Chapter 4

"Heiji, are you here?"

Kazuha steps into the house, removing her shoes when Heiji's mom steps into view.

"Oh, Kazuha, nice to see you. I'm afraid Hei-chan took off about an hour ago. He had been watching TV when a news report came on. I don't know what it was about, but he suddenly tried calling someone, he became extremely agitated when whoever it was never picked up. After a while he ran upstairs and when he came down, he had that look in his eyes, and he had his duffle bag with him. I asked him what was wrong, and he only said that a friend might be in trouble and took off, saying he would call when he got there."

"But we still have school tomorrow, do you think he will…" Kazuha stops, 'That ahou, going off like that.'

"I didn't get the impression this was a quick trip, but with vacation next week, I don't know when he will get back," Shizuka offers the young girl a smile, and, as though reading her mind, adds, "but if it makes you feel any better, I do know where he is going."

"What! Where!" asks Kazuha.

Shizuka's smile gets a little bigger as she says one word, "Tokyo."

'I can't believe this, that car does turn right toward us. But if it was intentional, why go for me? It can't be one of the old man's cases, cause the target would be him. Unless, the culprit figured that going for the kid would hurt him more…not in his case. I think he's madder at me than the driver right now. But how could that girl have got into the street and grabbed me so quickly. I barely had time to register the car coming until after she almost had us to the sidewalk…AARRGGG, this is NOT making sense.'

Conan had barely managed to convince Ran to let him stay at the hospital, using a mixture of childlike pleading and by pointing out that if it were not for her, he would be the one in the bed, and he wasn't gonna leave until she was better. One nurse seemed to have taken pity on the boy's situation and stepped in, promising to check in on them every so often as well as maintaining his status as a patient so he could use the free bed in the room. Since the doctor had yet to sign the release form, she signed off on the records to show him as being 'under observation' adding that as an accident victim, it was 'just in case'. Ran had finally left, saying that she would call the school to let them know he would not be there the next day, but that she would stop by with a change of clothes in the morning.

Now lying in the second bed between the girl's and the window, Conan is continuing to puzzle over the events of that afternoon. The clock had read 1 am last time he looked at it, but he knows it must be much later by now. He finds himself listening to the steady beeps from the heart monitor and glances over at the still form in the other bed. Her right leg had been elevated and wrapped up due to some swelling that most likely came from the impact with the car itself, while her head had a white bandage over the bump from the pole. Otherwise, she, like him, only had a few scrapes.

'I just hope that she is OK. I would think that someone able to outrun a car would have been able to stop themselves from going headfirst into a pole. Of course, maybe the whole thing was just luck…NO, she knew. She had to. She never said a word to me, no warning, no 'Look out,' nothing. Something is not right here…'

The door opens and Conan quickly feigns sleep. He hears the footsteps and is immediately able to distinguish them as being the nurse that stepped in on his behalf. Her footsteps stop by the girl's bed first, most likely checking her IV, and then Conan senses her standing beside him. He groans and rolls over to face the window, hoping that she can't tell he's faking. When the footsteps leave and the door closes, Conan sighs before resigning himself to actually try to go to sleep and figure it out in the morning.

'Still no answer, and figures the stupid plane gets delayed. Visiting hours long over…why won't he answer the phone! I could drop by the Agency, but if it is him I doubt anyone will be there, at least no one sober enough to tell me what happened. Hmmm, I guess I could stop at the professor's house, he would know.'

The dark-skinned teenage boy adjusts his bag, gets in a taxi and heads toward Agasa's house, hoping for good news on his friend, secretly hoping his trip is for naught and the news was talking about someone besides his best friend.

Back in the hospital room, a pair of blue eyes open and look around. Confused at how fuzzy everything is, the eyes search the room, finally coming to rest on the form in the next bed, unable to make out much besides the dark hair in the moonlight. Concern is forming in the eyes at the small size of the sleeping form, when the door opens and a nurse walks in.

"Oh, you're finally awake." the nurse whispers.

"Mmm," the girl blinks, and stares at the nurse as she comes around to the side of the bed. Finally, seeming to only just now understand her, she starts asking, "Where am I? What happened? Who…?"

"Calm down," the nurse says, holding one hand up and placing a finger in front of her lips, "you're in the hospital. You were hit by a car."

"Sorry. What about the kid there? Is he OK?"

"Yes," the nurse smiles, "His name is Conan, and he's fine thanks to you. He just wanted to stay with you to make sure you were ok, but I say we let him sleep. You should try to go to sleep for now too; the doctor will talk to you in the morning."

"Umm," The girl hesitates for a moment, then asks, "but, who…"

"No more talking. Your body needs to heal. Go to sleep and you can ask questions in the morning. "

With that, the nurse turns and heads for the door, leaving the girl with her unanswered question. She looks over at the boy, hoping that her questions can be answered.


"Don't blame me, she was…"

"I don't want excuses. We need to revise our plan, seeing as she is now in a hospital; we need to get her, and soon."

"What about the boy?"

"Him too, of course. We can still salvage some part of the original plan," The speaker listens to a female voice from his earpiece for a moment then smiles, "In fact, these events may even turn things in our favor."

"What do you mean?"

"It seems the boy has insisted he won't leave her 'til she's recovered. Isn't that sweet of him?" The smile on the speaker's face is now matched by his companion.

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