There was a groaning sound from behind him, the same sound Claude had heard when the first Doctor appeared, and a second blue box began to appear behind the first. Rose poked her head out the first one.
"Is that another..." she asked, but the Doctor cut her off with a frantic nodding of his head.
"Good luck, Claude," he said, and darted into his TARDIS as the door to the second one opened, revealing a smiling man in Edwardian dress, looking expectantly around him. He caught sight of the other TARDIS and his face fell.
"Ah," he said, disappointed. The first TARDIS began to fade with the same groaning sound as his, giving him a clear sight of Claude.
"Hello!" he said pleasantly. "Who might you be?" Claude's answer was cut short by yet another TARDIS materialising across the room. As he whipped his head round to watch, there was a crash from a window behind him and a new figure came flying – literally flying – into the room, coming to a skidded halt just inches from the arriving TARDIS. He shook his hair out of his face and looked up at the men watching him.
"Claude," he said, without any emotion in his voice. Claude nodded at him.
"Peter. How have you been?"
"Good, thanks. You?"
"Not bad." The Edwardian man grinned and waved.
"Peter! Just the man I was looking for." He held up a small box with a clear red button on it and waved it in the air. "I rebuilt the device, it should work fine now. I'd better be off now, look after Claude for me." Peter frowned and looked at him as he threw the box across the room.
"Who are you?"
"I'm the Doctor, you'll meet me soon." The Doctor turned as the door splintered and exploded, revealing Sylar standing in the frame. He flicked his wrist and Claude found himself thrown across the room and through the same window Peter had entered by.
"Remember to roll when you land." The Doctor's words came back to him as he hurtled down two stories to the hard concrete below.

"Ok, I'll be going, then..." muttered the Doctor, before retreating back into his TARDIS and dematerialising. Peter watched, confused, then looked up at Sylar.
"Ready for a tumble, Peter?" Sylar hissed with a faint grin on his face. His hands crackled with radiation. Peter narrowed his eyes and charged forward, slipping the box into a pocket as he did.