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Week 4: Symptoms:

- Morning Sickness

- Mood Swings

- Frequent Urination

- Fatigue

- Fainting/Light headedness

He had to get rid of it, he must! He couldn't carry a child, it was far too risky. Yet at the same time, he didn't want to kill it either. An hour has passed and Romano still remained on the tiled washroom floor. He was confused more than ever, let alone shocked and afraid. What was he going to do with the baby? Should Antonio know? What would he say? What would everyone else say? What was going to happen now? What was going to happen to him?

Romano's head continued to pound as he leaned it against the washroom wall. His eyes were rimmed red from crying. His cheeks, equally red, were still moist from the tears that rolled down from before. His lips although, were still quivering. He was scared. Scared as to what might happen. He needed Antonio, he needed him now. He needed him to comfort him, to tell him it's going to be alright. But what was he to say to him? Romano couldn't believe this himself, but what if Antonio was to believe him…

No, this was his problem, he had to be strong. He would decide what was going to happen to the child.

And that was to get rid of it.

He had to do it. What other choice did he have? He didn't want a child. Certainly wasn't expecting one in the first place. He wasn't being cruel; he just...couldn't handle the thought of bearing a child, at all. Romano sighed for what felt like the thousandth time and looked at the pregnancy test in his hand. He stared at the tiny pink plus sign on it while the tears threatened to come out again.

Romano wiped his eyes with his sleeve and dropped the test to his side. "Stop crying, dammit" He murmured to himself. Romano weakly got up, a queasy filling his stomach. Romano inhaled deeply and let out a large breathe. "It's going to be alright, I'm perfectly fine, perfectly frikin' fine" he muttered as he glanced down at the eight test all over the washroom floor. He picked them up quickly, trying not to look at them and hastily throwing them in the garbage bin, each making a loud clunking noise when they hit the bottom.

He took a minute, staring at blankly at the bin. There was so much going on; he needed to relax, even if it was just for a second. It would be over soon, he would just have to find a doctor that could help with his…predicament. But who? Romano thought of a few doctors until nauseous feeling came up from his stomach to his throat.

Romano rapidly knelt down on top of the toilet, retching anything that remained in his stomach. He'll have to think about the doctor thing later…

"The number you have reached is unavailable at the time…"

Antonio sighed as he stuffed his phone in his jean pocket. It was getting late and Romano hadn't been answering his calls, which was odd, Romano always answers, whether if it's is to yell at him or not. He tried calling him in the last half hour, but they all ended up the same, to the voicemail. Antonio was starting to worry, What if something happened to his Lovi? (The unwanted nickname that he gave Romano) What if he was in trouble? What if Romano needed him to save him?

Different scenarios went through Antonio's mind as to why Romano wasn't picking up. Antonio drummed his fingers and bit his lip. He was growing more concerned by the second. What if Romano was angry at him…well angrier than usual...

Antonio decided to look around to keep his mind off the scary scenarios that played in his head. He looked around the bar to find Francis flirting with two women that looked around the age of 19 or younger. One was tanned skinny blonde, although her hair was obviously bleached. The other was a brunette, with long hair flowing hair, pale skin and over-exposed clothes just like the other girl, which was probably why Francis was talking to them in the first place. The girls both fell for his 'charm', as Francis likes to call it, although when you have shoulder length natural blonde hair, a goatee with blue cerulean eyes and with a French accent to top it off, most girls fall for his flirting. Well that's what you get from the country of love itself, France.

On the other side of the bar was Gilbert, challenging random drinkers to a drink off, obviously being very drunk himself. Antonio chuckled as he watched the albino chug down bottles of beer, although, it didn't help keep his mind of Romano. He was really worried, where was Romano?

An idea popped into his head as he promptly took out his phone once again. He dialed the numbers to Romano's brother Feliciano. 'Why didn't I think of this before? Maybe he is at Feli's!' The Spaniard thought to himself 'Romano is proably busy with his brother, so I just have to call Feli…"

Antonio placed the phone to his ear as he waited for Feliciano to pick up. Thankfully, he did.

"Hello?" Feliciano said happily on the other line, which was his usual attitude. He was basically the polar opposite of Romano. Unlike Romano, Feliciano never hid his feelings and he almost always wore a smile that made him look as innocent as he was. He had a happy go lucky attitude and cheery voice; it was hard to hate him. The only similarity between the two was their appearance, although there was a small difference. Romano was slightly tanner than his little twin brother and his hair is a darker shade as well, let alone parted differently. Both were the personifications of Italy, Feliciano was Northern while Romano was for South.

"Feli!" Antonio said with the same amount of enthusiasm.

"Ve~! Antonio! I haven't seen you in days!" Antonio could feel Feliciano's smile through the phone.

"Yo también te extraño, Feli! (I miss you too, Feli!)" He spoke in Spanish, not realizing that the young Italian couldn't speak his native language "How are you?""

"Ve? Nothing really, Ludwig is out, so I am making pasta! But…I didn't know what pasta to make, I wanted to make one with Alfredo sauce, but I thought maybe I should do tomato sauce! There is so much pasta! Ve! I didn't know which one to make! They all taste so good! That's why I'm making more than one kind of pasta, ve!" The Italian cheered. Antonio couldn't help but laugh at the Italian's obsession over pasta.

Antonio's face fell when Feliciano spoke again "So how's fratello doing, ve?"

"Isn't he at your place?"

"Ve…no…isn't he at yours?"

Antonio thought for a second, he didn't actually know if Romano was home or not, but the fact that Romano never answered his phone worried him a bit. "Not too sure…"

"Ve? Did you call him?"

"Sí, a bunch of times, you think he is asleep?"

"Ve…maybe, what if something happened to fratello?" The younger Italian began to panic. Antonio was doing the same.

"Ve? Where are you right now?" He asked a little panicky.

"At the bar with Francis and Gilbert"

"Ve…Okay…should I check on him?"

"No, no, I should do it"

"Ve! No, You stay there, I'll go" Feliciano said, he wanted to know if there's wrong with his brother, he would have to go Romano's house and be brave. But what if there someone evil in there? Just like Antonio, scenarios quickly went through Feliciano's mind. He shivered a little, 'Ve! Be brave!' he thought to himself 'That way I could prove to Ludwig I am just as strong as him!'

"Are you sure, I think I should go-"

"It's Alright" Feliciano quickly said "I'll go! I am his twin brother after all, ve! You have stay with Francis and Gilbert, okay?"

"But, I really think I shoul-"

"Ve! Nooo~! You always take care of him and besides, you are supposed to be having fun, so I'll call you if anything happens, ve! Bye!" And with that the Italian hung up quickly before the Spain Nation could say anything further.

Antonio stared at the phone, Feliciano was very persistent person. He sighed and put the phone on the counter, waiting for Feliciano to call back and tell him Romano is alright. Besides, it's not because Antonio is in charge of taking care of Romano that he's is worried, it because he loves him. But no one knew that except for him and Romano. Mainly because Romano didn't want people to know just yet, but as long as Antonio was with Romano, he was happy.

Antonio sighed once again as he crossed his arms onto the counter and ordered as small drink. He continued to stare at the phone with anxiety. Francis came and sat on the stool beside him.

"What's the matter, mon ami?" Francis asked, drinking a sip of wine in his hand. Antonio looked at Francis and exhale noisily once again. "It's Romano"

"De nouveau? (Again) What happen this time?"

"I actually don't know, Romano hasn't answered my calls. He always answers, even though he doesn't always answer happily…" Antonio exclaimed

Francis put a finger to his chin and thought "Did he act strange today by any chance?"

Antonio began to think as well, his mind going back to noon, the time when Romano woke up and ran out the door. "Now that you mention it, sí, he was acting odd this morning. He ran out of the door when I asked him where he was going. And the weirdest part is, when I gave him a tomato, he didn't eat it!" Now that Antonio remembered, it did seem very strange, Romano never refuses a tomato!

"You are so dense Antonio" Francis said with a smile


"He obviously has something in his head that is bothering him. You should go talk to him"

"Are you sure Francis"

"Am I ever wrong about this stuff?"

"What do you mean" Antonio asked, being completely oblivious as usual.

"You obviously didn't think you could hide it from me, the country d'amour, now did you? It is obvious you two are together" Francis said, with his mischievous smile planted onto his face. Antonio had a small tint if pink on his tanned cheeks as he looked from Francis to the phone. "What should I do know?"

"Go to him, I bet you he is fine, just probably has something that is in his mind, that troubling him. He maybe just needs you there"

Antonio thought for a second and grabbed his phone "Maybe you're right, I'll go check on Romano. Will you be okay with out me?"

Francis chuckled and flipped his blonde locks. "There are plenty of girls here for me and lots of beer for Gilbert, I think we would make it out just fine" And he gave Antonio a final wink before he left. "Oh Antonio," He said "You have a lot to learn" He smiled and went back into the crowd to find some girls.

Feliciano reached Antonio's house in matter of minutes, probably because of Feliciano's insane driving speed. Feliciano got out of the car and walked up to the front porch of Antonio's home. It was quiet, which made Feliciano shiver slightly. It was night and Antonio's house was on a small tomato field, so it was a little isolated.

Feliciano knocked on the door "Ve~! Lovi! Open up! It's me, Feli!"

No response

Feliciano began rapping on the door "Lovi! Ve~! Open the door! Antonio was getting worried about you!"

Still no response

Feliciano sighed, wondering what he was to do know, until he remembered Antonio telling him once about a hidden key in a flower pot. Feliciano looked around the porch for a small flower pot. "Where is that pot? Ve?" Feliciano looked around more, but it was dark out, so it was hard to find anything. That is until his foot touched something. "Ve! There it is!" he exclaimed as he reached into the small pot to get the key.

He quickly went to the door and unlocked it and went inside. The house sounded quieter and even looked darker than outside, if that was even possible. "Lovi…" Feliciano whispered silently. He was getting scared; he would run out the front door and drive back home to Ludwig, the personified Germany. But what if Lovino was in trouble? He had to be brave. "Lovino?" Feliciano whispered once again, this time saying his full first name.

Feliciano walked around the house, eyes finally adjusted to the light and trying not to make anymore noise as if it would cause something to pop up, scaring him. Feliciano looked into the kitchen, there were just the usual kitchen appliances and other things a small kitchen would have. "Lovino?" he whispered. There was still no response.

He checked the living room and the hall way, nothing. Feliciano was starting to get worried, where was his fratello? Feliciano went close the front door when he saw the flight of stairs. On top he could see a hallway with at least two doors in view. One of the rooms had the lights on, maybe he was in there!

Feliciano ran up the stairs and headed towards the light, it ended up coming from the washroom. Great…this is always how it happens in the scary movies, the victim ends up going to the washroom getting killed. Feliciano held his breath and opened the door slowly. Once he opened it completely, he saw…nothing. No one was in there, Feliciano softly whimpered as he entered the washroom. It looked fine, but there a small stench, as if someone has been puking in there. He was about to leave until something caught his eye, the garbage bin, specifically what was in the garbage bin. Feliciano walked over to the bin and looked inside.

'Ve?Are these…pregnancy tests?' Feliciano thought as he looked at all the tests, there were eight, and they had a small pink plus sign on all of them. Now he was confused, he knew it meant that whoever took these were pregnant, but who? There were no females here, only his fratello and Antonio…

Feliciano was not the best thinker, so he couldn't think of a conclusion. He was just really confused, but he tried to think. The smell of vomit, the positive tests, someone definitely pregnant, but the problem was obvious, who? And where is Romano?

Feliciano walked out of the washroom and into the hall. He looked at the few doors and decided to enter Romano's bedroom. Feliciano quickly walk over to the room to find it extremely dark. "Lovi?"

Feliciano flicked on the light switch to find his brother lying down on the bed. He was paler than usual and his eyes were close, although they were puffier than usal.

"Lovi…" And with that Feliciano jumped on the bed and shook his brother violently. "Don't Die Lovi!"

Romano woke up suddenly and anger boiled inside. "What the hell! I was just sleeping, dammit!"

"Ve~?" Feliciano said, looking a little confused "I thought you were dead!"

"Why the hell would I be dead? Dammit!" Romano yelled angrily, his head was aching and he really wanted to sleep.

"But Lovi! You weren't answering your phone calls, or the door when I knocked and…"

"For one thing…don't call me Lovi! It's either Lovino or Romano! Second, didn't you think that maybe I was asleep! Dammit!"

"S-Sorry Lovino, you had me worried sick, and same for Antonio, he called me and was wondering why you didn't answer his calls…ve? Lovi? Are you listening?"

"Hmmm…?" In truth, he wasn't at all, as soon as Feliciano said Antonio, Romano's mind drifted off.

"Fratello, you look sick, ve…" Feliciano said, placing the back of his hand on Romano forehead. "Ve! You're sick!"

"I'm not sick dammit!"

"Ve! Yes you are!"

Romano rally didn't want to go through this, today is possibly one of the worse days in his life and his brother wasn't making things better. Romano just laid back down and tried to zone his brother out.

On the other hand, Feliciano was getting worried. Romano looked sick…wait, Romano was sick, the stench of vomit in the washroom and the eight positive pregnancy tests…this was getting even stranger the more Feliciano thought about it. "Um…Ve, Lovi…was there anyone else here in the house?"

"No, now leave!" Romano said tiredly, trying to go back to siesta.

No one was in the house, so who could've use those tests. He decieded just to be straight forward "Ne…Lovi, why are there pregnancy test in your bathroom, ve?"

Romano shot back up when he heard Felicianos question "W-What pregnancy tests…?"

"Ve…the ones in your washroom…"

"I-I don't know what you are talking about! Dammit! Now leave!" Romano yelled and closed his eyes.

Feliciano knew his brother was lying; he was his twin brother after all. Besides, he knew he saw the pregnancy test. But why were there pregnancy tests in the first place? Why was there a smell of puke? Why was Lovino sick? Feliciano thought until something dawned to him.

"Lovi…are you…pregnant?"

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