Part Three

Sam watched as Dean was escorted from the bar. He stood up and made to follow, but found his path blocked. It was the girl.

"Uh, hello." Sam said uncertainly, when she showed no signs of either moving out of his way or addressing him first.

The girl blinked twice. Her pale blue eyes found Sam's every time she opened them, and Sam found he couldn't look away. He didn't even want to look away… why would he look away, again?

Dean. The name sounded an alarm in Sam's head, and he could think clearly again. Right; he needed to get to Dean, before his brother decided to leave without him. And that would be just like Dean, too. Of course he wouldn't go far; just around the corner, probably, but Dean would think it was very funny if Sam came out and found the car gone.

"Hello." The girl said at last, drawing Sam's attention back to her. She only came to about midway up his chest, and he had to look down at her. "What's your name?" she asked in a voice like bells.

Sam found himself answering, even as he turned over the possibility of her being something supernatural that wanted to suck his blood or eat his liver. "Sam Winchester. I'm here with my brother." Sam wanted to kick himself; he'd have to get Dean to do it for him later. He wasn't sure what was going on, but his every instinct was on high alert and everything in him was screaming that this girl was bad news.

"Not anymore you aren't; he left." She pointed out. Her eyes never left Sam's face. "I'm Maggie," she added.

"Hi, Maggie. Um, look, it's nice to meet you, but I need to go. My brother is waiting for me." Sam tried to edge his way around Maggie, but she didn't move at all and the only option at this point was climbing either over or under the table. Sam considered and rejected the idea. Better to talk his way out than get thrown out and possibly roughed up in the process; he hadn't missed the way the bouncer had handled Dean as he was escorting him outside. Dean had fought back, naturally, but Sam didn't want a fight if he could help it.

Maggie took a step closer. It was the first she'd moved since appearing by Sam's table. "No, he isn't. He left. He's gone; we are alone." something in her tone made Sam want to run.

Sam cleared his throat. "OK, even if Dean did leave, we aren't alone; there are twenty-three people in this bar, not counting you and me."

Maggie smiled a haunting, hollow smile and leaned in close. "Have a drink with me. Just one drink, then you can go find your brother. Please?"

Sam hesitated. He didn't know what one drink could hurt… and her eyes were so utterly mesmerizing.

"Just one drink, Sam," Maggie edged closer. "It'll be fun; I promise."