Hello everyone and welcome to the next chapter of Daimyo of wave and would like to thank the 1rst auther Mugan Von Hellscream who in the kindness of his heart has aloud me to take over and finish this story as i beleive its a good idea that need to be explored. Now this will be a small harem story with 3 or maybe more girls and in the time line after the time skip and Akatsuchi is not going to be around but madra will be the main bad guy. Now as many of you know uza or the village hidden in the whirlpool was and is Kushinas home this village will make a aperance in the story as many story and some of my research as shown it to be near wave somewhere near one of the islands that make up wave. I'll be posting a few polls later on as to differant plot point's in the story was we go as of now I have a few thing worked out.

Ok this will be a small harum story first girl will be Hinata ok the reason is well everyone loves a naru/hina story and as a clan heir in training she can help him with his manners and will be Tenten who will also follow Naruto to wave as well as she is strong and always in the background plus i like all the naru/ten third girl will be Haku sorry everyone but as the person who showed naruto about protecting his friends and if anyone would like I can add one or two more girl's later in the story but three is i think a number without going overboard,but i may add more later if people ask.