"YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME!" Sandstorm meowed playfully. The brown tom caught up to her easily, tackling her down.

"Hey, no fair!" Sandstorm meowed angrily. Sandstorm gasped with horror. The brown tom had no eyes, no face, no nothing. Just legs, a pelt and that was pretty much it. Sandstorm ran away, or at least tried to. She was running no where in a lush green forest.

"Help me!" She screeched fearfully.

Sandstorm woke up gasping. She felt her heart racing. Is this how medicine cats feel? She wondered. She felt the realistic parts of her dream.

"I'll get outside for the fresh air." She decided. Sandstorm stepped out of the den and took a breath of fresh air. She began grooming her fur when Dustpelt walked out.

"Hello, Sandstorm." He meowed to her. Sandstorm returned the greeting. He walked out next to her. Dustpelt seemed excited about something. Was that also, love? Sandstorm

"You want to go for a walk?" Dustpelt asked. Sandstorm nodded and together they walked out. Once they were away from camp, Dustpelt licked her ears slowly, he then licked her cheek and then her neck. Sandstorm jumped away.

"Don't you dare!" She snarled. Dustpelt smirked.

"What do you think I'll do?" He asked.

"You know, what I mean Dustpelt!" She growled. Dustpelt stepped closer to her and smiled an evil grin.

"I thought you hated Firestar. You loved me when we we're apprentices. Even as new warriors, you hated him." He meowed walking closer to her. Sandstorm felt her self getting angrier and angrier. This wasn't the tom she remembered. He was ruthless, mean and cruel. He was so stuck-up and snobby. She forced herself not to claw his throat there and then.

"That was before I realized he was handsome, sweet, nice, and amazing!" She snarled.

"I've always loved you. Your pelt, your personality, your fighting and you're hunting. Firestar hated you at the beginning." He pointed out.

"He barley knew me! I will not mate with you!" Sandstorm growled.

"You will and like it!" He meowed licking her muzzle.

"I'm with Firestar!" She meowed again.

"Not anymore." He mewed, getting in front of her again. She crouched down and as soon as she did, she knew it was the wrong thing to do. He jumped behind her and began quickly licking her hind legs. She tried to run away, but she couldn't.

"Sandstorm, calm down. The more you corporate the faster this will go." He meowed. He soon reached her core and licked around, teasing her with little flicks of his tongue. Dustpelt's tail was near her pussy, rubbing against it. She moaned in agony, and she felt his hot breath in her core. She forced herself not to let her juices flow.

"Dustpelt please, No!" She gasped out.

"Your feisty, Sandstorm. But, never!" He groaned. She cried out in agony when she let her juices flow. He reached inside her core and hit the same spot, again and again. Sandstorm forced herself not to enjoy this. He suddenly broke away, and jumped in front of her. She scrambled away, but Dustpelt grabbed her scruff with his teeth he rubbed there hips against each other. Dustpelt moaned in pleasure and went faster. She felt herself enjoying this. She didn't want to at all. But she was. His cock was in her mouth and she had to suck on it. It was long, wet and hard. She suckled. He suddenly went into her and she cried out in pain. She climaxed, even though she didn't want to. He stuck his hind claw into her core swirling it around deeper and deeper. He climaxed and yowled triumphantly. Sandstorm moaned in pleasure. She bucked her hips to him in movements of pleasure. He popped his seed into her smiling to himself. The friction between them was amazing. He finished, and licked her clean.

"Wonderful, Sandstorm. I've put my seed into you." Dustpelt meows, licking her muzzle. She jumps away from him, in fear.

"Don't worry! You enjoyed that, Sandstorm. Your a great mating partner. We should do this another time." He purred, intwining his tail with hers. She froze and felt every ounce of anger that she every felt and put it on him.

"I can't believe you just did that to me!" She snarled, jumping away from him. Dustpelt didn't seem to matter, walking up to her slowly his eyes full of triumph. She snarled one last time and ran back to camp. Sandstorm took a deep breath and decided to talk with Cinderpelt. She walked over to Cinderpelt's den, wondering how to describe what just happened.

"Cinderpelt?" She whispered. Cinderpelt limped out.

"Yes?"Sandstorm shuffled her paws. She quickly explained what happened and she couldn't believe the unbelievable rage in her eyes.

"He did THAT?" She snarled. Sandstorm nodded and started to cry.

"What should I do?" She wailed. Cinderpelt walked over to her and gave her a quick lick.

"You'll have to tell Firestar. He'll probably blow up at Dustpelt, but if you don't want to I can." She meowed.

"Please, Cinderpelt, do it for me. I really don't want to tell him." She begged. Cinderpelt nodded and gave her a poppy seed.

"Get some sleep Sandstorm. I'll tell him, don't worry." Cinderpelt purred, nudging her out of the den. Sandstorm nodded and walked into the warriors den, ate the poppy seed and fell into a troubled deep sleep.

Sandstorm woke up in the Warrior's den the next morning, next to Dustpelt. His tail was touching her belly, and his head was on her shoulder. She tried to scramble up,but realized Dustpelt's paw was on her pelt. She bucked her hips back and he slid into his original nest. She ran out of the Warrior's den, Firestar was sitting on Highrock, his expression blank. Cinderpelt walked out of her den and walked up to him, winking at Sandstorm as she passed. Sandstorm yawned and stretched. Sorrelpaw walked out of the apprentice's den, eyes sleepy with tiredness.

"Morning, Sandstorm!" She purred. Sandstorm licked her ear in greeting.

"Want to work on some battle moves?" Sandstorm asked crouching, and jumping back and forth. Sorrelpaw's eyes immeadietly shined as she enthusiastically replied,


"Good, because you're going to be battling your brother, Rainpaw!" Sandstorm meowed. Sorrelpaw's eyes shined even brighter. A rustle of leaves behind startled Sandstorm, as she whipped her head around to see Willowpelt. Willowpelt seemed exhausted.

"Are you ok?" Sandstorm asked, concerned. Willowpelt nodded.

"Yeah, Brackenfur was just shuffling around as his nest as much as a badger." Willowpelt explained, tiredly. Sandstorm let out a mroow of amusement.

"He is pretty clumsy!" Sandstorm laughed. Sandstorm was just about to groom herself, when Cinderpelt tapped her shoulder with her tail.

"Firestar wants to see you." She whispered. Sandstorm nodded and she walked to Firestar's den, worried what he might say. When she entered the den, Firestar's eyes were blank and expressionless. She nervously walked in front of him. Firestar didn't speak for a moment.

"I heard what happened." He meowed. His eyes suddenly filled with anger and confusion.

"How could you Sandstorm?" He whispered.

"I didn't want to, Firestar! I-i just could stop him. I thought we were just walking around camp." She explained. Her fur was was prickling uneasily and with sorrow. There was just no way that her and Firestar were mates anymore. She bowed her head unable to speak. To her astonishment, Firestar gave her lick between the ears. His eyes were troubled, but full of forgiving.

" I'll have to speak to Dustpelt about this." He meowed.

"I'll make sure it never happens again." He promised her. Firestar licked her muzzle and meowed,

"You can train Sorrelpaw now."

"1 more push, Sandstorm!" Cinderpelt meowed. Sandstorm pushed and her last kit came out. They were Firestar's, thank Starclan. Dustpelt didn't speak to her for a while. She slept in Firestar's den, now, worried about Dustpelt. But she'll always remember the great feeling she had with him.

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