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Week 7-9 Growth and Symptoms

Nearly an Inch Long

Weighs About an Ounce

Size of a Grape

Looks Almost Completely Human

Eyelids Completely Formed

Webbed Fingers and Toes

All Organs Accounted For


Thicker Waist

Frequent Washroom Use

Morning Sickness/Nausea


Mood Swings

Antonio rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. The sudden quietness was awkward enough for even him to notice. In front of him was Romano blinking, trying to come up with words, any words to say but the words didn't seem to form. Thankfully, Antonio first broke away the quietness, "I came to surprise you Lovi," He said, trying to chuckle away the silence. "So…Surprise!"

Romano felt an eye twitch, all the shock from his face had completely vanished. "D-Dammit, Antonio! What do you want!"

"I wanted to visit." He replied pouting.

Romano groaned, tempted to slam the door to the Spaniard's face just to get this over with. "What did I tell you about being busy, you idiot?"

"But Ludwig came over for Feli this morning! Gilly told me about it!" He whined. "I wanted to do the same for you!"

The Italian mentally cursed. Stupid Potato bastards! They are always seeking out trouble for him, he just knew it! He was going to have to get them back later. "So wha-"


The happy squeal made Romano look over his shoulder to see his brother running down the stairs with only a pair of boxers and a towel around his neck. Feliciano jumped over the last two bottom steps and dashed over to hug the Spaniard who was still standing out in the doorway.

"Aw, Feli~" Antonio cooed, patting the younger Italians reddish brown hair. "I haven't seen you in a while!"

Romano grimaced at Antonio and Feliciano hugging. He wasn't jealous; of course not…it was just the stupid baby hormones starting to act up…yeah. "Feli!" He yelled "Get back inside before you get a cold, dammit!"

The younger Italian stuck out his lower lip, still latched onto Antonio. "Ve…then why don't you come inside Antonio?"

He felt his mouth go agape. He now really wanted to smack Feliciano, hard, especially when he saw Antonio nodding vigorously in agreement. Was he that much of an idiot? How could he let Antonio of all people into his house? Honestly! He just couldn't be that stupid!

He glared at his brother as Feliciano lead the Spaniard inside. He slammed the front door, grumbling. "Fine then dammit! But don't you dare stay too long, we're busy dammit!"

"O-Okay…" Antonio said, nodding while he sat on the yellow couch in the living room. Feliciano excused himself and ran back up the stairs to find a shirt, leaving the two of them alone.

Romano sat down on the other couch awkwardly. There was the uncomfortable silence once again. He fidgeted and cleared his throat, waiting for the quietness to end somehow. It wasn't his fault that the stupid Spaniard decided to randomly come over! He didn't even know what to say to him after everything that he's been through (and still is) behind his back!

Romano thought, maybe it was a good time to tell Antonio. Antonio was going to be the father after all, he probably had to know. Though, Romano grimaced at the thought, he needed to stick to his plan. Finish the pregnancy and send the baby to an orphanage, all without Antonio finding out. Plain and simple…well sort of. Either way, he didn't want to burden him, it was already hard for Romano to go through this, why would he want to put the same burden on Antonio as well? Besides, it was bad enough that he thought of himself as a freak, he didn't want anyone, especially Antonio, to think the same.

On the other couch, Antonio wasn't fairing to well either. He wanted to surprise the Italian, stay over while trying to figure out what was wrong with him or the country Italy itself as Romano kept on telling him, and happily makeup. But so far, Antonio could tell his plan was beginning to crumble as he felt the tension around the two of them. He didn't even know why! It just happened!

He tapped his foot nervously on the wooden floor, pursing his lips. He took a glance at Romano, who was sitting cross-legged, hugging a pillow to his chest.

He took a deep breath, "So Lovi," He started, in hopes of driving the awkward silence away. "How have you been?"

"Fine…" Came a harsh mumble. Antonio waited for more, but by the looks of it, he wasn't getting it. He continued.

"Ah, that's great Lovi! I've been doing well too! Except, I would have been better if I got to see you more!" He smiled, still hoping for a reaction.

Romano just shrugged, "I told you I was busy."

Antonio nodded slowly as if he understood. "Yeah…" He said, "Being a nation sure keeps us busy, huh Lovi?"

He got another shrug from the Italian, letting the silence come back.

Antonio frowned, why wasn't Romano saying anything? Was he tired? Sick? Just what was wrong? Surely nothing too serious was happening in Italy! When Romano left to stay with Feliciano, Antonio made sure to constantly watch the news in case something occurred, but nothing but the usual was happening. Nothing at all. So what was wrong and mainly, why was Romano not telling him?

"Lovi….is there something the matter…?"

Romano flinched a bit from the sudden question. He tightened the pillow closer to his chest, answering. "N-No dammit! I'm just tired!" Which technically wasn't a lie. He was getting more and more exhausted as the days went by, stress and worry were always tailing behind him, making it harder for Romano. Let alone the morning sickness made him lose some or most of his sleep. So it was extremely obvious that Romano was tired and he probably looked like it too.

"Are you sure? Because if you want to tal-"

"I'm going to sleep!" He said, cutting Antonio off before he could continue further. He stood up, dropping the pillow back onto the couch. "Buonatte…"

"Buena noches…" Antonio mumbled, watching the Italian trudge his way up the stairs with his head down. Feliciano, now with a blue shirt on, passed by Romano on the staircase. He saw his brother rush into his room and hastily closing the bedroom door behind him. The younger Italian turned his head to see Antonio in the living room who, even to Feliciano, looked horribly let down.

"Ve…? What's wrong with Lovi?"

Antonio looked up to see Feliciano entering the living room giving him a confused look.

Antonio just smiled wryly, scratching his cheek with his finger. "Nada…he was just tired I guess."

Feliciano pouted, but when an idea came to him, a happy grin broke out onto his face. "Hmm…Ve…Antonio? Do you want to sleepover?"

Head jerked up, he stared at Feliciano surprisingly. "I-I can? But what about your problem in Italy?"

"Ve…? Problem in Italy? Wha-Oh!" He then giggled softly to himself; Romano would have brutally murdered him if he accidently slipped up. But then again, Romano was probably going to kill him for what he was going to do next anyway.

"Ve, Don't worry! We can fix it! So…you can sleep on the couch if you like…" He paused, giving a cheerful grin to the Spaniard, "and I'm sure Romano wouldn't mind either."

Antonio's face brightened and broke out with a large grin. He jumped up and hugged the Italian with most of his strength. "Oh, thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" He chanted, spinning them both around excitedly. "¡Oh, Gracias, Feliciano!"

Feliciano smiled innocently, clapping his hands together eagerly when Antonio let go of him. "Ve, I'll go get the blankets!"

Feliciano skipped away, humming, leaving Antonio who felt a thousand times better. Who wouldn't? He was finally able to stay with his little Romano! They could be closer than ever!

He smiled, thinking of himself cuddling on his bed with Romano. He sighed; he missed the Italian's warmth and soft mumbles when he fell asleep. He missed waking up every morning to him, face calm and peaceful in his slumber. He missed all of it and he wanted it happen again desperately, and he will soon.


There were sounds of creaking up above, footsteps pounding against the floorboards.

Antonio grumbled, scrunching his face from the sound. He was dreaming, well at least he was trying to.

He rolled over on the couch, trying to dream of Romano and himself back in Spain, eating tasty churros together on their kitchen table. He pictured the patio window sending rays of sunlight onto the two of them. Romano was grumbling and cursing at the Spaniard, despite his young age. Antonio himself was just laughing, poking the chubby cheeks of his little henchman. He was so cute! Who knew that he would be even cuter when he grew up, especially when he-


Startled, Antonio fell off the couch with a thud. He groaned, rubbing his sore rear from the fall. "Ay...bueno, eso duele..." He mumbled, picking up the blanket that fell along with him. As he bent down to grab it he heard sounds of retching. He paused.

What…no, who was that?

He threw the blanket back onto the couch, sneaking his way to the staircase. He winced at the sound of vomit escaping from the washroom door upstairs.

The sounds were getting louder the closer Antonio came up the stairway. Who was vomiting? And why? He felt his anxiety building up. The sounds were nothing but worrying.

The Spaniard reached the top of the stairs when the noises stop. There was a flush, coughing and the clicking of the lock on washroom door. Antonio panicked and on impulse, he quickly hid behind the closest wall to him. He stuck his head out only slightly, waiting.

The door opened, revealing Romano wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Though it was slightly dark, Antonio noticed Romano was crying through the small weeps escaping the Italian. He quirked a brow, was Romano sick? Antonio frowned; he didn't like that his Lovi was crying either. But why didn't Romano say anything? Why?

He saw Romano slowly walk back into his room and locked the door. Antonio came out from the wall, heading towards his lover's room. Though, when he reached the door, he stopped.

There was weeping.

Not the same small cries from before, but loud and heartbreaking weeps. Sobs filled the room and escaped through door, loud enough for Antonio to hear. He felt his heart drop to his stomach. Something was definitely wrong. Horribly wrong. He scrunched his brow in worry and reached for the knob, prepared to comfort the Italian. That is, until he heard Romano whisper, "A-Antonio…"

His name was said quietly with the tears, coming out choked and scared, but nonetheless, Antonio heard it. He lowered his hand from the doorknob. Did…did he make Romano cry? Was he the one at fault…?

Guilt risen, Antonio walked away from the door and back to down to the living room slowly. He sat, elbows on his lap and chin rested on his hand with frustration. What did he do wrong? How could he do…well, whatever he did to make the Italian cry…?

Antonio was confused more than ever. He sighed, laying down and burying his head underneath the covers. He shut his eyes, trying to go back to the dream before, but the only thing that came was Romano's whispering of his name.

"-the fuck? Just what the hell do you think you are doing here you bastard? Do you want me to fucking call the cops on you? I said wake up you idiot!"

Antonio blinked; waken by the sounds of the furious Italian in front of him. He sat up and saw Romano was fuming, knuckles clenched to his sides and his mouth forming an angry pout. Antonio would have commented saying how cute the Italian was with his face bright as a tomato, but the events from before struck him, keeping his mouth shut from any cheerful comments.

"Ah…B…Buenos días Romano…"

"Answer my question dammit!"

"Well, you see, I-"

"Ve….why are you guys making so much noise in the morning?" Feliciano walked down the stairs, yawning and rubbing his eyes from sleep.

"Feliciano! Can you tell me why the hell Antonio is sleeping on the fucking couch!"

"Ve…it's not good to swear in the morning Lovi!" Feliciano said, stretching his arms above his head.

Romano glared at his brother, sending his signature scowl towards him. "That doesn't answer the fucking question!"

"Ah, Lovi, I could expla-"

"Shut up, I don't want to hear from you!"

Antonio clasped his mouth shut while Romano waited impatiently for his brother. Romano was tapping his foot and crossed his arms with annoyance. Was it just to Antonio or did the Italian seem…moody? Antonio thought. It was probably just him. Besides, the Italian was always angry! Though, something did seem off about him and if anyone knew Romano the best, then it would be him. He just couldn't place it. Instead, he decided to let the feeling slide, watching Feliciano skip down the last steps, humming a cheerful tune.

Romano was getting on his last nerve when Feliciano spoke again. "Ve, I invited him to sleep over!"

All was silent.

Both Feliciano and Antonio were expecting one of the following things, Romano to either: lash out, yell angrily, storm off or just hide his face with embarrassment and accept it - the last one was more expected from Antonio with his ever optimistic mind – but what they did not expect was this.

Romano tilted his head down, bangs covering his eyes from being seen. Sniffles and small choked back sobs were emitted from the older Italian and his fists clasped to his sides, knuckles turning white.

Antonio got off the yellow couch and came closer to the trembling Italian. Feliciano was now fully in the room, doing the same. Automatically, the Spaniard slowly raised his hands to hug the Italian for comfort. It was his only solution at the moment, knowing that the cheer up charm definitely wouldn't work due to the fact that the Italian wasn't looking at him in the first place.


Romano jerked his head up and stared hard at Feliciano through his glossy eyes.


"HOW COULD YOU?" He cried, more tears escaping his eyes. He honestly didn't know why he felt so sad and frustrated all of a sudden, he just was and he couldn't hold the feeling back. "What kind of brother are you dammit!"

The two stared at the overemotional Italian, worried but more puzzled than ever before. Romano wasn't even trying to hide his tears! He was just blatantly crying!

"You are stupid, stupid, stupid fratello! How could you be such a fucking idiot! Do you even give a fuck about what I think of this?" Romano kept on ranting, but it started to seem incomprehensible from the crying going along with it.

Feliciano started to tear up as well. Sniffling and quivering his lower lip. "V-Ve, But I do love you fratello!"

Now Antonio stood with the two crying Italians and feeling that he was basically the cause of the problem. Sure, he was used to seeing Feliciano crying loosely, but Romano? Romano would just cry over the loss of pasta or an attack from France, and if the Italian actually wanted to cry, he would cry by himself. He would never cry like this. Never. Romano had always said that it would hurt his pride. So what had changed?

Antonio was just confused as heck. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he wasn't that dumb (well, maybe on occasion, but still!) to know that something was going on. He raised Romano for centuries for God's sake! And to top it off, he started dating him months ago! So of course Antonio would notice something, but what was basically was the problem.

So standing there beside the crying twins, he felt utterly useless. He decided to just hug the two of them. It was better than nothing.

As expected, it worked on Feliciano like a charm. His tears would stop falling and after a minute or less, it would be just like a switch, from sad to happy. Romano, who still kept on surprising the two, did not yell, curse, nor beat the Spaniard. No, instead the older Italian raised his arms and hugged Antonio back. Antonio would have been a hypocrite if he denied that he was enjoying this small moment. True, the Italian was currently sobbing on his shirt and mumbling things he couldn't comprehend, but when has Romano ever hugged him without restraint? If there ever was a time, Antonio couldn't recall it due to the fact that it was so rare. So instead of questioning, he let it go and stayed like that until they (mainly Romano) calmed down.

About a week and some days went by as Antonio stayed over at the Italian's place – despite Romano's outbursts and complaints. In truth, the longer Antonio stayed, the more confused he got. Nothing was making sense to him, and by nothing, he meant Romano.

The older Italian kept on running to the bathroom during the day, especially in the mornings. His eating habits were getting terrible and his food preferences were constantly changing. For example, three days ago, Antonio offered tomato soup to his Italian but it only turned out with a face of disgust! Romano always loved Antonio's tomato soup! It was one of his best dishes yet! Not only that, Romano was acting...strange. Sometimes he would act completely depressed and next thing you know it, he was all cheery as if he wasn't sad a while ago. Antonio just couldn't keep track of things anymore.

He buried his head frustratingly in his arms. He didn't know what to do any longer, actually, that seemed to always be the case now. He tried talking to Romano, but that just turned out to be a fail. The older Italian would just deny that anything was wrong and would walk away. Antonio also tried talking to the Feliciano, but he acted oblivious as well. Though, in truth, he kept persisting for Antonio to stay longer every time he wanted to leave. Why? Antonio didn't have a fucking clue.

What else was there to do? He pondered, scrunching his brows in thought. He tapped his finger on the kitchen table and bit his lower lip.


Nothing was coming to mind.

He sighed, downed the rest of his tomato juice and hopped of the chair. He wanted to just give up. He could leave if he wanted too, Feliciano left the house with Romano, so he wouldn't be able to convince him to stay.

Wait a minute.

It was as if one of those light bulbs that came out whenever an idea came popped and lit brightly on top of Antonio's head. Ever since the first day, Romano forbad the Spaniard from entering the room, but now was his chance! He ran up the staircase and towards Romano's bedroom door. Once there, he paused. What if there was a reason why he wasn't allowed in this room? Well, Antonio had nothing to lose, he wanted to know what's up, and for the very few times in his life, he was going to have to figure it out by himself.

Antonio licked his lips and hesitantly reached for the knob, bracing himself for, well, something. He didn't even know if there was anything in there that could solve his problems, but he was going to find out soon enough. Hopefully.

Finally gripping the knob, he threw the door open and the room looked...the same. Releasing the breath he never knew he was holding, he scanned the room. The room looked the way it usually was, just more...messier. Clothes and random objects were splayed all over the wooden floor. The blue bed sheets were hanging off the side of the bed. The closet was practically vomiting out clothes and the large desk on the side was just cluttered with books and other things Antonio couldn't make out.

The Spaniard sighed to himself and reached down to pick up some of the clothes on the floor. He couldn't just leave the room like this! It was horrendous! Antonio beamed suddenly; maybe if he cleaned the room for Romano, he would cheer up! He grinned determinedly and began to clean.

After a half hour or so of tidying up, Antonio was almost complete. So far, he found no clues or anything that could clear up his confusion, but the room did look better from before. Clothes and possessions were put away and the bed was made. All that was left was the desk.

He hummed to himself softly as he reached it, grabbing a book and making room for it on the shelves above it. He was going to be done soon and Romano was going to be home shortly as well. Finally, about a minute later, the room was cleaned. Antonio smiled proudly, checking out his handiwork. That was when he finally took notice of one small detail.

On one shelf, in the row of books, was one bind that had the word 'JOURNAL' in print. How Antonio hadn't took notice of it was beyond him, but the first and only thing that came across his mind at the moment was 'Lovi has a journal...?'

Reaching up to the shelf, he grabbed the book. It was a velvety red with the word 'JOURNAL' printed in gold on both the cover and the bind. Antonio slowly opened the front but quickly closed back again. He shouldn't read it.

Oh, but he should.

The journal was nothing but tempting. Antonio felt his curiosity rising, slowly eating him alive. But journals were supposed to be private. Though, on the other hand, Romano was keeping something from him, plus, Antonio did come in Romano's room to find a clue of some sort, and this was it.

Finally he made his decision, opening the first page of the journal to find it filled with Romano's writing. Antonio was about to read the first words until he heard the door slam.

Antonio froze, hearing both Feliciano's and Romano's voices coming from the downstairs. Mentally freaking out, he stuff the book in his shirt* and hurried out of the bedroom.


The Spaniard stopped in his track the second his name was called. Slightly praying that Romano didn't see him coming out from his room, Antonio looked down from the staircase to see the twins. Feliciano was waving ecstatically while Romano was glaring back up, arms crossed and a scowl plastered onto his face. Antonio gulped. "Sὶ...?"

Romano frown deepened. "What are you doing upstairs?"

"Uh...you know, I had to use the baño," He said sheepishly, "Real emergency, had to run all the way up here to go!" Antonio rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, silently chuckling to hopefully make it seem convincing.

"Then why didn't you just go to the one here, dammit?" Romano replied.

Antonio opened his mouth and closed it again. Racking up any excuses he had inside his head, he opened his mouth and said, "...I like this washroom better."

Romano just stared at the Spaniard with brows raised. "Seriously?"

Antonio mumbled a small yes.

The Italian sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Tch, retard. Just stay out of my room dammit!"

Antonio watched as the Italians walked away from his view. His mouth formed a thin line and he mumbled, "Of course..."

Night soon rolled around and the two Italians were upstairs asleep. Antonio, who still had to sleep in the living room, sat up from the couch quietly. It was dark in the room and Antonio couldn't see a thing. He turned his back and tried to get the feel of the lamp beside the couch. Once he felt the switch he turned it on. Finally being able to see he cautiously reached under the sofa cushions, revealing the red journal. He had hid it there when he got the chance during the day and his mind never stopped thinking about it. What was written in there? What is Lovi hiding? And why was Lovi hiding it from him?

He didn't want to waste another second in finding out. He quickly opened the journal, revealing written words by none other than his little Lovi. He flipped to the first page and saw the date on top. July 12th...that wasn't too long ago. In fact, it was about a couple of weeks ago. Antonio carried on down the page.

In the centre it was written and underlined, 'Week 5'. Week 5? Week 5 for what? He read on.

'Stupid Doc said I had to write in the journal from now on so he could know exactly what I'm experiencing at the moment. As if the information I give him 'aint fucking enough! Stupid bastard...

Anyway, feeling fucking nauseous and my head is hurting like a bitch. The vomiting is getting worse and I feel worse than I have been in the 6 fucking weeks. I'm pissed and I want to sleep. Speaking of which, drowsiness is getting bad too. Woop-de-fucking-doo!

Back and neck is hurting, go figure. Let alone going to the washroom now seems like torture. I gained 3 pounds from the last check up, which is fucking fantastic...

Not only that, I..."

Antonio furrowed his brows. Flipping to the next couple of pages, he read a similar text in the middle, 'Week 8 / 2 months'. Scanning it, Antonio found it was more in point form and straight to the point than the first page he read. He began to read.

'Stress has been getting worse. Feel like I'm going to faint any second.

Back has been killing me, let alone head and neck.

Jeans are getting tighter, guess my waist or something is getting bigger.

Mood Swings keep kicking in and it's getting harder to control.

Still feeling dizzy sometimes, especially when I feel stressed.

Cravings are...'

Antonio continued down the page. What...was going on? Why was Lovi feeling like this? What was happening?

Antonio flipped the page, but it turned out to be blank except with the similar words he found on the top of every page so far.

'Week 9'

Confused, Antonio flipped more pages until the end. Each page was blank, though all of them containing time or date. Each page was titled, 'Week 10...Week 13...Week 14...Month 5...Week 27...Month 7...Week 30...Week 34...' It kept on going as he flipped and flipped each page. Finally, at the end, it came to a stop with the last title, 'Month 9'.

He stared at the page. Month 9.

Month 9?

Month 9 for what?

He went back to the first pages, looking back to find any clues or something! Antonio frantically rushed to the last page that was filled. There was a date on top of the page, August 1st. That was yesterday! So what would that mean?

He tried to think of any solution but the end result was the usual, nothing. He just didn't get it! The book didn't even help him. No, it made it worse, and not only that, but now he knew that Romano was ill for a reason he didn't understand! Antonio was confused out of his mind. He groaned and fell back against the cushions, rubbing his eyes from frustration. Tomorrow, he promised to himself, Tomorrow he needed to have a talk with his little Italian.

Whether he liked it or not.

Morning finally came by and Antonio couldn't have thanked it enough. After not getting a wink of sleep, he was determined to make the Italian say something. He really needed to sleep though, but worry, frustration and puzzlement was keeping him awake, thinking. Should he talk to him in private or does it even matter? What should he say to him anyway? How was he even going to make Romano confess anything for that matter? Or what if...?

In the midst of his thoughts, the two Italians walked down the stairs. "Veee, Buongiorno Toni!" Feliciano called from the staircase with his cheerful voice.

"A-ah, Buenos días Feli, and you too Romano!"

Romano turned his head toward the Spaniard, a smile escaping through his lips. Antonio blanked and though this had been happening for a couple days now, Antonio still couldn't get used to it, especially when knowing that something was up. "Mornin'!" Romano called happily.

The random cheerfulness in the older Italian's voice reminded Antonio of the 'talk' he wanted to have with him. "Lovi, I need to ta-"

"Toni," Romano cut Antonio off (in his nickname no less) as he walked towards the kitchen, "Feli and I have got to somewhere. We'll be back in a couple of hours."

"Ve! Don't miss us too much Toni!" The other added.

Antonio frowned, walking towards the Italians in the kitchen. "Lovi, I really need to talk to-" And once again he was cut off, but not with words or phrases. No, Antonio was cut off by the feel of lips on his, and not just any lips, but from his little Lovi.

Romano pulled back from chaste kiss, "Chigi~! See you later Toni!" He said, waving his hand in the air and walking towards the door. Feliciano yelled out a goodbye and walked through door with his brother.

Well. That was new.

Antonio slumped on a kitchen chair.

He needed to call Francis.




Buonatte - Italian- Goodnight

Buena noches – SpanishGoodnight

Ay...bueno, eso duele – SpanishOw...Well, That hurt

Buenos días – SpansihGood Morning

This isn't really that important, just clarification and stuff.

* - So I just wanted to make sure everyone got what I meant, because when Antonio stuffed it in his shirt he put the book in the waistband (or whatever it is called) and hid it beneath his shirt. I just didn't want to explain it there and I know half of you already got the jist of what I meant (hopefully), but you never really now.

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