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Fireheart was grooming himself near Highrock. I was standing on Highrock, watching him. Fireheart's green eyes were closed, and my heart ached painfully against my chest. Oh, I wanted to be with him so bad! I groomed myself quickly, and walked down about to talk to him, when Sandstorm asked him to go hunting.

"Sure." He replied brushing muzzles with her. I growled deep in my throat. Fireheart didn't even notice me, as his handsome body vanished. This was the only reason I didn't trust Starclan. How could they make him go with her when I loved him? Oh, and of course stupid, fox-dung, idiot, furball, Tigerclaw. I trusted him, so much! How could, Starclan let my loyal deputy, betray me? I walked sadly to back to my den. Whitestorm walked in nervously and stopped at the entrance.

"Bluestar?" He asked cautiously. I lifted my head off my paws and glanced at him.

"Yes?" He swallowed nervously.

"Who do you want to go to the Gathering?" I sighed.

"Shouldn't Fireheart be asking this question?" I ask.

"I guess. Do you want me to go get him?" He asked. I twitched my ear and my neck fur began to bristle slightly. I wanted to say, 'Duh, no kidding! Mouse-brain!' But, me being clan leader, had the common sense not do to this.

"Sure. He's hunting with Sandstorm." I meowed. He dipped his head and trotted away. Not 3 heartbeats later Fireheart skidded into my den, panting. His green eyes were full of exhaustion. Oh, Starclan, he was so hot, and I mean in both ways!

"Take, Graystripe, Longtail, Fernpaw, Ashpaw, Mousefur, Willowpelt, Goldenflower, Cloudtail and Whitestorm." I meow to him. He nods dips his head, and walks out. I sigh and walk to Yellowfang's den.

"No, Cinderpelt! You have to-Oh, hi Bluestar. How are you?" Yellowfang asks. Cinderpelt, Fireheart's old apprentice, looked up and smiled.

"Good, I guess. Can I talk to you-" I meow lowering my voice. "Alone?" Yellowfang's tail twitched, but to my relief she nodded.

"Cinderpelt, go help Smallear. He's complaining of aching joints again!" She orders her apprentice. Cinderpelt sighed, picked up the herbs and padded annoyingly out of the den.

"So," Yellowfang meowed curling her tail around her paws. "Let's talk."

"It's Fireheart. Every chance I get to ask him, Sandstorm or Graystripe shows up!" I confess. Yellowfang twitched her whiskers in sympathy. I glance at her in surprise. Yellowfang laughed, a rusty laugh.

"I know what you mean. When I was in Shadowclan, before Brokenstar took over, Foxheart was begging me to give Raggedstar some herbs to make him love her. She was mooning over him for 4 moons!" Yellowfang explains.

"So, what should I do?" I ask.

"Tonight's the Gathering. Tell him to go on a walk with you after the Gathering. Then you ambush him and mate with him. He won't like it but who cares?" Yellowfang meows. I glance at her and tip my head to one side.

"You really want me to do that?" I ask her. Yellowfang shrugged.

"First idea that came to me."

"Thanks, Yellowfang." She gives me a good luck lick, and pushes me out of the den. I walk out and glance around. There Fireheart is grooming his fur, again. I shiver with the idea of his tongue in my core.

"Fireheart!" I call, walking over to him. He lifts his head and walks over to me.

"After the Gathering, I want to talk to you, on a walk." I meow to him. He nods and goes back to grooming that bright orange, sleek fur.

The Gathering is pretty normal. Good prey, new apprentices, elders dieing, and other clan stuff. I lead my clan to camp, wait until everyone is in there dens, and then me and Fireheart go out.

"So, what do you want to talk to me about?" He asks.

"One second, I'm going to get some prey don't move!" I meow to him, and go off out of his sight. He just sits there ears pricked, waiting for me to come back. I jump out of the bushes, push him down to his side, and stare into those great green eyes. His eyes are wide with shock as he tries to move. I lick his neck going lower, quickly.

"What are you doing?" He asks. I don't answer, but I rub my tail along his cock hard and fast. He groans, and I'm pretty sure in pleasure. Somehow, he gets up and starts to sniff my core. I feel his hot breath, and I shiver with pleasure. He begins licking around it, and with no warning, suddenly goes in. I yowl in pleasure, and rub my tail along his member. He goes faster and stronger, as if he's gaining confidence. I moan in pleasure, closing my eyes in bliss. I suck on his dick, slowly nibbling it. He breaks away panting, and grabs my scruff in his teeth. His penis is in my core and I buck my hips in pleasure making him go deeper. We both climax and break away, panting. I lick his muzzle, feeling my heart rise. He was still shocked and confused about what just happened.

"W-why did you just do that?" Fireheart asked me. I smiled, and laughed.

"Some things are best kept secret." I meowed. He groomed himself and I groomed myself and we both went back to camp.

She's at the gorge, almost dead

"Fireheart?" I whispered. Fireheart's pelt was barley visible and he was looking at me, concerned.


"I-I love you." My eyes closed and next thing I knew I was in Starclan.

"Wake up, Bluestar." Oakheart whispered, and nudged me awake. I looked at him and groggily got up. Oakheart is by my side, as my loyal mate. I watch over Fireheart, now Firestar. I watch over his clan, his kits, and his mate. Now, I have a ginger kit beside me; his father is Firestar, the kit he will never know. And he'll never know how much those 3 words meant, by the river at that time. I only wish he'll be at my side when he joins Starclan.

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