Okay, so here's the first chapter to Desperate Measures, which is a Jake and Bella story. I'm really excited about it, and I hope that you all will like it. I don't know what it is, but there's something about the stories where Bella leaves for whatever reason and then returns that I just love! Anyway, it might be a bit sketchy, but without further ado, here is the first chapter!


I can't believe that I'm doing this…after all these years. I'm driving my silver Altima down the familiar road to my previous hometown…Forks, Washington. As the trees of the familiar forest blur by, I can't help but to remember what had caused me to leave this place and everyone in it behind. It was five years ago…and I remember it like it was yesterday…

"Bells, you…you don't have to go," Charlie pleaded as I moved around my room, stuffing clothes into my medium-sized black duffel bag lying on the bed.

"Dad, I just…I just want to go and I really just…need to be away from here for a while," I answered, tears threatening to slip from my tired brown eyes.

"Bella…is this about Jacob?" my Dad hesitantly asked.

I winced as my best friend's name fell off of my Dad's lips.

"No, Dad. Jake has nothing to do with this," I whispered, silently begging that he wouldn't talk about Jake anymore.

Oh, Jake…

It felt like a thousand years to me, but then again, it could have been just a few days ago that I'd pulled out of Forks in that beat-up old red truck that was given to me by Jacob and his Dad, Billy Black, my Dad's best friend. I felt like a traitor, like I always did when I thought about Jacob. He must hate me…I hoped he did hate me. I deserved it for what I'd done to him. I deserved everything that he may say to me…if he sees me. I still honestly didn't know if I wanted to see him. I mean, of course I did, but I didn't know if I could handle seeing him so mad at me…so hurt.

I shook my head, trying to focus on driving, when I heard a small voice from the backseat say, "Mommy, are we there yet?"

I smiled and looked briefly into the rearview mirror to see my little boy in his car seat, playing with a little toy car.

"Almost, honey. We'll get there soon. Are you excited to see Grandpa Charlie?" I asked him, and he broke into a thousand-watt smile…Jacob's smile.

It was quite obvious when you looked at him who his father was. Jake, of course, didn't know about him, but if he ever saw Zachary's face, he'd know…he'd have to know. He was Jake's spitting image, but he did have my nose, or so Damon always said. I looked over to my right to see my friend, Damon. I'd met him in college before Zach had been born. He'd kind of just fell in love with Zach and Zach with him, and he'd never left our side since then. He was kind, and I truly loved him. He wasn't Jacob, but he made me feel better…happier. Damon was silently staring out the window, tapping his knee with his fingers, probably writing a song in his head. He was brilliant when it came to music, and he had been in a band…before everything went bad. But, everything led back to Forks, just like it always had. It was where my past was, and I was finally ready to meet it with open arms, to accept my fate, and to not run from it anymore. I had definitely grown as a person since I'd left. I was no longer the shy Bella I'd once been. Looking at Damon now, I knew that he was a part of that reason.

Sensing my gaze on him, he turned his eyes to me, and I immediately cringed. His eyes were a mix between red and gold. Oh, yeah, I forgot to say this but, Damon's a vampire. So am I…kind of. It's a long story…

"Bella? What are you doing?" Damon asked as he came into my apartment and saw the place turned upside down, bulbs from the lamps broken and littering the floor.

I walked around with Zach on my hip, not wanting to get his feet cut, and I had put boots on.

"We have to go. Someone was here, looking for us," I quickly answered him, grabbing my packed duffel bag, the same one I'd kept from when I'd left my Dad's house three years ago, and headed toward the kitchen to pack some snacks for Zach.

"What? Where will you go? Who's looking for you?" He questioned, following after me with a wild look in his eyes.

"A…group of…bad people, okay? I knew this would happen, I just thank God that none of us were here," I whimpered, thinking of what the group of "bad people" would have done to Damon or Zach had they been here. They would have turned me, probably, but they would have been killed…especially Zach. After all, he was half werewolf, or shapeshifter, I guess, and they were the mortal enemies of vampires. Nope, the Volturi would never have spared him.

"Look, it's not safe here, anymore. I never told you this, but these people…I knew they would come for me, it was only a matter of time, and now? I have to go, because they will kill me and Zach…and you, if you're anywhere around us. Damon, please, just go and forget about all of this!" I tried to reason with him as I filled a bag with cheerios and threw it into a bag I'd picked for snacks and other things.

"Bella…I can't just leave you. If you're going, then…I'm coming with you," He spoke softly but I knew he meant it firmly, as in he wasn't backing down. Great…

"Damon, this is dangerous…I'M dangerous! I…I can't protect you if you come," I sighed, trying to calm Zach, who'd started crying, probably because of our yelling.

"I don't need protecting. I'm a big boy, I can handle myself, and I can help you and Zach," he defended, sticking his chest out, and I almost laughed. How was it that he could make me smile even in the worse possible situation? Oh, yeah, because he reminded me of Jake…

"Damon,…please, just stay…," I whispered, trying to dissuade him.

He stepped toward me and he was close enough to me that he could wrap his arms around me. He did just that, including Zach, who immediately settled down. I sniffed, but refused to let tears fall.

"No. Wherever you and Zach are, that's where I'm going, Bella," He whispered into my ear.

I knew that I couldn't deny him.

So, that's how we ended up here. We had both lived in Jacksonville, Florida, which is where I'd lived for the past five years, with Renee, my Mom, and Phil, her husband. But, then, I'd bought the apartment and Damon had become a permanent fixture in my new home. I didn't mind, in fact, it made me feel better having someone to talk to who wasn't four.

So, he'd come with us, and we'd almost made it. We'd gotten all the way to Denver, Colorado. I was driving, and Damon was comically singing 'Ain't No Other Man' by Christina Aguilera as it played on the radio when I laughed and looked over to my right…to see three black angels in the middle of a large field. Or so I thought.

They blurred and then were closer, and that's when I recognized them. Aro, Caius, and Marcos, the three main members of the Volturi. They'd found us. The rest had been the scariest time of my life.

I pushed the car well over a hundred miles an hour. After all, we were on quite a deserted road, perfect for killing people, I thought pitifully.

"Bella? Whoa, slow down! Do you wanna get us killed?" Damon screeched.

"They've found us! We have to get out of here!" I yelled, pushing the car even faster.

We were in Salt Lake City before I stopped looking over my shoulder every two seconds, and it was that long before I'd stop and let Damon drive. It was a straight line, pretty much, to Forks, but I wanted this journey over soon. He understood my urgency, but I was truly terrified, and he didn't know anything about vampires and werewolves. Sure, I'd told him about Edward and Jacob, but I never mentioned that they were supernatural men, one a vampire and one a werewolf, both fighting for my love. He knew mostly everything, but I'd left out the vampire/werewolf thing.

We breathed a sigh of relief when we didn't see them for a while, but I knew they were still following, and I knew they'd find me…again, it was just a matter of time.

One day, we were passing through a little town in Idaho, only a few hours from Washington, and I got this feeling that we were being watched. Damon had taken Zach into a gas station to get some chips, and I was putting gas into the car. The gas station was right beside this random forest, which alone made me uneasy, and as I looked to my right, I saw him. Felix. The "arms" of the guard, their fighter.

He smiled sickeningly at me and pointed a long index finger at me, and then curled it in a 'come here' motion. I gulped and looked toward the gas station. Maybe if I went with them, they wouldn't hurt Zach and Damon. They may not even know about them yet .I went with Felix, desperately hoping they'd end me quickly and not turn me. I didn't want to be a vampire anymore…

I was thrown back into reality by Damon's musical voice.

"Bella? You okay?" he asked, his golden red eyes searching my face.

"Uh…yeah. Sorry, I spaced out for a sec, I guess," I answered, smiling at him.

He shook his head and turned to looking out the window once again.

I turned my eyes to the road and concentrated on driving. Zach was still playing with the toy car and Damon had started tapping his hand on his leg again. All was good with the world…for now. Oh, except for the fact that I was about to face people who probably hate me. Oh, and I was going to face Jacob, my once best friend and love, bringing a son that he doesn't know that he has. Oh, yeah, and there's a group of vampires chasing me, because they want to kill me…

Yeah, life is perfect…like I could be so lucky.

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