Disclaimer: John & Jen is not mine. All I own of it is a copy of the performance I was in with my drama company.

Author's Note: THIS IS MY FAVORITE MUSICAL OF ALL TIME! Someone else better discover this fic. Like, no one in the world knows about John & Jen. This is my test. Enjoy!

"When are you going to understand," John wanted to say, "that I'm not your brother and that I don't want to play baseball?"

He resisted the urge to throw his old baseball glove at the door. Instead he threw it at the door, flopped on his bed, and moaned.

Dad wouldn't have made me play if I didn't want to, He thought, He actually cared about what I wanted. He was only assuming this. He could barely remember his dad now. Well, maybe not, but it's not like he was ever going to stay around, anyway. My mom always liked her brother more than she ever liked him.

John was only guessing here, too, but who knew if she even loved Jason? And why had she not changed her maiden name? John knew he would never be able to understand his Mom's extreme mourning of her sibling: he'd never had a brother or sister. He'd always wanted a sister. That way he'd know how sane women acted.