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They say even the proudest spirit can be broken... with love.


Coraline glanced at the direction the other mother's voice was coming from in fear.

"HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY YOUR MOTHER!" The footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

Other Wybie looked at Coraline grieved…the little door laid right in front of them…all he needed to do was push her in, and she'd be safe.

However, as he stared at her with worry, he suddenly felt a cold claw dig into his shoulder, and throw him away from the little door and his friend.

"Naughty naughty…" A sweet yet venom-filled voice snarled angrily.

Wybie opened his mouth in a silent scream, as he was thrown across the room.

"WYBIE! NOO!" Coraline shrieked as she watched her friend be knocked unconscious upon colliding with the wall.

Coraline looked at the Other Mother with wide eyes, as the monstrous, skinny woman turned to glare at her with scary, maternal authority.

"Now see what you made me do? Young lady, if you hadn't been so naughty and tried to escape the punishment you so richly deserved, Mommy wouldn't have had to hurt your little friend."

Coraline's fear suddenly vanished as it was replaced by fiery rage that spread quickly throughout her little body.

"Oh, you got it all wrong lady…IT WAS WYBIE WHO RESCUED ME! EVIL BITCH!" She shouted as she picked herself up from the ground, and stormed over to the other mother.


Coraline began to swing her arms around wildly, hitting the other mother wherever she possibly could.


The other mother was shocked at the foul language that was pouring out of Coraline's mouth, and especially at the level of violence she was seeing from her other daughter. While she knew Coraline was a bold and fearless little thing, she didn't realize Coraline would react this way.

It not only made the other mother angrier, but it made her even more determined to teach her naughty child a very, important lesson.

She grunted as Coraline continued to throw punches at her.

"OOOOWWW!" She yelped as Coraline managed to grab her arm and bite hard into it.


She shouted before scooping up the struggling child under her arm, and marching up the stairs.


The other mother slapped her hand over Coraline's mouth before she could finish shouting the curse word.

"You are far too young to be saying such naughty word Coraline Jones…" The other mother scolded in her soft, dangerous voice.

Coraline's other room came into view, and she began to struggle even more, as she didn't want to be locked inside there against her will.

Poor girl…if only she knew what she was in for.

The other mother dumped the thrashing girl onto her bed.

"Don't move from that spot young lady!" She said sternly while wagging her finger, before quickly turning around and heading towards the door.

Coraline scrambled up into a sitting position, and glared at the other mother as she locked the door.

"Oh? And what are ya gonna do if I decide to get up and move? Sow my face into a smile like you did poor Wybie?" She shouted angrily in response, while grabbing any nearby objects she could find.

The other mother sighed with fake sympathy, and inhaled a couple of times, trying to calm herself down.

She felt herself begin to phase back to her attractive version of Mel, Coraline's real mother.

The other mother wanted to at least look appealing since she knew she was going to have to punish her little Coraline.

Who wouldn't feel more comfortable being punished by an attractive being?

The other mother snickered at those thoughts, as she turned around to face the little girl.

"Coraline, darling, you're in quite a heap of trouble right now. I suggest you don't disobey me any further if you know what's good for you young lady."

Coraline merely frowned defiantly as she stared the other mother down.

The other mother returned the frown with her own disapproving one. "Young lady, wipe that look off your face!" She commanded while slowly walking back towards the bed.

"WHO'S GONNA MAKE ME YOU FREAK OF NATURE?" Coraline yelled before grabbing all the objects she had hidden behind her back, and hurling them towards the towering witch before her.

"OW! CORALINE JONES! STOP IT! YOU'RE HURTING MOMMY!" The other mother screeched while ducking as some of the objects hit her, while others flew past her.

"YOU'RE…NOT…MY…MOTHER!" Coraline screamed furiously, punctuating each of her words with another flying object.

The other mother covered her face, getting angrier by the minute as she stormed over to her other daughter's side.


"NO! Keep away from me!" Coraline howled as the other mother grabbed her hand and swung her violently off the bed.

She plopped herself down and firmly grasped the little girl's shoulders in her claws.

"Ohhh Coraline…" She crooned while shaking her head with fake sadness.

"You really shouldn't have done that little girl. You should have apologized to mommy for trying to run away, but did you? No…"

Coraline felt herself begin to blush in embarrassment at the childish way the other mother spoke to her. Even if she was only eleven, she hated being talked to like she was little!

"You want ME to apologize for the horrible things you've done to Wybie? For throwing me into the mirror because I told you, you weren't my mother?"


"Well, I've got news for you white witch…"

The other mother's eyes widened in cold fury as Coraline flipped her the bird.

"Alright, you've had your say Coraline Jones, and now I'm afraid mommy is going to have to punish you."

Coraline snickered despite herself. "Good luck with that witch. Nothing you do will ever make me apologize."

The other mother's grip tightened on Coraline's shoulders. "I think you'll find that my method of breaking you will be enough to change your mind young lady."

The other mother then moved the little girl in front if her, and turned Coraline so that her back was facing her. "Young lady, mommy needs you to take your pants off please." She whispered in her ear.

"WHAT? NO WAY!" The little girl replied, shocked that the other mother actually expected her to do that.

Coraline yelped, as the other mother slightly bent her forward and answered her with three resounding smacks to her rear.

"Now Coraline…" The other mother growled dangerously.

Even though she wanted to smack the witch across her face for doing that, a new fear gripped Coraline's normally bold heart, and she reluctantly obeyed, blushing as her butterfly panties came into view.

"Good girl. Thank you Coraline." The other mother crooned with a cold smile.

"Now then…" She brought the child to her left side. "Mommy wants you to bend over her lap Coraline."

The little girl's mouth fell open at the gentle command. "Hell no…" She mumbled incredulously.

Another loud smack echoed in the room.

Coraline sniffed back tears that sprung in her eyes at the stinging but brief pain.

"Coraline…" the mother said warningly while shaking her finger at the little girl. "You'd better obey mommy now, or it will be worse for you then it already is."

Coraline bit her lip, considering her options, but ended up stubbornly shaking her head while crossing her arms.

The other mother sighed sadly while shaking her head. "Oh dear, now mommy will have to punish you more. Why must you be so naughty darling? Mommy doesn't want to punish her little doll."

Before Coraline could quip a retort, the other mother took her wrists, and swiftly bent the little girl over her lap.