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His father hated musical instruments of all types. John Tracey pretended that he did as well. But there was nothing else he could do to face it.

Jen wasn't coming home from college any time soon. The thought pained her brother. The only way for him to deal with it was through the piano.

John would sit down and leaved everything else behind. He would make a promise to the dots on the page that meant as much as the promise he had made with his sister all those years ago. He promised to be true to the notes on the score, if true to nothing else.

He gained his practice when his parents hadn't yet come home from work. They often stayed for hours at a time and John's skills became stuff of legend around the block. (He left the windows open whenever he practiced, even if it was bitterly cold.) Kids would come in groups to hang out on his lawn, unbeknownst to the musician and enjoy his secret rebellion.

For no one knew who John was. No one at school knew he was the pianist. The kids on the block never bothered to ask. He never told the kids on the baseball team. Especially not his father: this was his only way to "be a man"- but rebel.