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WEEK 1-4

-Baby is small

-1/25 inches (height) by the fourth week

-1 ounce

-size of a small handful of poppy seeds

It was morning in Spain, the suns blazing heat spread across the entire country. Farmers went out to start working on their crops, all cheerful as they plant the seeds of the new fruits and vegetables that would grow for the season. Some families who live in the urban areas decided to stay home to avoid the heat, tuning on all things that can create sweat cold air in their homes. Other families or just people for that matter chose to go the pools, lakes or the hundreds or thousands of beaches here to cool off. Others, like tourists or groups of people thought it would be fun to go and explore the outdoors, see the culture of Spain and its wonders. Yep, it was finally the beginning of summer.

In an average house located in a small field, the suns light reached into the South Italian nation's room. Romano groaned inwardly as the suns radiance hits his face. "Take a hike….stupid sun" He whispered as he covered his face with the large pillow beside him. He didn't get enough sleep last night, for only a couple of hours maybe, it's all because of last night. Last night…those two words caused Romano to turn different shades of red from the flashbacks as to what happened night before. He did it; he had finally done it….with him. Romano's face flushed at the thought and began to feel his face heating, but it wasn't from the sun.

Romano groaned once again, everywhere in his body was hurting, he heard it would be hard to walk afterwards. But he never thought it would hurt this bad though! He couldn't walk thanks to Antonio, but he still didn't hate him…it's not like he didn't enjoy it…wait….what was he thinking! Romano just pressed the pillow closer to his face and tried his best to close his eyes and drift off to sleep.


'So much for sleeping' Romano groaned yet again and removed the pillow from his face to see Antonio carrying a tray of food…probably breakfast. The Spain nation stood in front of him, wearing only a pair of jeans, meaning he was shirtless causing Romano to redden even more. He turned his head to the window beside the bed, trying to not let him see his heated face. Antonio chuckled, Romano looked so cute! His dark brown hair which was usually kept neat was unruly and messy, except for that curl which seems to stick out in its usual position. He looked tired and he was blushing like mad, which to the Spaniard made him unbearably cute.

"Romano! I made you something to eat" He cheered happily as he approached the Italian. Romano tried to say something, but what was he to say? Antonio made it seem so natural, but here he was blushing like an idiot! He was still a little shocked, embarrassed, happy, afraid, overjoyed….in short, he was confused.

The Spaniard knew that Romano was still a little dazed about last night's occurrence, which was odd, because the Spaniard was usually known to not reading the atmosphere that well. He sighed and smiled happily to himself, Romano could look so cute with out even knowing it. Although, Antonio could see the look of worry in Romano's eyes, so he decided to say something that he thought would cheer him up

"Romano, Your face is as red as a tomato!"

That had done it; Romano tore his gaze away from the window and glared the Spaniard. Face flushed he retorted "S-Shut up! I told you to never say that! Dammit!"

Yep, Romano was back to his pissed off self, Antonio laughed as he handed Romano the tray of food. Romano took a piece of toast with jam and bit into it. He was pretty hungry, but then he looked at Antonio "Aren't you going to eat?"

Antonio grinned and put his hand on Romano's messy hair, "I already ate"

"You did?"

"Uh-huh, long time ago, I just didn't want to wake you up, you look so cute when you're sleeping!"

"How many fucking times do I have to tell you? Don't call me cute! Dammit!" Romano said as he felt his face begin to heat up once again, his head was going to explode soon "And besides, why the hell would you wake up so early in the morning?"

"It's almost noon Romano"

Romano suddenly looked dumbstruck, but then it went away when he spoke again "Well, How can you be wide awake! You barely slept all night because…" Romano's voice began to drift off again until it came to a halt. His face was as red as it could be; seriously, the blood could be rushing into his head giving him a headache. Antonio blushed a little as well and there was a small awkward silence that followed.

Spain looked at Romano and smiled once again saying "Awwww~! Romano you look so cute!"

"S-Shut up! Dammit!" He said turning to his toast and taking a big bite from his toast.

The rest of the morning continued like this until noon came around. Romano was still sitting on his bed with Antonio beside him. Antonio was in the best of moods, talking about anything or anyone, like the birds, the weather, Romano, the World meeting, the day plan and even more about Romano. The Italian face slowly went back to its original colour and said his usual retorts but listened, he was in a good mood as well.

"…And we have to get tomatoes! I almost forgot about the tomatoes! Would you like to come get some with me Romano?" Spain asked, eager for the young nation to come with him.


Antonio looked momentarily shocked, but this was Romano, he guess he had to get used to it, but he wasn't going with out a fight. "But why?" He asked, stretching the 'why' a bit too long.

"B-Because! I can't!" He yelled, face going red all over again. Antonio still confused, jumped out of the bed and pulled Romano's arm. "That's not an answer! The market is near the field, it won't take long!"

"I know where the market is, dammit! I just can't…" Romano trailed off, hoping the older nation would get the picture, he didn't. "Are you feeling sick?" he asked, a little concerned.

"NO! DAMMIT NO! Why do you think I am stuck on the bed you bastard? It's because I can't…"

The Spaniard still was confused, "Can't what? Tell me Romano!"

"I CAN'T WALK AT THE MOMENT YOU IDIOT!" Romano yelled and dropped his head to the mattress in embarrassment; he hated looking weak, which he always did. Antonio's mouth formed an 'O' shape but then he couldn't help but laugh. "D-Don't laugh bastard!" Was heard as Romano placed a pillow on his face so that the Spaniard couldn't see embarrassment.

Spain lowered down his laugh as he sat on the bed with Romano once again, "Does it hurt that bad?" Romano shook his head, "It'll wear off eventually, it…it was just my first time bastard, you didn't have to be so rough stupid bastard…"

The Spaniard patted Romano's head, "Alright, Should I stay here?" Romano shook his head "No you can leave it's not like this is the first time I've been home alone! Dammit!"

"Alright, Alright, I'll be right back with the tomatoes? Okay?" Romano nodded as Antonio went off the bed and headed towards the door.

"Antonio?" Romano quietly called


"Uh….thanks…for everything" Romano said it as silently as he could, but the Spaniard heard and planted a kiss on Romano's cheek and left.

'Romano, sometimes you can be just too cute' he thought as he left the house.

Romano stared at the door, what was he to do now? Romano tried to move, but every time he tried he felt a small slice of pain through him. "Dammit! I need to get dressed!" This time he jumped out of the bed to make it quick and easy. But the second his feet touched the floor his knees buckled and his fell to the ground. The Italian cursed underneath his breathed as his tried to support himself by using his arms. 'Endure it, dammit!"

After five minutes of trying to get up and plenty of curses going along with it, he managed to stand with out feeling pain any longer. "There…now I can change" And with that he put on his usual attire and headed towards the kitchen. As Romano was walking he felt as if something about him was not quite…right.

Something was terribly wrong. It started out as a feeling, but now Romano knew something was wrong with him.

Weeks have passed by and Romano had been feeling sick. Foods sometimes were unappetizing to him and other times he would eat as if it would be his last meal. He would have less and less energy to do anything, let alone walk. He constantly had to go the bathroom and the worst part is in the morning. Every damn time the sun rises, a nauseous feeling would come and he would end up standing on top of the toilet puking his guts out.

Romano was now in the washroom, it was 4 in the morning and he was vomiting every thing in his stomach. Once done, Romano shuddered, what is happening to him? He went out of the washroom and tried not to bother the Spaniard, for he was still asleep and has not a clue about what is going on. Romano never told him, why should he? He could take care of himself…and besides, Antonio has been acting like he was the happiest person alive, why would he screw things up for a small sickness? Romano knew he would get better, he had to. The Italian sighed and decided to visit the local doctor to figure out what the heck wrong with him when Antonio was out with Francis and Gilbert the next day. It is going to be okay Romano thought to himself as he went back to bed and drifted of to sleep.

Romano woke up and rubbed his eyes hazily. He looked to the side of the bed to find Antonio gone; Romano sighed in relief and quickly got dressed. He ran out of the bedroom already feeling exhausted, 'Stupid sickness', he thought as he walked down the stairs. He reached for the door handle and was about to leave the house when he heard a voice behind him.

"Where are you going?"

Romano slowly turned his head to see Antonio standing behind him chewing on a tomato. "Y-You almost gave me a heart attack you bastard!" Romano yelled, which was actually true. Spain sighed and asked the same question "Romano, where are you going?"

"C-Cant a guy go out of the house with out being questioned? Dammit!"

Antonio took another bite out of his tomato, "I am just asking, that's all"

"Well where ever I'm going is none of your business! And besides weren't you supposed to go to your friends?"

"I was, but then I wanted to eat some tomatoes before I go" He said cheerfully "Want one?" He then pulled out a tomato and Romano felt sick, he definitely couldn't eat that, not with the stupid sickness. "What is the matter Romano, don't you like tomatoes?"

"I-I do! I'm just not hungry alright?" Romano said and he left like that, 'Stupid Antonio, Don't ask me so many questions!'

Romano reached the doctors office to meet a secretary around her twenties. The room was large and the walls were light beige, it creeped Romano out a little. "Um…hello?" The secretary looked up and smiled "Hola, how can I help you?"

Romano smiled, he always somehow acted differently in front of women, he never knew why though. "I want to see a doctor, is there one available?" The secretary looked through a couple of papers, took a sip from her coffee and looked back up at Romano, "There are a few, did you book an appointment?"

"Appointment? I didn't, can I see one still?" Romano asked hopefully, he needed to get rid of this sickness! The secretary saw the eagerness in his eyes, a little blush showed on her cheeks, He is so cute…, the secretary woke from her state and cleared her throat, "Yes, you can see one, his name is Dr. García, I'll call him now to tell that you are coming," She said while dialing "Your name is?"

'Lovino…Lovino Romano Vargas"

"Alright, his room is 201, right over there" She point to her right and that is where Romano followed "Uh, thanks" Romano said before he left, leaving the women with a tint of pink on her cheeks.

Romano reached the door that had the number 201 on it "Guess the doctor's in here…" He said as he opened the door to find a small grayish room and an old Spaniard man sitting beside his beside in the corner "Hello? Are you Romano Vargas?"


"So what is the problem?"

"There are some problems…someone I know is getting" Romano said, trying not to admit that he was the one with an illness, "Someone?" The doctor said in his Spanish accent. "Yes, someone, a close friend, really close, but that's not the point! Dammit!" Romano said, shaking off the topic "My friend is constantly vomiting; always feeling tired, let alone eats like crazy sometimes but then sometimes feels sick just by looking at food! And that person…who is my very close friend, always goes to the bathroom every half an hour! What is this sickness! Dammit!" Romano couldn't help but ramble on and on about his illness, he just wanted to get the damn thing over with.

The doctor had listened carefully through the rant, nodding from time to time, placing to fingers on his chin as if he was trying to figure something out. The doctor then asked some questions like; does the vomiting happen usually in the morning rather in the afternoon? Is that person's energy decreasing day to day? Does that person feel nauseous all day?

All to which Romano had answered yes to. The doctor asked the final question "Have you considered that person to be pregnant?"

Romano was in slight shock from hearing this "P-Pregnant? H-How can that be pregnancy?"

The doctor got up from his chair and approached the Italian, "The symptoms lead to it"

Romano face blanked, there had to be another illness right? The doctor must be screwing with his mind, he had to. But what if he actually was…pregnant? It can't be! He was a male! It's not possible…is it? "Dammit! Dammit! Are you sure! You're not shitting me are you!" Romano questioned, going back to the thought he could possibly be pregnant, and he was a male, a guy, a boy, a MAN, all meaning that he couldn't be pregnant, the doctor was probably just messing with him, or so Romano thought.

"You could try the pregnancy test"

"The wha?"

"Pregnancy test, those little sticks that detects whether or not a person is pregnant, but it's not always correct, som-"

"I know, I know!" Romano said, he has heard of it, but he never expected he was to use one "But aren't there other illnesses that have the same symptoms?"

The doctor shook his head, "Not that I know of, let me ask you this, when did these symptoms start?"

Romano's face flushed at the thought. It was right after his first time, he did it again with Antonio a couple of times, but that was it. By the look on Romano's face the doctor could tell when it started

"B-But Dr. García, would it be possible if a man got pregnant…?" Romano silently asked. The doctor looked confused to the sudden question "Well, not that I know off, it could be possible but highly unlikely, from an injection maybe or probably something about that man's hormones and or he has eggs rather than sperms…many reasons, but like I said, highly unlikely. Maybe if that person was well…not an ordinary person, but I have never encountered this situation before. He rambled on, but then looked at the worry on the Italians face "Why? Is it that you are…?"

"Me? Pregnant? As if!" Romano yelled "I am a guy! Dammit! Why the hell would you think that? Dammit!"

The doctor focused on Romano "Because a man barely asks a doctor if a man his gender could get pregnant…"

"What the fuck? Can't a guy ask a small question without being accused of being pregnant? Dammit!" Romano said, the doctor looked once again at Romano and said one final thing "If you need any help, you know where to find me"

The second the doctor had said that, Romano left the room and ran outside. 'Pregnant? I can't be pregnant, I AM A GUY! It's not possible, it's not, the doctor is trying to screw up my mind,' Romano tried to convince himself again and again but he soon found himself in a convenience store waiting in line. Romano carried 8 boxes of the pregnancy tests, 'I feel like an idiot, I can't be pregnant, it's all just a coincidence! Dammit! I have to return these back to where they came from and go home and pretend like nothing happened!'

"Gracias and have a nice day"

Romano looked up at the store clerk, it was too late, and he unwillingly bought the tests. 'Dammit! I'll just go and test it out, and prove that bastard doctor that he was wrong!' He thought as he continued his walk home, deep in thought. 'Stupid Doctor, putting stupid ideas into my head! Making me think for a second that I could be pregnant! I just probably have a frikin' cold or the flu! Dammit!' Romano crossed the field and reached the door to his and Antonio's home, it wasn't like they were married, he was still put under Antonio's care. Although, Romano would have to admit that he and the Spaniard were…lovers. He wouldn't admit it loudly though, why would he do something stupid like that in public, only his brother would do something dim-witted like that!

Romano unlocked the door and slipped inside, it was still the afternoon, and Antonio was probably still with his friends Francis and Gilbert. Romano took this chance and ran to the upstairs washroom carrying the packages with him and locked the door behind him. He turned to the toilet on the side of him 'I can't believe I am doing this!' And with that he sat down on the toilet and took the test.

Once done he looked at the stick, it…it…was positive? Romano's eye widened, it couldn't be? Could it? 'No, the bastard doctor said it was sometimes wrong, it has to be wrong, it can't be positive' Romano hastily threw the test on the floor, he was shaking, trembling, he was afraid. 'It's is just wrong, it's is just wrong' He repeated to himself and grabbed another package and ripped it opened it to take another test.

It was positive, this time Romano began to shake even more, saying a small prayer hoping this was all a mistake. He opened another package and took the test once again. It continued on like this until he was on his eighth test, his final package, it was positive, like all the other tests.

Tears began to stream down his face, he found it harder to breathe and his chest was pumping wildly like his heart as he struggled to let in air. "No…it can't be" he said, but it was barely a whispered, but he knew that the test can't be mistaken eight times and can't mistake for a male to get pregnant. His knees buckled and he dropped to the ground, his fists hit the tiled bathroom floor and he lowered his head, weeping. "Dammit" He whispered through his tears "Dammit it all…"

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