Jayfeather looked at Leafpool.

"Should I go? We'll be late." He mewed to Leafpool. Leafpool flicked her tail dismissively.

"Yes, go. Tell them I had a patient." She mewed, finishing with a cough. He stared at her worriedly. Jayfeather quickly left the camp as soon as he could and raced to the other medicine cats. He scented Willowshine, Littlecloud and Flametail, and Kestrelflight.

"Where's your mentor?" Willowshine mewed, and her voice sounded snotty.

"She had a patient at the last minute." Jayfeather spat at Willowshine."Where's yours?"

"Mine has a cold." Willowshine spat back smartly. Jayfeather's fur started to bristle, and so did Willowshine's.

"Cut it out, you two. Were loosing moonlight." Littlecloud growled, before racing ahead. Jayfeather spat at Willowshine, and quickly caught up Littlecloud. Jayfeather sensed Willowshine's anger in great waves. He shot her a glare. Willowshine returned the glare with a smug look. He rolled his eyes, and continued forward. They neared Moonpool, and Jayfeather walked ahead and lapped up some of the cool water.

Jayfeather looked around. A beautiful tortoiseshell stood in front of him.

"Jayfeather." She mewed, nodding. Jayfeather rolled his eyes.'T

"Why are you always here?" Jayfeather asked.

"I don't know! Bluestar tells me!" Spottedleaf spat.

"Why are you acting so mean?" Jayfeather spat.

"I'm not! Now shut up, Jayfeather!" Spottedleaf spat.

"YOU HAVE NO PURPOSE IN LIFE!"Jayfeather muttered. Spottedleaf glared at him.

"What's the prophecy?" He asked. Spottedleaf flicked her tail, her tortoiseshell fur gently bristling. A white tom came behind her, making Jayfeather quite confused.

"Calm down, Spottedleaf. He is only curious." The white tom mewed, nodding faintly at Jayfeather. Spottedleaf narrowed her eyes at the white tom.

"Technically, there is none." Spottedleaf put in.

"Huh?" Jayfeather mewed. Spottedleaf sighed, and stroked her tail across his ears.

"There's a prophecy relating what happens after what you do after you do. But don't satisfy your temptations." Spottedleaf whispered.

"What do you mean?" Jayfeather asked, but she was gone.

Jayfeather blinked open his eyes. He sniffed the air. Willowshine stood over him.

"Wake up. Littlecloud told me to wake you up." Willowshine mewed, poking him. Jayfeather growled, getting up.

"OK-ok. I got it, ok? Let's go." Willowshine smirked at him flicking her tail. The pair walked out of Moonpool, not saying a word. Willowshine broke the silence.

"Did you have a weird dream?" Willowshine asked. Jayfeather stopped and raised an eyebrow.


"Can you tell me?"




"Pretty please?"




"I'll tell Leafpool about your smell!"

"My what?" Jayfeather was confused. Willowshine looked at him with know-it-all in her eyes.

"Your smell. Y-you're like in um..." She trailed off, shuffling her paws. Jayfeather twitched his ears, wondering what was happening. Then he remembered what Spottedleaf had told him. Don't satisfy your temptations. Oh Starclan no.. But, yet this news comforted him-somehow. He nudged Willowshine playfully.

"Dare you." He whispered. Willowshine grinned at him.

"I will." Willowshine whispered. What happened next was quick. First Jayfeather and Willowshine are grinning at each other, next thing he knows, they're tussling. Willowshine got herself out from underneath him.

"Ha, ha!" She taunted. Jayfeather leaped and pinned her underneath him. Willowshine stared at him, and gave his cheek a lick.

Jayfeather, in response, he licked her cheek back. Willowshine flicked her tail. The two just stared at each other, waiting for each other to move. Jayfeather gently licked her ear. Willowshine rolled from underneath him, and got in a crouching position.

Jayfeather quivered, walking slowly toward her. He sniffed her, surprised at the scent. It excited him, and he gently gave her core a swift lick, causing a low moan.

Jayfeather gave it another lick, and then another, and soon he was quickly licking around her core. Willowshine clawed the ground, impatient. This was so much better than what Mothwing did to her. Jayfeather's tongue entered her core, making her yowl. Jayfeather licked inside her core, and Willowshine moaned. Jayfeather dug his tongue deep, and continued. Willowshine felt herself grow tighter, and she knew she was about to climax. She yowled as she climaxed, and Jayfeather licked up her juices.

"Want to do it for real?" She whispered, her eyes shining with lust. He nodded, feeling his member twitch. Willowshine purred and got into a hunter's crouch. Jayfeather gave her ear a swift lick and grasped her scruff in his jaws. His member was fully out of it's sheath and ready for to go. He thrusted his member into her core, and moaned. Willowshine yowled in pain below him, and dug her claws into the ground. Jayfeather thrusted into her again, loving the feeling, and Willowshine cried in pain again.

Soon, Willowshine's pain slowly began to turn to pleasure. She yowled in pleasure, and thrusted her hips to meet his. Jayfeather grunted in pleasure, thrusting in deeper. Willowshine yowled,

"Deeper! Jayfeather deeper! Faster!" Jayfeather responded with a deep thrust, and a heated moan by her. Jayfeather quickened his pace, and they both moaned. She felt herself grow tight, and Jayfeather felt himself about to climax as well. Jayfeather and Willowshine screeched, both releasing their juices. They fell to the ground, panting.

"That was amazing, Jayfeather." Willowshine whispered, staring at him. Jayfeather nodded.

"It was." They both looked up. The moon shone brightly. Jayfeather and Willowshine suddenly started scrambling up.

"Bye Willowshine!" Jayfeather called, hurtling to the Thunderclan border. Willowshine waved her tail, and disappeared as he entered Thunderclan territory. He panted, wondering if the experience was truly real. It was. He knew that. With a smile, he trotted into Thunderclan, territory the prophecy out of his mind completely.

"Jayfeather! Where were you?" Leafpool accusing voice entered his ears as he entered camp.

"Got caught up in a dream!" He snapped, going to his nest. Jayfeather wasn't tired, or remotely tired. His mind was still whirling. For once, he felt truly normal.

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