The Littlest Rogue

(The sequel to The Bester of Both Worlds)

Chapter One

Dinah Bester, a tall, reasonably attractive brunette with piercing blue eyes, made her way into the Babylon Five main med lab, where her much older Psi Corps husband lay still unconscious from Dr. Selar's phaser stun. Dr. Franklin greeted her politely and told her that Bester should be coming out of it soon. She nodded a quick acknowledgement, not really caring all that much, and then noticed with a little surprise that Miss Scarlet O'Neil, a telepathic fugitive from the Psi Corps who could make herself invisible at will, was there as well. The woman explained that the mysterious Gary Seven from the other universe had asked her to return for a brief time to determine if Bester's mind had been really wiped of his memories of them. Mrs. Bester read in her thoughts that her cat-like alien shape shifter friend Isis also had a bit of bad luck with her husband. He thought he had killed her when she was in cat form when he was in mental contact with his unfortunate double. Mrs. Bester now knew why Isis ran from them at their first encounter, and now understood that her telepathic statement about not wanting to be a late Bast was not really a reference to the white rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland". Isis, still in human form, had stayed in Seven's apartment to tend to the complex machinery there while Seven and Roberta Lincoln went to visit Mr. Chekov in the Federation star base hospital in the twenty-fourth century. He was there because of Bester's heavy-handed telepathy; having suffered from and almost died of brain injuries by his handiwork. Before Bester awakened from the stun from the energy weapon from the female alien doctor in the Federation universe, Scarlet asked Bester's Psi Corps wife if she had any ideas about informing her husband of their or the newly discovered Guardian portal's existence. Dinah assured her that all of them in the Federation universe were perfectly safe and then sensed that Scarlet was not human. After she had Dr. Franklin confirm that this was so, it made Scarlet exempt from being forced to return to the Psi Corps, and Dinah, not liking to arrest people as much as her monster of a husband,was more than a little relieved that she didn't have to take her into custody. Scarlet informed her that she had just discovered from her Dowd father that she also had shape shifting ability like her new alien friend Isis. Scarlet's Dowd father had been masquerading as the Vorlon ambassador and had been ferrying newly arriving telepaths down to the planet Epsilon Three, the world the Babylon Five station was orbiting, and to the safety of the parallel universe. Dinah also assured Scarlet that Bester would not find out about this development from her. As Dinah watched in amazement, O'Neil, as a demonstration of her newly discovered ability, transformed herself into a mirror image of the female psi cop. Being that Bester would have his telepathic abilities suppressed by the sleeper drugs for at least a week, he would not know that she had been there. As for little Alice, Dinah's five year old daughter, her telepathic ability was still developing, and Dinah was confident that they would be able to block whatever scan the little child may attempt with either of them. She, however, had no qualms about letting her child hear her scold Alice's rotten father for his part in almost killing three people while in that other universe.

Lyta Alexander, a fiery redhead and a commercial telepath, was only recently forced to rejoin the Psi Corps by Bester after being formerly classified as a rogue. She had been entrusted to look after Dinah's little girl while she visited her evil Psi Corps husband. Being that Dinah and Alfred had been married for six years, Dinah knew how far she could go with her criticism of him.

Little Alice listened while her mother spoke to her father, not completely understanding why her mother was saying that her father was setting a fine example for her. She knew nothing about sarcasm,and then grew fearful that perhaps her mother approved of her father's behavior. She also began to hear some not so nice thoughts from some of the people who were entering the med lab. Most were calling her "Bester's little snot", or "devil's spawn" and some even were thinking of harming her, kidnapping her or worse, even killing her just because her last name happened to be Bester. Lyta sensed the little girl's fear, and tried to comfort her, but she could tell the child was becoming increasingly frightened by all the hostile thoughts and intentions towards her. Lyta began to scold the people for their thoughts, telling them that she was just a harmless innocent child. She now considered how Hitler's family must have felt about their infamous relative. She looked down at her charge with compassion, and then, with relief, noticed that she appeared to be less frightened. She tried a gentle probe to see if Alice was calming down, but, to her surprise, the child was blocking her. Lyta decided to respect her privacy and admonished her to stay in the med lab where it was safe and not to go wandering around, in case any of those hostile people were to make good on their foul threats. For now, Alice decided to comply, curious about what Dr. Franklin was doing. She went over to where he was, seeing an unconscious woman in a cryonic container. She gasped and her eyes widened with shock and dismay when she saw the Psi Corps emblem on the lid. Dr. Franklin smiled at her benignly, but she became very frightened, picking up a stray thought about him wondering what it may have been like to be a telepathic child and subjected to Shadow technology. She also picked up the thought that the Psi Corps was behind what was done to these poor souls. She felt tears welling up in her little eyes, but kept them from falling. She thought that this was going to be done to her, and also felt that she didn't want to be a part of an organization that hurt people. She put up a brave front and told the lady named Lyta that she had to go potty, recalling that there were two entrances to the lavatory. She planned to make her escape that way.