hours and 11 minutes, Edward Cullen was her boyfriend.

She practically squealed when the handsome, and ever so popular, not to mention one year older boy had accepted to be her boyfriend.

Especially when that boy was her best friend. Or at least, he used to be best friend. Ever since they were three and four they were inseparable. They did everything together, despite the one year gap. Even in elementary school, they ate lunch together, and played together during recess. They were so close that most people mistook them for siblings.

Not that they looked anything alike. Hardly. Edward was gorgeous. He was pale, with bronze colored hair and piercing green eyes. While she was pale with brown hair and muddy brown eyes that were framed with huge glasses. It didn't help that in middle school she began wearing braces and began getting acne.

Ah, middle school, thank the lord she was finished. She had just finished eighth grade a week ago. She loved eighth grade.

She hated seventh though. It was when Edward and her, grew apart. They talked less frequently, and barely saw each other. Outside of school, they seemed fine. They talked, but mostly about school. They weren't as deep as they were before.

Strangely enough, when he went to high-school (and she was in eighth), they talked more again. They began texting each other and calling the whole school year. Which made Bella almost burst with joy. So 2 days 5 hours and 20 minutes ago, she asked the popular Edward Cullen to be her boyfriend, and he accepted.

And now she was on her way to Edwards' house to surprise him. She was almost jumping with anticipation as she walked into his house (his maid answered). She silently crept up the stairs, to Edwards room. She was about to open the door when she heard voices.

"Edward, you know I love you, but why are you doing this? Why are you dating her?" a sweet voice said.

Bella froze, in a second she felt sick with jealousy. Who was that?

She heard Edward's velvety voice, "Oh, come off it Tanya, you're just jealous."

Tanya… the strawberry blond in Edwards grade….

"Of her?" she heard 'Tanya' scoff, "No, I'm just wondering why you're toying with her. We both know that you're going to dump her in like what, a week? And that's if she's lucky."

Bella crinkled her eyebrows, Toying?

She heard Edwards' voice again. "It's fun, plus I feel sorry for the kid. I mean, she thinks she has a chance. It's funny."

Bella felt her heart stop, a lump formed at the back of her throat. Funny?

She heard Tanya sigh, "Edward, you're beginning to become a jack-ass."

Edward laughed, "What? C'mon, she's just a girl. She's not even… you know… good looking."

At that point Bella felt her heart break. She felt a pinch in behind her eyes.

Bella opened the door. Hoping for an explanation.

Tanya gasped. Edward looked up, looked surprised for a second then merely shrugged.

Bella tried to control her shaky voice, "Edward? W-what are you talking about?"

Edward snorted, "Oh, come on Bells. You didn't think this relationship was serious? Did you?"

Bella felt her throat dry up, YES! she wanted to scream. But she stayed silent and chose to avoid his gaze.

"What did you think would happen?" Edward continued with a bit more venom, "Did you think that I was actually going to fall for an eighth grader? With the word LOSER practically plastered on her face?"

"Edward!" Tanya gasped.

Edward looked at Tanya, his face was red. "Oh really Tanya? Stop it. You know yourself that this was never gonna work."

Bella felt a tear run down her face. Then she felt another.

"Well, Edward you don't need to be so cruel," Tanya sounded like a mom.

"Oh shut it, you and Devon have been pestering me for the past two days about this," Edward countered.

"Yeah, we said that we thought it wasn't going to last, nothing else."

"Well, whatever. I never liked her anywhere, I just accepted because Devon bet me $50 that I wouldn't do it," Edward said, like it was no big deal.

Bella instantly looked back up.

"Fifty dollars?" she said slowly, "Fifty freaking dollars is what made you decide to go out with me?"

Edward nodded in a 'duh!' sort of way.

Tanya just looked shocked.

"You jerk. You stupid jerk. I can't believe I believed you! That I even liked you!" Bella screamed.

Edward continued to look at her as if she were a virus.

"I can't believe that I was even friends with you!" Bella spat, feeling her face turn red with anger. She couldn't believe it. She should've known better, someone like Edward wouldn't fall for her.

She looked at him one last time before fleeing the room. She retched the front door open and ran all the way back home.

She trudged herself to her bathroom, and took a good long look.

She heard Edward's words echo in her head, LOSER.

Was that really what she was?

Someone not worth looking at?

Bella looked at herself.

And then sank to the floor and cried.

From then on she was broken. She wouldn't speak to anyone. Her freshmen year was filled with teasing and bullying. Her father, Charlie Swan, finally decided to make her move to Phoenix with her mother.

So at the end of her freshmen year she moved away, packing up her things and left Forks.

Her life got better. Her now wealthy mom, Renee, managed to beak through her walls. She managed to convince Bella that she was beautiful. And as the months passed Bella was able to see it. Her skin cleared up, she lost the glasses, and the braces disappeared. Her wardrobe was updated, thanks to her mom and new friends.

Her social life was better, she made a bestfriends with twin siblings. Rosalie and Jasper Hale were her new BFF'S. Rosalie was every one's dream. She was perfect in everyway. With blond hair and shocking blue eyes. Her brother Jasper was just as beautiful.

They were there to support her, with Jasper's muscle, and Rosalie's ability to kill with one look no one dared to cross Bella.

She eventually graduated high-school and was accepted into the University of California along with Jasper and Rose.

Bella couldn't help feeling like her life was going perfectly.

Too bad Bella didn't know that her worst nightmare was there.

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