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I walked into the Gathering place, Onestar directly in front of me. Onestar jumped on one of the rocks, and quietly murmured to Firestar. I glanced around, and saw Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and there brother Jayfeather. A growl was deep in my throat. I hated them. They are so annoying! Though, Hollyleaf is quite cute. I glanced at Owlwhisker, who was arguing with Snaketail, which she-cat was better, Hazeltail or Dawnflower? Why on earth we're they arguing about them? They are SO annoying. Hazeltail is a kittypet, Owlwhisker! KITTYPET, KITTYPET! Ugh.

"You ok?" Heathertail asked me. "You seem kind of, down." I sighed.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm going to say hi to Blackclaw." I meow to her. Blackclaw wasn't that hard to find. He was arguing with Voletooth, about who knows what.

"Hey, Blackclaw." I meowed. Blackclaw jumped and sighed.

"Breezepelt, make yourself heard! I didn't even hear you. You scared out of my pelt!" He finished. Voletooth and I purred with laughter.

"Cats, welcome to the Gathering!" Leopardstar yowled. I raced over to Heathertail saying good-bye to them as flew by.

"How did your talk go?" Heathertail asked me.

"Good, I guess." I murmured. Firestar spoke first.

"All is well in Thunderclan. We have 2 new kits in our clan, Dovekit and Ivykit. There mother is Whitewing and there father is Birchfall." Firestar finished beckoning Onestar to come up. He pretty much said the exact same thing. The Gathering was pretty normal, and after it was finished, I had to tell Jayfeather, Kestrelpaw said hi.

"Jayfeather!" I yowled racing up to him. Jayfeather turned around, shocked it was me who had spoken.

"Kestrelpaw said hi." I panted turning back around and racing back to Heathertail.

"You seem tired, Breezepelt." My mother, Nightcloud purred with amusement.

"I am!" I protested. Nightcloud licked my head and purred.

"I thought Breezepelt could run for miles without taking a breath." Heathertail purred. Nightcloud purred in agreement.

"He can! Just, not tonight." I meowed, flustered. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I whipped my head around.

"Hollyleaf?" I literally hissed her name in shock. Hollyleaf cuffed me on the ear.

"Keep quiet! Meet me at the Windclan border tomorrow at moonhigh. Got it?" Hollyleaf hissed. Without waiting for an answer she whipped her head around and pranced over to Cinderheart.

"Where'd you go?" Heathertail asked me.

"Hollyleaf asked me something."

"What?" I shrugged.

"Nothing." Heathertail narrowed her eyes at me and laughed.

"Come on, let's get back to camp!" Heathertail ordered me running ahead. I raced after her, ignoring Nightcloud's warning hiss. I skidded my paws a heartbeat later, forgetting the cliff. I turned around and raced back, not checking if Heathertail was following me. Nightcloud rolled her eyes I came back my fur hot with embarrassment. Heathertail stopped inches from the cliff, when Crowfeather, my father yowled,

"Heathertail, Stop!" Heathertail turned around annoyed and walked back to stand next to Crowfeather. Heathertail's ears were pressed back and she was pretty disappointed. Onestar was already ahead, calmly and quietly talking to Ashfoot, not realizing what had just happened.

"The Gathering cats are back!" Whitetail, who was standing guard, yowled. Tornear, who was sleeping, walked up, spat at Whitetail and walked back. Whitetail rolled her eyes. I walked to the warrior's den, and curled up next to Heathertail. Nightcloud curled up on my other side,

"Wake up, Breezepelt! Riverclan are attacking!" Nightcloud hisses in my ear. I jolt up and unsheathe my claws. I run out of the den, and attack Dawnflower. Dawnflower was battling Sunpaw and I jumped on her snarling. Sunpaw fled from the scene and went to attack, Mistyfoot. Meanwhile, Dawnflower raked her claws down my side tried to kick me. I dodge, jump, and land on her spine. She screeches in pain and tries to get free. I jump off, and Dawnflower flees.

Leopardstar, who somehow no ones noticed, is running toward the nursery, teeth bared. Before I have a chance to move, Crowfeather jumps on her rakes claws on her ears. She yowls, and flops down, inches from the nursery. Instantly, the last raid flashed in my mind. My father almost dead.

"I'm coming, father!" I yowl through the mass of cats. I stand in front of the nursery growling and spitting at Leopardstar.

"Riverclan, retreat now!" She screeched fleeing. All of the cats quickly followed. I looked around the camp was covered in blood. I glanced around. A twisted body was right next to the leader's den. Oh, no, not Owlwhisker!

"Owlwhisker!" I yowl in dismay running to him, pushing my nose into my best friend's fur. Heathertail pressed in next to me, her head bowed. Onestar glanced sorrowfully at Owlwhisker.

"Clanmates," He rasped. "Owlwhisker is dead. We will sit vigil for him tomorrow night."

"We need hunting patrols. Who wants to go?"

"I'll go." I volunteered. Tornear, Emberfoot and Heathertail said yes, too, and frankly I was the leader of the patrol. Ha, ha older warriors!

~Night's approaching~

I was going to the warrior's den, when something flashed in my mind. Hollyleaf! I was supposed to meet her! I glanced around, and Tornear was just guarding the entrance. Silently, I trotted out, through what the elder's like to call, 'Elder's Cave'. I raced through the moor, silently hoping Hollyleaf is there. I reach the Windclan border to see her there.

"About time! I thought you weren't coming! Come on, I have something to show you!" She beckoned for me to follow, and burst down toward the lake. I caught up to her, and her eyes were sparkling mysteriously and with something else, I had once seen in Nightcloud's eyes.

"Look, it's a tree den!" She exclaimed dramatically. I glanced at her and walked slowly toward it. Teeth suddenly dug into my tail. Oh, Starclan it hurt!

"OW!" I yowled whipping my head around. Hollyleaf giggled, her eyes round with playfulness. I jumped on her, claws sheathed and pinned her to the ground.

"Got you!" I growled playfully. Hollyleaf brang up her back legs and pushed me off flying me against the tree. I glared at her, but all she did was giggle. Then suddenly, I had an idea. I wasn't quite sure, what gave me the idea, but me being myself, and I being stubborn I decided to go with it. I walked over to her and it looked like Hollyleaf had the same idea.

"Have you ever mated before?" She asked me. Ok, now I know she as the same idea as me.

"Uh, no, Hollyleaf." I answered, Hollyleaf's eyes started to twinkle, with laughter and just faintly in there, lust..

"You want to try?" She whispered.

"Absolutely." I breathed. She got into a crouch and out her rump in the air. I walked over and sniffed her core. I licked at slowly before going quickly.

Hollyleaf moaned and put her rump up higher, as a signal she wanted me. I went in earning a yowl of ecasty. I grinned and licked around suddenly hitting a spot. She yowled in joy and her eyes closed in bliss.

I hit the same spot, over and over again. She groaned in pleasure and rubbed her tail along my cock. I went out Hollyleaf's eyes were full of lust.

She posited herself so I could mount her. I mounted her grabbing her scruff. I pushed my penis into her core and swirled it around. I popped my seed into her, not really knowing that I had done that.

I bucked my hips, going to deeper as her bucked back to mine, in pleasure.

"Do it to me, Breezepelt, DO IT!" She yowled. Or at least as best as she could do. I grinned and went faster. I pushed in deeper, feeling myself about to climax. Heartbeats later, Hollyleaf climaxes, moaning in pleasure.

I climax and we both break away, panting. Hollyleaf glances at me shock and pleasure in her eyes.

"Did that just happen?" She breathed.

"I think so, but I'm not quite sure." Hollyleaf put her on my shoulder.

"I'm glad we did that." She whispered. I gently twined my tail with her's, and I purred,

"Me too, Hollyleaf, me too." Hollyleaf snuggled closer to me and fell asleep. I suddenly felt exhausted, and sleep crashed into me like a badger's blow.

~New day thingy~

I woke up, expecting to be in the warrior's den, but next to Hollyleaf! Then all of, the sudden, last night memories flew into my mind. Hollyleaf stirred.

"Lionblaze?" She murmured. I purred with amusement. She thought she was next to her brother, Lionblaze! I chuckled softly at her. I jumped, as she suddenly shot wide awake.

"Breezepelt why are you-" She must of forgotten too, because her beautiful green eyes filled with realization.

"Oh, right, that. We should get back to your clans. See you tomorrow?." She asked. I nodded and touched my nose with hers. I cleaned myself, and ran back to camp. Strength, flew into every stride as I slipped through the 'Elder's Cave'. Tornear jumped as I cleaned myself, just to look normal.

"Didn't see you there." I flicked my ears in acknowledgment.

~Another new chapter thingy ~

A moon has passed since my 'fling' with Hollyleaf. I was going to the Gathering! As I walked there, thoughts blazed through my mind. Will she be there? Will I tell her we can't be together? Or will say, I love you? I immediately spotted her, and our eyes locked. She quickly meowed something to her companion, who I think was Foxpaw, and ran over, her green eyes blazed with excitement and anxiousness.

"Breezepelt you won't believe Jayfeather just told me!" Hollyleaf gasped, her tail straight up in the air.

"What?" I asked. Her green eyes shined and she meowed,

"I'm expecting your kits!"

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