Multiply by Infinity

Sasuke Uchiha sat in his usual seat, bored out of his skull while he looked disinterestedly over the rest of the classroom. It was somewhat amusing to him that the entire class of twenty-nine students had managed to pass so he was wondering which team would get the short end of the stick. Honestly, he was hoping it'd be his team, and that he had none of those vapid fan girls on his team. Honestly, it was disgusting and a slight grimace broke out on his face.

He continued to watch in his usual sitting position with his hands folded just beneath his chin, it was how he thought best, but it seemed to attract those rabid monsters that always chased after him. Not to mention he'd been told by one person that it made him look 'emo and broody'. God-dammit, he wasn't emo! He just held an interesting fascination with the thought of beating his brother into a bloody pulp before dragging him back home to face the consequences. Of course, for the most part he was also ignoring Iruka as he droned on and on about their new responsibilities as actual Ninja now. Zoning out, Sasuke looked out the window near his seat and wondering where he'd go for lunch.

"...Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno..."

Sasuke mentally grimaced and stared at Iruka as his name was said, 'Oh God, the squealing banshee.'

"...You're both Team Seven, your Jounin Sensei will be Kakashi Hatake." Iruka concluded before Sasuke tuned both him and the pink-haired annoyance out, continuing to look out the window again. Why did she have to be on his team?

"Wait, Iruka-sensei, I thought squads were three-man teams?" Sakura's question cut into his dreamless reverie and he just sighed, glancing over at the girl that sat next to him with mild annoyance.

"Sakura, there's an odd number of graduates this year." Iruka said with a hidden smile, knowing already who the third Genin on the team would eventually be. "Normally, with a proper number of graduates, the Rookie of the Year would be placed with the Dead Last and a second student of intermediate skills."

"So?" Sasuke finally cut in, wanting this to hurry up so he could get out of here.

Iruka chuckled lowly and then proceeded with his explination. "Since there are an odd number of students, The Rookie of the Year, you, Sasuke, is placed with Sakura, the top scoring Kunoichi...and the third member of your team is a Genin that has already graduated."

"Hn." Sasuke mumbled under his breath and looked out the window again. Well, it was interesting news. Now where did he hear mention of this again? Oh well, maybe it wasn't that important. Well, that and it was better than having Kiba or Shikamaru's lazy ass on the team.

"Now where was I? Oh yeah. Be prepared to wait a bit you two. Your sensei is chronically late." Iruka said with a shake of his head. "Alright, now Team 8..."

Sasuke tuned him out once again, looking back out the window, ignoring the pink-banshee at his side proclaiming something about destiny and love or some such crazy nonsense. Once the bell rang, instead of trying to get out the door, where all those...things...were waiting, he used the window to escape, ignoring Sakura's wail of "Saaaasukeeee!"

Now if only he didn't have to wait several hours for his new teacher, the day might actually be decent in comparison. Also, where to lunch? 'Meh. Ramen is cheap and quick.' he snorted at the thought, but couldn't deny that the old man running the place knew what he was doing.

"To Ichiraku's I guess." Sasuke mumbled and ran off to avoid his fan base, glad in the knowledge that they'd never think he'd ever go there.

Hokage Tower:

Inside the tower sat an older man behind his desk, looking with disgust at the assembled paperwork, he was Hiruzen Sarutobi, Third Hokage of Konoha, and today was the end of the Academy term. He had already gone over nine of the teams with their appointed Jounin hours ago, and of course, the last member was obviously late and had just wandered in. Frankly, he was wondering if he should leave part of the team as surprise or not to ensure the perpetually late Jounin got what was coming to him.

"Kakashi. You're testing a team today. Don't be too late." The Third Hokage puffed on his pipe, looking out from under his hat at the silver-haired Jounin.

"Maa, maa. It'll be a good test of their patience." The man known as Kakashi said with his usual lackluster and cheerful voice.

Sarutobi snorted in amusement as he watched the Jounin pull out his book to read absently. He knew it was, for the most part, a show on his part. "Well, I might as well tell you your team."

"I'm guessing I've got the last Uchiha and one of his annoying fan girls." Kakashi rejoined without looking up. "Probably because of this." he muttered, tapping the spot where his eye was hidden behind his headband. "Who's the third? I really didn't look into who the Dead Last of this year was." Not like it'd matter, they'd probably all fail like most of the rest.

"Indeed." Sarutobi puffed on his pipe again. "Sasuke Uchiha, youngest and last son of the Uchiha clan, and a civilian recruit by the name of Sakura Haruno." Sarutobi glanced at the paper between both piles of work. "Kunoichi, high paper grades and theory work, middle to lower in her physical attributes. She's not the worst, but she's a far cry from the best."

"And the third student?" Kakashi said with a sigh, finally looking up from his book, he knew his Hokage was trying to make a joke out of something.

"Oh, it's someone you know. Your third soldier will be showing up on the rooftop of the Academy after lunch finishes in about half an hour." The pipe was finally pulled from his lips as Sarutobi looked up from his paper. "She's a member of that team you failed last year, the only person to pass, remember?"

Kakashi grimaced slightly under his mask, remembering the entire ordeal from last year. The only person to clue in on his Bell Test and what he wanted, she was a good one alright, but without the team, she couldn't pass as a squad. "How's she been?" Kakashi finally asked, actually putting his book away.

"It was decided that she be able to do some D-ranks for money instead of living off of village funds." Sarutobi started to pack his pipe once again. "It was allowed due to what you said last year at the end of the Genin Meetings."

"So she's been doing D-ranks for an entire year by herself? Not attached to any teams?" Kakashi went wide-eyed, why wasn't she attached to any other team? She was good enough for it after all. "That doesn't make much sense to me."

"Ah, she requested that actually. Said it would, and I quote: 'Look good to the bunch of stuffy jerks you call your council, Old Man.' I thought it was mildly amusing, so I let it be." Sarutobi grinned and relit his pipe. "I figured she could do however many she wanted, she's even garnered a bit of a nickname because of it."


"Well, you know how she managed to copy the Kage Bunshin when she was younger, yes?"

"Hai, she used two or three clones to try and distract me while trying to get her team to work together. It's the biggest reason I thought she should've been able to pass."

"Well, she started using it for her missions to get them done quicker, sometimes run a few at once."

Kakashi just stared for a moment. "She's been doing a year of D-Ranked missions, basically chores for the village by herself, a few at a time, and more than likely several a day?"

"Indeed. After the first couple of weeks I forced her to take a couple days off every week so she wouldn't over work herself."

" how does this lead into a nickname?"

"You can thank Anko for it. She was around when I gave out our wayward Genin her thousandth D-rank about a month ago."

"...A thousand?"

"Hai. Anko was staring for a good minute before she started staring at me, and asked me where I had found this 'Queen of the D-Ranks.' Suffice to say, I had a good laugh about it."

Kakashi continued to stare blankly for a moment. "How many other missions has she done?"

"Oh, a couple C-ranked missions for me only ranked as such because it was important paperwork. Every single mission was solo work. Actually, I guess you could say she nabbed a B-rank last night too."

"Oh, that thing with Mizuki? That was her?"

"Hai, she was out training when Mizuki ran by her, managed to blab everything too." Sarutobi watched as Kakashi snorted at that and shook his head. The girl had known for years, it was obvious really. Thankfully, she didn't care. "So, that pretty much concludes your team. Though it would seem she has picked up her God-Mother's way of dealing with certain things."

"So, no book when dealing with their test. Gotcha." Kakashi grinned behind his mask and turned to leave. "Guess this makes for an interesting team after all. I know I'm going to be passing them because of her."

"Well, don't be too hard on them. You're still going to have to deal with Sakura and build her up from the get go. Her perceptions are going to be shattered quite nicely not long after you show up."

"Well, we'll see what happens. Ja." Kakashi disappeared in a quiet Shunshin and Sarutobi looked down at the picture of the blonde girl giving a victory sign to the photographer.

"Should be interesting." Sarutobi shook his head and puffed away at his pipe once more, ignoring the paperwork before him as he thought about how exactly things would end up.

The Ninja Academy:

Two hours. Two bloody hours had passed since lunch had ended. Every single team had been picked up and had left. Every single team but his of course. Well, his and Sakura. 'Ugh, she gives me a bloody headache.' Admittedly, Sakura finally managed to quiet down after the first hour had passed, she was still sitting uncomfortably close though and Sasuke was starting to wish this day was over so he could go back to his home and relax.

Finally though, footsteps were heard outside of the room and they both looked up as the door slowly opened up and a head of silver hair, sprouting off everywhere peaked in. "Yo'." the man said, looking at them for a second. "How should I put this? Hmmm? My first impression of you're both boring." The two teens just stared for a moment, as if this guy was off his rocker. "Be on the roof in two minutes. Ja." He then closed the door behind him and left.

"...the hell?" Sasuke mumbled, looking at the door and then looking at Sakura who just shrugged in response. "Whatever. Let's go."

"Sure thing, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura chirped happily as she bounced up and walked behind him out of the room.

Just shy of two minutes later, the two of them made their way to the roof, only to find a single girl sitting there, staring out at the horizon with her back to them. She seemed short, younger than them even, and with blonde hair that went down to about mid-back, almost as long as Sakura's. The blonde's hair however was tied into two long ponytails with some orange beads. She was dressed in an orange jacket with white and blue here and there and what seemed like orange pants as well. She was also humming to herself and gave no visible reaction to their appearance.

Sasuke was too flabbergasted to even say anything, and the shock on his face made Sakura utterly confused. Who was this girl to shock her Sasuke-kun? "Hey, you! What are you doing here?" Sakura shouted, almost angrily.

The girl turned around on her seat, flicking her legs forward and setting them back down when she could, looking at Sakura as something akin to annoyance passed over her face. "I'm waiting for my team to show up what's it to ya?" Her eyes were the brightest blue, the color of the deep sky, and then a look of confusion passed over her face as she looked at Sasuke "Bastard? What're you doing here?"

"Don't call Sasuke-kun a bastard!" Sakura suddenly screeched.

"...Sasuke-kun? Seriously?" A faint smirk settled on the blonde's lips as she looked at Sasuke, her gaze penetrating him for a second. "Well, Sasuke-kun...?"

Suddenly, the silver-haired man from a few minutes ago reappeared, hopping down from just above them, behind both Sakura and Sasuke. "Well, go on you two, sit down and we can get this started." Since the blonde was sitting in pretty much the middle, Sakura, with a huff, sat on one side, while Sasuke sat on the left. They got comfortable, or as comfortable as one can get on stone, and waited for the man before them to settle down himself. "Alright then...go on, introduce yourselves. You know, things you like, your hobbies. Dreams?"

The blonde blinked a few times while looking over at her, apparently new, Sensei. "Why don't you show us how it's done so we know what to say?"

Kakashi shook his head ruefully. "Hmm, I am Kakashi Hatake. Things I like? Things I hate? Don't really feel like telling you any of that."

From Sakura: "Huh?"

Sasuke stared.

The blonde giggled a little.

"My dreams for the future? Huh...never really gave those much thought. As for my hobbies? I have lots of hobbies." Kakashi looked up and watched a bird fly by while he was speaking, ignoring his new Genin it seemed.

The three teens looked at each other for a moment. Sakura looked annoyed and spoke her mind. "Well, that was useless."

"Yep. He only told us his name." The blonde agreed.

"Alright." Kakashi clapped his hands together. "You on the left. Broody, go."

"Hn." Sasuke glared before leaning back a little on his makeshift sitting area. "Sasuke Uchiha. I only like a couple of things. I dislike a lot of other things. I have a couple hobbies...and my dreams? Well, more an ambition. To revive my clan and bring a certain man back home to pay for his crimes." Sasuke narrowed his eyes, smirked a little and tilted his head back just a fraction, looking at the other two sitting beside him.

'Oh ho? I heard he was on a vengeance kick and wanted to kill him. I wonder what's changed.' Kakashi nodded a little. "Alright. Pinky, your turn."

Sakura narrowed her eyes at the nickname. Well, it was certainly a lot better than Ino-Pig's. "Sakura Haruno. What I like...I mean..." she trailed off and looked over at Sasuke and giggled a little. "My hobbies are..." she kept starting at Sasuke who was now trying to look in a completely different direction and ignore the pink-haired girl. "My dream for the future is..." and this time she squealed into her hands.

'Damn it, Hokage-sama...' Kakashi sighed a little. "...And? What do you hate?"

"Ino-pig!" Sakura declared vehemently with a firm nod.

'Girls...' Kakashi sighed. "Alright. Last one. Blondie, you're up."

The blonde girl smiled as she raised her hand and waved. "I like lots of things. Ramen, gardening, specifically growing tomatoes, and the color orange. I dislike people who judge others without getting to know them, the time it takes to grow some of my plants, and the three minute wait on ramen." She continued on brightly. "I have tons of hobbies, including annoying the old man, beating on perverts, and doing missions for some cash." She paused. "And don't you dare say that nickname the snake-lady gave me. I don't like it. Oh yeah. My dreams are none of your business. Only one person gets to know those and that ain't you." She declared and crossed her arms in defiance.

'Yep, almost the same as last time. Didn't get her name this time either. Even if I do know who she is...' Kakashi shook his head a little and looked at the others for a moment. "And your name? We still don't know that."

"Oh yeah. I forgot. Haha." She scratched the back of her head and looked at Sasuke for a moment.

"You might as well get it over with." The raven-haired teen said while lifting his hands to cover his ears. "I'm ready, go for it."

"Thanks, Bastard." She grinned at him and stuck her tongue out before looking cheerily at Kakashi. "Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha."

Now, Kakashi was a Jounin and he knew how to school his features when he got hit with a big surprise. He was pretty sure that knowledge sure wasn't common. Hell, he didn't even know she had taken the Uchiha last name. The better question was why she had taken that name. Of course, then Kakashi realized that the blonde girl had edged slightly closer to Sasuke when she said it.

Of course. Sakura was just a recently graduated Genin. One that came from a civilian household no less. She was not that good at keeping her silence in a big matter like this, so her first reaction was somewhat understandable.


"WHAAAAAAT!" The scream echoed throughout Konoha.

"Ah...Naruto-chan must've told Kakashi her name." Sarutobi smirked as he puffed on his pipe


"The hell was that?" Asuma Sarutobi looked up from where he was sitting, looking over towards the school.

"That sounded like Forehead-Girl." Ino said picking at her plate of salad while hear teammate Chouji ate some beef from the grill.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru grumbled, though secretly wondering why they could hear that all the way out there.


"Bark bark!" Akamaru whined.

"I hear ya, buddy. Imagine being at ground Zero." Kiba responded from his spot next to Shino and Hinata.

Kurenai turned her head towards the sound and just stared for a few seconds.

"Oh man, I think I'm deaf in one ear." Naruto complained once Sakura's screech had ended. "Bastard, a little more warning would be nice."

Sasuke dropped his hands from his ears and just smirked at the blonde.

"See if I cook you supper tonight." The blonde just grumbled in retaliation.

Sakura was starting to rage mentally, and Kakashi figured it would be best to cut that off and try to get an explination out of Naruto. "Care to explain?"

"Explain what?" Naruto asked innocently.

"Do you want her to keep screeching?" Sasuke hissed, pointing at Sakura who was just ranting on and on.

"Eh. I'm deaf in one ear, might as well make it both." Naruto said cheekily but just got a glare in response. "Fine, fine." She turned to Sakura. "Sit down, y'Banshee."

"I'm not a Banshee!"

"Sure sound like one."

"Girls." Kakashi stated, it was almost a demand. Sakura sat down instantly. "Go on Naruto."

"Well. Mom was an Uzumaki, right? Right." she went on without getting confirmation. "Uzumaki are related to the Senju. Distantly, but related, s'why all vests have the Whirlpool mark on the back."

"And this has to do what with you being an Uchiha?" Sakura seethed.

"I'm getting there, jeeze. Don't get your panties in a twist." Naruto said good naturedly. "Anyway. Way back when, the Senju were related to the Uchiha. Like siblings and whatnot. Crazy what you find in the History books." She grinned, purposely annoying the pink-haired girl, but she caught the look from Kakashi and relented. "Anyway, fine. Since the Uzumaki are technically related, through a bit of blood to the Uchiha, certain aspects could maybe, sometimes, appear in their distantly related family. Like me." She blinked and suddenly, her deep sky blue eyes were now red and black, she gave a grin to Sakura who gaped back in surprise at the two black tomoe in each of the blonde's eyes. "Anyway, there you go."

"Naruto..." Sasuke said with a small growl. "Tell the entire truth."

"Oh come on. Why can't you tell some of it? You're involved too!" Naruto mock whined a little.


"Fiiiiine. Bastard." Naruto sighed and then went back to being cheery, much to Sakura's annoyance and chagrin. "Turns out that really my eyes don't matter." She blinked and deactivated them. "My birth parents set up a thing between our families. Since my parents are dead an' all and it took the Uchiha a while to realize who I really and the Bastard got married when we were six, a week after I activated my Sharingan t'boot."

"So that's how you managed to copy the Kage Bunshin." Kakashi mused, hiding his panic at her knowing who her parents were...if that got out things could suddenly turn very dire.

"Yep. Do I really have to go through this a second time? I already told the Bastard what I had to do, and since it's'll be the same thing again." Naruto snorted and leaned on Sasuke's shoulder with a bit of a yawn.

Before Kakashi could say anything, Sakura cut in, her nerves completely frayed. "H-h-how could you! How could you call Sasuke-kun a Bastard all the time if you're married to him? It's not right! Sasuke-kun, you should divorce her!"

'Here we go..." Kakashi sighed and looked wearily at the couple and shook his head.

"I can call my husband whatever the hell I want, Pinkie. I'm the one bringin' in all the money since we can't use our inheritances for another couple o' years. Besides, he likes it." Naruto grinned wickedly at the other girl. "Now, I say we go off and celebrate."

"Hey now." Kakashi cut in. "We're not done yet, you know."

"Bah. Fine. Old coot." Naruto grumped.

"I'm only Twenty-Six." Kakashi grumbled.

"Sure sure."

"Anyway. Ignoring everything Naruto has said about the tests, let's get back on track, and then you can all go and celebrate." He gave a bit of a mocking leer at that. "You two aren't officially Genin yet."

"What! But we passed yesterday!" Sakura screeched once again, Sasuke just groaned in annoyance.

"You passed stage one meant to weed out the useful ones from the useless ones. Stage Two shall be tomorrow and normally has on average about a Sixty-Six Percent failure rate."

Sasuke's eyebrows went to his forehead at that. There really was no way in hell he was going to fail part two, that was for damned sure.

"Yep, odds point to, if they're lucky, three whole teams making the grade this year. In truth, out of Twenty-Seven grads last year, only one team, plus Naruto here passed."

"...Because Gai is ultra-weird." Naruto mumbled.

"Agreed, but that's beside the point. So, in light of all of this, show up at training ground by the Memorial Stone at 6 AM Sharp. Might as well test your skills." Kakashi rolled his shoulders in a shrug as he hopped up onto the rail. "Ja." He then hopped backwards, disappearing below eye-level.

"Well, he's still interesting." Naruto mused. "What say we all go get something to eat?" Sasuke just shrugged and Sakura looked like she wanted to say something but kept it quiet. "Oh come on you two, we're supposed to be a team now, let's at least try to get along."

Sakura narrowed her eyes at the blonde, 'Dammit, there's no way I can get Sasuke-kun if he's married. Shannaro!' Suddenly the pink haired girl smiled. At least this way she could spend time with him, maybe even steal him away! "Sure. I'm on a diet though..."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at that. "A ninja on a diet? That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

"I have to keep my figure somehow." Sakura replied, edging her fingers together. He really thought they were stupid?

Sasuke just snorted as he stood up, though Naruto was suddenly on his back, stealing a piggy-back ride from her husband. "Sakura-chan." Naruto spoke, looking back at the girl. "No offense, but I've got a better figure than yours and I've never dieted. Now come on, let's go and get you some real food." She continued to talk while Sasuke walked, taking note of the look of annoyance on Sakura's face and grinning. "Look at it this way, if you don't eat properly, you're not going to have the energy to burn to train and become a good Kunoichi." The look of continued ignorance on Sakura's face caused Naruto to try a different tactic as they walked back through the Academy. "If you want a ninja like Sasuke-kun to take notice of you, you need to be useful."

"But I am useful. I'm really smart too." Sakura retorted, grumbling.

A coy grin passed its way on Naruto's lips as she hopped off Sasuke's back once they reached the Academy Grounds and then the exit from the yard. "Alright. Wanna make a bet then?"

"A bet?" Sakura looked interested at that. "What kind of bet are we talking about?"

"See the main road there?"


"Well, when we get there. We'll have ourselves a race. First person to the Main Gate wins. If I win, I've obviously proved my point."

"And if I win?"

"I'll let you take the Bastard out on a date."

"Hey!" Sasuke growled loudly. "I'm not a prize, dammit."

"I'll make it up to you later, Bastard. Promise." Naruto winked at him.

Sakura thought it out for a moment as they made their way to the main street. This had to be a trap; she was already a trained Ninja whereas Sakura was fresh out of the Academy. "You've got more experience, that's not a fair handicap."

"I'll give Bastard a piggy-back ride while I run then." There was that damnedable grin on her face now too, ignoring the growl coming from Sasuke.

"That...seems a bit more fair." Sakura murmured, turning around and looking at the street. "Fine. We'll just have someone start us off."

A moment later, they found a Chuunin walking by towards Hokage Tower. A little bit of convincing from the two girls and he decided to humour them. The Chuunin was even more amused when the short blonde girl picked up her team-mate, obviously the last male Uchiha and made herself ready. "Alright. Ready? Steady. Go!"

Sakura took off, leaving Naruto behind, not even paying attention to the blonde one bit. Her thoughts all on getting to the Gate and getting her date!

Meanwhile, Naruto continued to stand there for a second, watching and giggling to herself before taking off at a slow jog. Sasuke still on her back, and this time he hissed in her ear. "Naruto, you better not lose this. I do not want to go on a date with her."

"I'd hope not." Naruto snorted. "You're mine, Bastard. This is just for fun. Besides, I've never lost a bet." Naruto giggled again. "Ready to go?"

"You owe me for this." Sasuke hissed he really didn't want to be seen like this, it was a blow to his image and utterly embarrassing."

"Oh? I do, huh? Maybe I'll do what I did last year when I managed to graduate." Naruto looked over her shoulder and gave her husband a leer, causing the raven-haired teen to blush ever so slightly. "Hold on tight, Bastard. Oh, and thanks Bandage-face!" With that, Naruto picked up her pace, and she took off rather quickly.

The Chuunin, Kotetsu Hagane, shook his head and continued on his way.

A moment later, Naruto had caught up with Sakura who was starting to show signs of exertion and they were barely only halfway there. Naruto on the other hand, didn't look like she was even breathing hard and gave the pink-haired girl a wave of her hand as she picked up the pace even more and outran her rather easily. All in all, it was almost a full minute before Sakura finally caught up to Naruto and Sasuke at the Gates. Sasuke wasn't even paying attention, trying to look away from the two girls while Naruto continued to grin like a maniac.

"Took ya long enough, Sakura-chan." Naruto said. "Look like you're gonna keel over right here too."

Sakura bent over, hands on her knees and she tried to glare at the smaller blonde. "Sh...shut...shut it." Not very threatening really.

Naruto folded her hands behind her head and whistled innocently while looking down at Sakura. "So this has told you...what?"

It took another moment but Sakura finally managed to stand up properly. "I need to eat more and train more too."

"Hai hai." Naruto nodded. "After we deal with Kaka-sensei tomorrow, we can start on a trainin' schedule for you to work with before you can join me and the Bastard. Now let's go get some food. I found a place that has some good Yakiniku."

"Fine." Sasuke muttered. "Let's go then."

"Sounds like a plan." Sakura chirped, having the energy to happily agree with her Sasuke-kun. 'Cha! Marriage be damned!'

Naruto gave Sakura an odd look and shrugged it off before jumping on Sasuke's back again. "Come on, let's gooooo..!"

"Get off!" Sasuke growled, though started walking anyway.

"Nu-uh. I carried you all the way here from the Academy, the least I get to do is ride you." Naruto said with another leer.


"Well, maybe if you're lucky..."


"What are you two talking about?" Sakura finally broke in, not quite catching Naruto's innuendo.

"I'll tell you when you're older." Naruto retorted from on Sasuke's back while giving him a nudge in the ribs. "Come on, Bastard. I haven't eaten for like three hours. I'm wastin' away here."

"Don't make me drop you." Sasuke grumbled out as they finally started to make their way to their new destination.

Five minutes later, with some odd looks at Naruto on Sasuke's back with her arms wrapped around his neck, they made it to the Yakiniku restaurant. A moment later they were seated by one of the employees and found they were sitting right across the aisle from Team Ten. They didn't pay much attention to each other at first, but just as they were sitting, Ino noticed Sasuke, and by extension, Naruto on his back. For their part, they didn't seem to notice her gaping mouth as Naruto finally hopped off Sasuke's back so she could sit down, of course then she caught Asuma's eye and waved cheerfully before sitting down next to Sasuke and across from Sakura.

"Hey Asuma-ossan!"

"Huh? Naruto-chan? What're you doing here? On another mission?"

"Nope! I finally got myself a team. And with Bastard no less." Naruto started to grin like a maniac, catching Shikamaru finally paying attention, Chouji's incredulous look and Ino still gaping like a fish. "And Sakura Haruno here. Though she can be a bit like a banshee."

"Naruto! I'm not a Banshee!" Sakura screeched, though she did manage to keep her voice low.

"Say that to me when you stop screeching and I'll admit it." Naruto rejoined blithely before looking at Asuma again. "So, this your team?"

"Hai. They managed to pass an hour ago." Asuma nodded before picking up and eating a piece of pork.

"Man. I think we were still waiting for Kaka-sensei to show up then. We gotta wait until tomorrow before we can pass his silly test." Naruto made an indelicate noise at that. "He's just lazy. Wish we had you as our Sensei, that'd be a bit more fun...even if you are just as lazy."

"Hey now." Asuma protested.

"Just kidding." She shrugged and waved at one of them employees coming over. "Hey, waiter-guy. I'll have a bunch of the good stuff. Whatever the Akimichi is eating there, and double it."

"D-Double it?" Sakura blinked at her new team mate. "We can't eat all of that."

"Huh?" Naruto blinked at Sakura for a moment. "What do you mean, we? That's just my share. Jeeze."

This caught Ino's attention once again. How could some...some...some hussy hang off her Sasuke-kun like that and eat like a pig? The worst part was that the shorter girl had a better figure and even kept up an even tan. "You, you, you...!" Ino started to point. "Who the heck are you and why're you hanging off of Sasuke-kun?"

Something flashed over Naruto's face as she looked away for a split second, the grin faltering just barely before it came back in full force and only Asuma managed to catch it with a grimace. "Ino. Don't start yelling in the restaurant."

"It's fine, Ossan." Naruto waved it off, still keeping the grin plastered on her face, though now it seemed a little bit less realistic with her eyes closed like that. "You two going to order or what?"

"Number Three and a half portion of Six." Sasuke mumbled loud enough to barely be heard.

"I'll take a Number One." Sakura finally said, before looking at the other two in Team Seven. "How're we paying for this? I don't exactly have much in the way of money right now."

"I'll pay for it. I've got enough to cover it and you can pay me back later." Naruto rolled her shoulders in a shrug and pulled one of her pony-tails over her shoulder and started to pull the beads out to let her hair loose. "Oh, and Yamanaka-san, my name is Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha." She jerked her thumb over to Sasuke. "Bastard here is my husband." Then she dropped her voice so that only the two tables could hear her voice. "So you won't be chasing him anymore, or I'll have to do something...drastic. Got it?"

For some reason Asuma winced twice at what Naruto had just said, and even Sasuke's look of impassive negligence faltered as he looked at Naruto for a second as if she had lost it. Only Sakura caught what he whispered to himself, a low: "...Yamanaka-san? Man she's pissed." Sasuke remained quiet before his eyes seemed to harden a little. "Naruto, don't antagonize Ino."

Naruto opened her eyes and gave Sasuke a steely-blue gaze before drooping in her seat as all of her energy seemed to fade. "Fine. I won't dye her room brighter than my jacket."

"That's not what I meant and you know it." Sasuke snapped.

"Shut it, Sasuke." Naruto said icily right back, catching herself and freezing for a moment. "...'M sorry." she barely murmured. "I'll be right back. Going to wash up." With that she got up quickly and fled to the bathroom.

Shikamaru's catchphrase lilted its way through the air and got a small, weak chuckle from Chouji. Asuma sighed and shook his head while Sakura and Ino compared a confused look. Sasuke just sighed and pushed back further in his seat. All was quiet as the orders were delivered, or at least partially and both Sakura and Sasuke started to put the meat on their table-grill. It was quiet for another minute before Sasuke finally looked annoyed and pushed himself from his seat. "I'll go grab her. I'll be right back."

Once the scion of the Uchiha was out of earshot. Ino hissed over to Sakura. "What the hell was that about?"

Shikamaru was the one to answer though. "Ino. You're an idiot."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Ino..." Chouji put in. "You don't remember?"

"Remember what?" Ino started to raise her voice, her emotions starting to run high.

"I'll never understand why she even let you girls chase after him in the first place." Asuma said with a sigh, looking at his newly minted Genin. "Ino, even I was there for it. You can't remember?"

"I'm confused." Sakura finally admitted.

"Women." Shikamaru muttered before putting his hands behind his head. "Their wedding when we were all six? You really don't remember that? Jeeze, how troublesome."

"No. I don't remember any wedding, what's that got to do with the way she's acting?" Ino grumbled. "Why is she all rude to you and Sasuke-kun anyway, Asuma-sensei?"

"She was being rude to you, Ino." Chouji finally said softly. He got an incredulous look from Ino for that and he sighed and started to explain between mouthfuls of food. "She gives people nicknames as a sign of her respect and liking."

"She calls Hokage-sama, 'Old Man' all the time." Shikamaru put in. "Tch. Troublesome. Go talk to your dad."

A few minutes later, Sasuke walked back towards the table with Naruto in tow. Sasuke sat down with a grunt and said nothing as he started to flip the meat to have it cook on both sides, silently doing the same for Sakura and Naruto's orders as well. Naruto's hair was now in one long and thick braid going down the middle of her back, but she stood in front of the table that Team Ten sat at and she bowed. "I apologize Yamanaka-san. Such behaviour was unsightly for someone of my station and I hope you can forgive me." Without saying anything else, her head still bowed, she backed up a step, turned on her heal and walked the few steps back to her table before sitting down next to Sasuke again.

"Well, time for us to go." Asuma said into the silence. "Why don't we get some training in before you all go home? I'd like to see what you can do." The bearded-Jounin stood. "Go on you three; meet me at the training ground we were at earlier. I'll pay for this."

Silently, the three Genin of Team Ten filed out of the restaurant and Asuma turned to look at the three from the hopeful Team Seven. "Apologizes, Uchiha-san, Uchiha-san, Haruno-san." He took a final drag from his cigarette and snubbed it out on his own ashtray before giving the three a nod before turning towards the exit.

He paused only once when he heard Naruto's voice, back to a fake level of cheer. "Don't worry about it Ossan. Tell the Old Man I said hi and I'm ready for his Hat." Asuma didn't look back, but he did lift his hand in a wave. It seemed this coming year was going to be more interesting than one would ever hope.

The hopefuls of Team Seven ate in silence for a good five minutes before Naruto let out breath she had been anxiously holding in. "Sorry about that Sakura-chan."

"Sorry for what?" Sakura said, honestly confused. "Ino-pig was being rude. We usually yell at each other, honestly."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, eating some pork before volunteering some actual information. "Every day, like I said. Fight over who gets to sit next to me."

"Heh." Naruto snorted, rather unladylike. "Well, no more of it. It was amusing to me while you were in the Academy, not anymore." She looked at Sakura for a moment and grinned like a maniac. "Though, I might just share if you're able."

"Naruto!" Sasuke growled, ignoring Sakura and the nosebleed she was trying to stop up.

"What? Don't think you're man enough to handle two of us?" She teased. "Kidding, kidding."

"Hn." Sasuke growled and went back to eating.

Sakura put away the thoughts in her head and tried to concentrate on her food.

Naruto, no longer acting the sedate lady, was scarfing down her food left and right until it was almost all gone.

Soon enough, they all finished eating and the two girls started to talk with each other on small girly things. Flowers, attractive boys, each shooting Sasuke a sly grin at that, and various other things. Eventually they decided it was getting late and it was time to go. After all, they still had to sleep and deal with their crazy Jounin-sensei.

"Alright, see you both tomorrow at six." Sakura said with a wave as she waved at Naruto and Sasuke before turning off the street where she lived, leaving the two married Uchiha to their own devices.

"Don't forget a full breakfast or you're gonna hate yourself." Naruto called over to the pink-haired girl before she hooked her arm into Sasuke's. "Come on Bastard. Let's get home. We still need to finish our own celebration."

"Pervert." Sasuke rejoined gently as they walked slowly back to the Uchiha-complex. "Does this mean you're going to finally move in or do you want to stay at that apartment of yours?"

"Always have a hide-out, Bastard. I'll keep the apartment, but I think I'll move in now. Your bed is big enough for the two of us after all." Naruto gave pause as she grinned and stopped to hop on Sasuke's back. "That and it doesn't squeak." She whispered in Sasuke's ear.

"What does that matter? No one even lives in the district." Sasuke asked, shouldering his wife as he continued to walk the rest of the way.

"I don't like things that squeak." Naruto responded airily. "Besides, I'd rather you hear me and not the bed. Now let's get home. I want to ride my husband, and not like this."

"Pervert." Sasuke reiterated but his lips held a faint smile to them. Not that he would admit it if anyone saw him anyway. "Guess this means it's officially out in the open and not just small and old news within the clans you know."

"So? You're mine, Bastard. I let those girls chase you out of a sick perversion I held. You're a Ninja now so it's time we grew up. Fuck 'em all." She raised her hand and thrust it in front of them and flipped off a nameless building.

"I'm just saying. You're going to have them all chasing you after tomorrow."

"Feh. They're fan girls. What can they do?"

Sasuke just shuddered, not responding. Though he did catch a giggle from Naruto.

"Okay, fine. They're scary to guys, but I ain't a guy. I'll kick all their asses and prove what's what. Now hurry up and get us home."

"Yes ma'am." Sasuke replied dryly.

"Ooh. I like that." Naruto said in a sultry whisper. "Now let's go. I want to have hot, wild sex in celebration and nothing's going to stop me."

"You got that last night." Sasuke pointed out, trying to fight down the blush and the impending nosebleed.

"No, no. That was just hot sex." Naruto said rather cheerfully, fully knowing what kind of reactions she was getting. "Tonight, it gets to be wild too. I'll show you the difference."

Suffice to say, Sasuke did learn the difference later on once they got into the Uchiha District. They didn't even make it into his home with his clothes intact either. Later he would review it all in his mind, and in his mind, he much preferred the sex when it was wild after all. Now if only he could learn how to get her into that kind of mood every day...

Training Ground Three

10:30 AM

"...Heh, heh. Did I forget to mention he was five hours late to my own team tryout?" Naruto scratched the back of her head, glad that her hair was up in in a set of four high ponytails.

"No. You conveniently forgot that." Sasuke growled lowly.

"We've been sitting here because he likes to be late?" Sakura put in, suddenly very annoyed.

"I...guess so? I totally forgot after what happened yesterday." Naruto said with a perverse giggle.

"Pervert!" Sakura shouted while pointing at the blonde.

"Uh-huh." Naruto leered again and then broke out laughing. "Don't give me that. You'd do it too if you could."

Sakura went beet red at that comment and decided, wisely, to keep her mouth shut for once.

They still managed to wait for thirty more minutes before Kakashi appeared in a swirl of leaves. "Yo'." he said with a wave of his hand.

"You're late!" Sakura screeched.

Well, there went that wise choice she had made.

"Ah. A black cat walked by me and I had to back track several times to get here." Kakashi said serenely. It wasn't much of an excuse, but it was better than the one he had planned since it was a half-truth. "Well, let's me explain this little exercise I've got. Normally, I'd've set up some rules to see how well you go through a few loops, but I decided against it since one you has already done this. Naruto, would you care to explain?"

"The Bell Test is a test run by select Jounin to see how well a team works together under adverse conditions." Naruto intoned. "Last year he told us to show up at five in the morning, didn't show up until just before noon. He also suggested the night before that we don't eat." Naruto grimaced slightly. "None of us did, and then he showed us that there were only two bells and told us whoever didn't get one was going to fail and go back to the Academy. If someone didn't try hard enough, they were tied to the pole while the others ate in front of them." Naruto shot Kakashi a blue-eyed glare. "I tried the hardest but he still tied me to the pole, to prove a point I think."

"Hai, hai." Kakashi said with a nod, pulling out the bells, a set of two tied together on something that looked like twine. "Naruto here tried to get her teammates to work with her; they refused, so she tried to help them. Of course, it didn't turn out to well so I gave them a second chance...they failed that and the two of them were dropped from the program."

"D-d-dropped?" Sakura asked, scared.

Kakashi just nodded. "Konoha was founded on the principles of working together, which is why graduates are put into a 3 person cell with a Jounin leader." His eye curved into a practiced smile. "My best friend once told me that 'Ninja who doesn't follow the rules might be trash...but a ninja who abandons his comrades are worse than trash.' His name was Obito Uchiha."

Naruto raised her hand somewhat. "Is he where you got your nickname?"


"Nickname?" Sakura and Sasuke asked.

"That's for another time. I don't feel like showing off." Kakashi said with a shrug. "Anyway, the goal of today is to impress me with your teamwork. It doesn't matter if you get the bells, but if you even manage to touch them, all the better."

The three teens nodded and looked at each other for half a second, tensing for Kakashi to start them off.


Sasuke and Sakura did the smart thing and jumped off immediately. Naruto hung back for a grand total of two seconds before she blinked, her eyes switching into the Sharingan in the same moment as eh made a single hand seal. Her voice a lot different than it was not even a moment ago as she snarled violently. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Thirty clones appeared in the clearing, all bearing the Sharingan as Naruto herself seemed to either disappear into the smoke with the clones or into hiding like the two others of her team.

"Hm. Thirty? I thought she could only do a few. This might be a bit more difficult than I thought." Kakashi murmured, slipping between the clones and beating them down one by one in quick succession. They may have had the Sharingan, but she still didn't have much practical use for it outside of copying and Kakashi was one of the best after all. Then again, it helped that it only took decent blow to take out a clone.

Meanwhile, in the shadows under the brush, Naruto had found Sasuke and was talking quietly with him before they both crawled back to find Sakura. It only took a moment and she joined in on the conversation. Soon enough, they had a small plan worked out between them. It wasn't much, but it'd be something. Suddenly, however, Naruto cut into the conversation. "Ten." Was all she said, with a wince.

"Ten what?" Sakura asked.

"Clones left. Make that eight." Naruto winced again. "I'm starting to understand his openings. Thank Kami for the Sharingan and Bunshinjutsu."

"But Bunshin no Jutsu aren't real..." Sakura blinked a few times. "Wait, didn't you shout out Kage Bunshin no Jutsu?"

"Ayep." Naruto responded with a smirk before it faltered, "Five. Anyway, copied it off of...Him." She said guiltily and looked away. "Anyway, when I learned it I was told to not use it because it's a Jounin technique and my reserves weren't supposed to handle it. Four. Since I'm pretty garbage at regular Bunshin I decided to just go for broke and used Kage Bunshin last year and ended up passing because of it."

"She was supposed to pass two years ago. Instructors wouldn't let her try a second time no matter what she said." Sasuke intoned neutrally. "I heard she filled the room with clones when she used it the first time. You never did tell me when you got home." He suddenly accused.

"Yeah. Heh. Well, it's kinda freaky to know that someone can summon over a hundred Kage Bunshin and fail to summon two regular Bunshin." Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of her head. "One. Recap?" The other two nodded. "I've got his regular style down pat now. Sakura you go for the bells while Sasuke plays secondary distraction." Her eyes widened. "Shit. Zero. Let's go!"

The three teens scattered from the brush while Kakashi had pulled out his book, flipping through the first couple of pages to appear calm. "Well, get your plan settled, Naruto-chan?" Kakashi asked without even looking up, knowing the diminutive blonde was behind him.

"You know it." Naruto grinned and took in a huge breath all of a sudden, using three hand signs: Dragon, Tiger, Rabbit, "Suiton: Mizurappa!"

Kakashi's single eye widened at the words Naruto were saying. Elemental Chakra, already? He knew the Uchiha trained in the Elements at a young age, but still! He was expecting Sasuke to come up with something like this, not Naruto. "Kuso." Kakashi silently swore before jumping away from the stream of water, putting his book away the same time and dropping into an open stance. "That's a bit much, isn't it?"

"Hah!" Naruto grinned, flashing her favorite hand sign as once again called out her signature technique. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Get him, girls!" Ten clones popping into the air and shouting their agreement before charging in.

Kakashi grumbled under his breath as he started to have to actually put some effort into fighting these clones. They all had the bloody Sharingan and each time one dispelled the other got information from his movements, effectively copying and adjusting accordingly. "Stupid magic-eye jutsu." Kakashi grumbled, ignoring the fact that he had his own. The worst part was that Naruto had the stamina to back it up too, though the odd part of this was that her clones weren't going after the bells...she was just the distraction?

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" Sasuke's voice called from off to the side while Naruto's clones suddenly stopped trying to attack and just latched onto the Jounin, the remaining few managing to latch onto his legs to hold him down.

Kakashi decided to stop playing around for just a few seconds and ducked down with a fierce punch, going through two of the solid clones attached to one leg, clearing them away and he was quick enough to booth the other in the chin, making it also disappear into a cloud of smoke before Kakashi was engulfed in the huge fireball.

"Kuso!" Naruto swore, the smoke from her own clones and the fireball enough to make her lose track of Kakashi. "Get away!" However, she forgot to follow her own advice as she felt a pulling sensation.

"Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu!"

"God-dammit Kaka-sensei!" Naruto swore, suddenly down to her neck in the dirt as she struggled to free herself, glaring up at her sensei that was now looking down at her with a cheerful look on his masked face.

"Gotcha. Who's next?" Kakashi asked as his danger-sense kicked in as he dived to the side to avoid being tackled by yet another Naruto. "Nani? More clones? Seriously Naruto, how many of those do you have going?"

"Enough." Naruto said from the ground as she suddenly poofed away in a cloud of smoke as well.

"Kawamiri? Must've done it when I was distracted with the fireball huh?" Kakashi snorted to himself as he suddenly felt his own legs being gripped as he looked down at several more clones gripping his leg. "Henge too? Using the Academy basics against me. Not bad." Suddenly he ducked to avoid the kick coming at the back of his head. Sasuke was joining in already?

"Hmph." Sasuke grumbled as he suddenly sent a punch to Kakashi's head, that being grabbed by Kakashi's fist. The smirk on the Uchiha's face was full blow now as Naruto joined in; tying up Kakashi's other fist. Kakashi tried to yank it foot away from the clone on the ground, but there was more pressure than he expected. That one wasn't a clone?

"Nyah." The one on his foot stuck her tongue out as she poofed away, revealing Sakura as her fingers crept towards the bells on Kakashi's belt. Her fingers managed to tap the bells, but without letting go, she had no way to actually grab them. "Naruto! More clones!"

That's when a multitude of them poured out from the trees surrounding them and Kakashi resigned himself to his fate, being suddenly dog piled under the clones while Sakura snaked the bells away, tossing them to Sasuke who batted it back away from them before they too were covered in clones.

Naruto, the real one this time, grabbed the two bells out of the air and triumphantly cheered. "We win!" The sudden explosion of smoke and all the clones disappeared, leaving the three others sitting on the ground. Sakura was smiling and making a victory sign while Sasuke had a smirk plastered on his face. "Hey hey. We totally rule!" Naruto cackled as she joined the three and plopped down next to Sasuke.

"Good job you three." Kakashi eye-smiled at them. "I'll admit, I wasn't expecting Sakura to pretend to be one of your clones, Naruto." He paused and held out his hand for the bells which Naruto promptly gave over.

"It was Sasuke's idea." Naruto said with a grin. "My clones only take one hit and all, and we knew you wouldn't hurt any of us too hey." Naruto nodded, playing with her four pony-tails.

"Nice job on the Suiton as well. You too Sasuke with your Katon." Kakashi nodded who then looked at Sakura out of the corner of his eye. "I'll have to say, you three are the first proper team to pass my test, and to keep everything in the point of fairness..." he trailed off and held out a piece of paper to Sakura. "Can you push some Chakra through that?"

"Sensei?" Sakura blinked and nodded, pulsing her chakra through the paper as everyone else stood up, wondering why exactly it crumbled like dirt. "Nani?"

"That's a good idea, Kaka-sensei." Naruto said as she helped Sasuke up, looking at Sakura's paper. "Hey, that's pretty cool. Three elements for the three of us."

"Nice job, Sakura." Sasuke grunted, giving the pink haired girl a little praise. She hadn't been useless and managed to follow through pretty quickly. Maybe she wasn't a total loss?

"So...what does it mean then? They didn't really cover Elemental Chakra much in the Academy now that I think about it." Sakura asked, brushing her hands together to get the dust away from her.

"Well, follow me back to Hokage Tower and I'll explain." Kakashi said with a nod, putting his bells back where they were while pulling out his usual book. "That paper was cultivated from special trees grown throughout certain areas of Konoha and is called Chakra Paper. If you pulse your Chakra through it, you'll find out what kind of affinity you have. Not all Ninja have an affinity, but they can work towards it, but in this case, yours seems to be Earth, so you can use Doton like what I did to one of Naruto's clones earlier."

Naruto nodded, adding in her own part. "The Uchiha clan tried to teach me how to use Katon but I couldn't get it no matter what I tried to do, so they got me to do that and I ended up with Suiton. Water techniques are great." Naruto grinned at that.

Sasuke grimaced a little, figuring he should actually speak up, Naruto would tell him to otherwise. "Never tried the paper. Took me a while to learn Katon as a kid."

"Ah, so it might not be your actual affinity." Kakashi said sagely. "That's another thing, as I said, a Ninja might not actually have an affinity, but they can train and work towards one. It requires a lot more effort than to learn your own actual affinity."

Sasuke shrugged at that. "I like my Katon well enough."

"It'd be cool if you had Fuuton though, huh, Bastard?" Naruto suddenly hopped on Sasuke's back again. "Come on. Let's go get some food while Kaka-sensei hands in his silly report."

"How about I meet you three at Ichiraku's once I'm done? I'll even pay." Kakashi added with another eye-smile, though not look away from his book as he flipped another page.

"Yay Ramen!" Naruto shouted, pushing Sasuke forward with her knees. "Come on, my mighty steed, away we go!"

"Hey, wait for me!" Sakura shouted, turning and following the couple with a wave to their new Sensei.

Kakashi himself chuckled as he watched them all go down the main road while he went up the other. If things continued like this, they would become entertaining soon enough. Well, more so than they already were. "Wonder what our first C-rank is gonna be like. Should prove to be entertaining." With that, Kakashi made a single seal and disappeared into a swirl of leaves to go do his report to the Third Hokage.

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