Ch. 4: Pain


Coraline jerked up in shock at the intense, burning feeling as the Other Mother's hand collided sharply with her little bottom.

She had most definitely not been expecting that!

Whatever feelings of pleasure there had been before, instantly vanished at this newfound excruciating sensation.

Coraline looked back at the Other Mother, almost as if to protest.


Another swat echoed throughout the room before she had a chance to even protest.

"Ow!" Coraline squeaked; almost as if she were surprised it actually hurt.

I mean yeah, the other ones had hurt too but they only stung compared to thi- SMACK!

"HEY OUCH!" She yelped before she could even finish her thoughts.

The Other Mother chuckled almost evilly while quickly rubbing the bright red cheeks in front of her.

"Were you expecting love taps my little doll? Mommy told you she was going to punish you didn't she? You didn't honestly think I was being funny did you?" She asked in a babyish sort of voice.

SMACK!Coraline whimpered while wriggling in protest.

"Tsk tsk silly Coraline…SMACK! Spankings aren't supposed to be enjoyable. SMACK! They're supposed to help you learn SMACK! Otherwise it would be pointless to call it a punishment."


Coraline felt her cheeks turn red from trying to hold back the tears.

She had no idea how the Other Mother could still sound so soothing and loving, through this already tortuous punishment.


"Ow ow ow ow…." Coraline groaned while kicking her legs uselessly, trying to rid the burning sting in her bum.


Coraline gasped repeatedly and at one point even arched her back as if to get up from her position, but she was quickly stopped.

"Ah ah ah young lady," the other mother reprimanded while firmly pushing the little girl back down, "lay back down over mommy's lap, that's right….ah, no no no no little girl we're not finished with your spanking yet. Now bend back over please, that's it…good girl. You know better than to resist mommy's authority don't you?"

Coraline pouted and sniffled as she was forced back into the horrid position. She clutched the bed sheets anxiously as the other mother re-adjusted her bottom, and began to rub it some more.

At least I can take a breather before she starts up again.

After a couple of light swats, the other mother went right back to the harsh method.


"Ow! Mommy mommy mommy!" Coraline yelped a little, fervently repeating the only word that came to her mind.

"Hm?" SMACK!


"Why did you call me Coraline?"


"OW! Because it huuuuuurts!" She whined, her voice getting more choked up.

"I know it hurts sweetie…SMACK! But I'm doing this because you deserved it SMACK! And of course because I love you. SMACK! You know that don't you? SMACK!"

"Ah! You…have a very-OW-funny way of-AAAH- showing it!" Coraline replied with a mixture of defiance and pain in her voice.

The Other Mother merely smiled while continuing to spank her daughter.

"Oh Coraline…of course you don't understand SMACK…you're not a mother yet SMACK. But good mothers discipline their children when they're naughty SMACK. After all, if they didn't, SMACK then it just means they don't really care for their children. SMACK!"

Coraline grimaced as another swat landed on her rear. She was confused by the Other Mother's words.

She supposed in a way it made sense…except-"Are the punishments supposed to make you feel funny between your legs?" Coraline asked indignantly, hoping to stall the punishment before she started to really cry.

The Other Mother frowned, hating to be proven wrong, and delivered five extra hard swats, producing shrieks from Coraline.

"Coraline Jones, you're the one who began to feel that way. I had nothing whatsoever to do with it. As I said before, spankings are NOT meant to be enjoyed. I can't believe you would try to blame me for your naughty choices!"

Coraline actually got a little angry at this, and surprised the other mother by jumping off her lap.

"DON'T MAKE ME FEEL LIKE THE GUILTY ONE HERE BELDAM! " She shouted while getting in the other mother's face.

"You may not have meant for that reaction at first, but I KNOW you knew what was happening when I began to feel wet! If anything, YOU coaxed me to feel even WORSE after you discovered it!"

Coraline's eyes grew wider as a realization dawned upon her.


"NOW THAT IS ENOUGH OUT OF YOU YOUNG LADY!" The Other Mother shouted suddenly after Coraline's words.

She grabbed the little girl's arm and attempted to hoist her back over her knee, but Coraline was being stubborn, and used every ounce of strength she had left to pull against the beldam's death grip.


The Other Mother growled at Coraline's disobedience. She abruptly let go of the little girl, and Coraline lost her footing, and landed face-first onto the floor.

Before Coraline had time to turn around to defend herself, she felt the other mother pick her up from her waist, leaving the upper half of her poor body to dangle awkwardly in the air.


"How dare you…"

The other mother growled dangerously before repositioning her daughter over her lap again.

Coraline's bottom was now the only thing taking up the whole of the beldam's lap.

Oh crap…

"Think you can unjustly accuse your own mother of lies do you?" She continued to hiss while lifting her knee, so that Coraline's bottom was hoisted very high in the air, making it extremely vulnerable.

Coraline struggled with all her mite, but the Other Mother had trapped her flailing legs with her other leg, so that she was bent over one knee at a sharp angle.

This was not a good position to be in…

"Well I'll show you little girl…this bottom is going to pay extra for your insolence and bratty attitude!"

Coraline heard her other mother's hand grappling around for something, while the other one was clasped firmly around her lower waist to keep her from escaping.

She then felt something had and cold lightly tap her already throbbing bottom. She gasped before looking back quickly, only to see the other mother hold up a silver hairbrush and wave it tauntingly in front of her face.

Coraline felt color drain from her face as she realized that implement was intended for her!

"My dear, you just made yourself an appointment with Mr. Naughty Brush!"

Hoping to calm her down, Coraline swallowed her pride for a brief second, and put on the most pleading look she could muster. "Oh no, mommy! Please mommy, I'm sorry! Please don't use that brush on me, I'll be good! I promise mommy!"

For a brief second, it looked as if the other mother had softened at the pleading words.

But although her frown disappeared, an unpleasant sort of smile replaced it.

"Oh, I'm sure you will be sorry very soon little one. And why on earth should mommy stop spanking her naughty doll, when she clearly admitted to me a few minutes ago that she NEEDED and WANTED to be punished?"

Coraline wanted to slap herself; she remembered that in her moment of ecstasy during the first spanking, she had pretty much begged the other mother to continuously punish her.

The other mother nodded her head at the look of shock and embarrassment that spread across Coraline's face.

"That's what I thought you'd say."


Coraline screamed loudly as the other mother rained down a fast torrent of swats over her sit spots.

She couldn't hold it in any longer, the pain was just too much to handle.


Her cries and pleas went on deaf ears as the swats continued to shower down mercilessly.


During this intense part of the punishment, the other mother ceased to scold in between swats, as it was impossible to be heard over Coraline's deafening wails.

"Oh Coraline, stop making such a fuss, you're only making it worse on yourself!" The other mother scolded with annoyance, after a couple of minutes had gone by.


Coraline gasped, now looking back at the other mother with wide scared eyes, and sounding as though she were gagging.

At this, the other mother actually stopped and looked worried.


Coraline only gasped incessantly for breath.

The other mother quickly picked the little girl up and sat her so that her bottom was in between her knees.

"Calm down Coraline, come on you're fine." She soothed gently while making Coraline look her in the eye.

But the little girl's face appeared to be turning blue. Panicking, the other mother began to swiftly rub Coraline's back while commanding worriedly, "Coraline, breathe darling, breath! Come on, you can do it!"

But to Coraline's horror, she couldn't focus or calm down enough to breathe properly.

Panic-stricken, Coraline attempted to speak.


The other mother quickly turned her so that Coraline's back was to her chest.

"Coraline, feel mommy breathe? Come on, do it like this…" The other mother inhaled deeply against the little girl so she'd feel it.

Coraline tried to mimic the actions, and attempted to breathe.

At first she just sounded like she was choking, but after a few more inhales, she finally had enough air that she could at least gasp comfortably for breath.

"There we go, nice and easy, that's right baby doll…breathe slowly…in through your nose and out through your mouth. Good girl…"

Coraline's immense relief was so great, that she began to cry all over again and collapse exhaustedly against her other mother's breast.

"Pleeeeeeeease noooo mooooore mommy…." She cried desperately into her blouse.

"I'm sooooooorrrry….I won't be baaaad agaaaaaaaain!"

At this time, the other mother's natural maternal instincts kicked in before she could think.

"Okay okay darling, shhh…calm down now, we don't want another attack now do we?" The other mother soothed while wrapping her arms around the sobbing child lovingly.

She was surprised at how she had reacted during this situation. Ordinarily, she wouldn't have cared if one of the other children were dying, even if it was in her arms.

But for some reason, she felt different with Coraline. For some reason her heart actually felt sympathetic and caring towards this little girl. Well…part of it anyways.

Yes, she may have bee a cruel being…but if her purpose was to be a 'pretend mother,' that required even the caring emotions for her other children to come out, even if she didn't want them to.

They always showed up in some way or other.

Dismissing the thoughts, the other mother continued to hold and rock the little girl.

Coraline, despite her intense hate for this woman, couldn't help but relish in the loving comfort she was feeling at that moment.

Even if her real mother loved her mother than this one did, she never remembered being held like this.

Why can't they switch?

After a couple more minutes, Coraline's sobs had diminished to little whimpers and hiccups.

"Have we learned our lesson little one?" The other mother asked tenderly while softly rubbing Coraline's glowing bum, chasing away some of the sting.

"Y-yes mommy…" Coraline mumbled, refusing to take her face out of the other mother's shoulder.

"All right then darling. Let's get you into bed okay?"

"Nooo I don't wanna…" Coraline protested sleepily while rubbing her eyes.

"Now now," the other mother admonished while standing up with Coraline in her arms, and began to un-make the bed.

"I won't hear any arguments young lady, you must be tired from all that crying."

But I'm huuuuungry…" Coraline drawled as the other mother laid her down in bed.

"Coraline, you're going to bed without dinner tonight. For one thing you'd be too tired to stay awake and eat anyway, and if you hadn't had that panic attack, you'd still be over my knee right now little girl. But it's clear you've had enough. So I think no dinner is a better substitute for now."

"You're meeeeaaan…" Coraline moaned as the covers were drawn up to her chin.

The other mother chuckled kindly as if Coraline had said something incredibly adorable. "I know I am, but it doesn't mean I don't love or care for you. Hopefully this will teach you to think next time before you misbehave against your mommy."

Coraline nodded her head as her eyelids closed slowly. "Yes mommy…" She yawned, before snuggling into her pillow.

The other mother smiled before planting a cold kiss on the little girl's forehead. "Don't worry, when you wake up there will be a nice big breakfast waiting for you."

She stood up and made her way to the doorway, and turned off the light. "Good night my little doll." She whispered into the darkness, before closing the door quietly behind her.