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Me: FireXMisty, away!

Firestar's POV

Its funny how things happen, and how you don't expect it. My mate is Sandstorm and I have 2 daughters. Like, Mistyfoot, I mean, Mistystar. She and I are close, and we're friends, but one day Mistystar made us a little too close. I'll start with day, that I was completely, confused…

I stretched, and let out a yawn. Sandstorm stirred beside me and murmured,

"Morning, Firestar." I nuzzled her fur and murmured,

"Morning to you, too." I walked out of the den and looked out. Thornclaw, who was casually eating a piece of prey, stopped what he was doing, and raced over to me anxiously, Sorreltail right behind.

"Firestar, Foxleap's missing!"

"When did you last see him?" I demanded. Thornclaw glanced at Sorreltail.

"I saw going to the dirt place." Sorreltail informed me.

"Go get Dustpelt, Ferncloud, Icecloud, Spiderleg and Birchfall." I ordered them. They looked confused but they, commanded me anyway. Heartbeats, later Sandstorm leaped down beside me.

"What's happening?"

"Foxleap's missing." I informed her. Sandstorm's fur bristled with anxiousness. Ferncloud raced over to me, her paws on air.

"What's wrong?"

"Foxleap's-" I started but she wailed in distress. Icecloud was just coming in when, Ferncloud ran over to her, and urgently told her the news. Icecloud fur bristled and hurtled over to me. Dustpelt tried to comfort his mate, but, not to my surprise she swiped at him. Dustpelt blocked it, and before Ferncloud could attack him again, I steeped in.

"Ferncloud, Dustpelt, this isn't helping." I meowed quickly. Birchfall was just about to puke when he heard the news, but Spiderleg, knew something we didn't.

"Any cat seen how he's been padding after Blossomfall?" He asked. We all shook our heads.

"They probably went on a walk, like you know, what cats when-" He broke off. Birchfall butted his brother sharply and rolled his eyes. Someone suddenly bumped into my back.

"Firestar, its Foxleap. He's bleeding!" Dovepaw whispered urgently in my ear.

"Ferncloud, Icecloud, Dustpelt and Cloudtail follow me." I ordered them, and my nephew who just came out of the warriors den. I sniffed the air and smelled blood.

"Dustpelt go get Jayfeather." I ordered him. He looked confused but, ran back to camp. Ferncloud, who oddly enough I had forgotten, sniffed the air and screeched,

"My kit!" and ran off, leaving the rest of us to race after her. Blossomfall was there, desperately trying to keep him awake. When she saw Ferncloud she took a step back, as Ferncloud gave her kit a few, comforting licks.

"Move it!" Jayfeather yowled. I whipped my head around as he came running in, cobwebs dangling in his jaws. He shoved Ferncloud aside, and checks Foxleap's breathing.

"Everyone leave, Ferncloud, you can stay." Jayfeather ordered. I flicked my tail as signal for the cats to follow, even though Icecloud hissed in annoyance. When we reached camp, Brambleclaw came running up to me, his dark tabby fur bristling.

"Is Foxleap still missing?" I shook my head.

"He was bleeding." I inform him. He nods and breathes a sigh of relief. I walk to my den, already exhausted. Sandstorm follows me, and sighs. I sit down and Sandstorm slides in next to me.

"What's wrong now, Firestar?" She asks me nuzzling my fur.

"I'm just tired, Sandstorm." I meow, exasperated. She licks my ear.

"Today's the gathering." She tells me. My mouth drops open.

"It is NOT!" I hiss. Sandstorm's eyes glitter with amusement.

"Of course it is mouse-brain." She meows, twining my tail with hers. I let my close, and full into a great sleep.

A large paw jabbed me awake. I opened my eyes groggily.

"What?" I muttered getting up. Thornclaw stood there, rolling his eyes, with Graystripe next to him.

"Gathering, Firestar! Remember?" Graystripe meowed slowly. I shot wide-awake.

"Right, let's go!" I sputter, as I leap out my den. I raced down the rock my paws, slithering and sliding. Dovepaw purred with amusement as she spotted me, but Lionblaze ordered to stop. Panting, I reach the end and dip my head to the cats.

"Let's go!" I yowl the order bursting through the entrance. Brambleclaw's at my side in an instant, faintly amused.

"It's kind of funny, Firestar." Brambleclaw purred.

"I know." I sighed.

"About time you got here, Firestar!" Blackstar yowled, at me, annoyed. I climb on the rock.

"Sorry." I apologize. I looked down and saw Ferncloud meowing to Dawnflower and Tallpoppy.

"Welcome to the Gathering, finally!" Mistystar yowled, amused. I felt my ears burn, as all the cats glanced at Thunderclan. Graystripe glanced at me, amused.

"Windclan is good; Breezepelt and his patrol drove out a badger." He nodded at me.

"It went to your territory." He meowed to me. I sighed, and muttered to Mistystar,

"Why can't be over on your territory?" Mistystar flicked her tail on my ear.

"Be quiet!" She murmured.

"We also have 2 new kits, Tinykit and Frostkit born to Swallowstrike." He continued. He stepped back, and beckoned Blackstar with his tail. When Blackstar walked up, he tripped on a loose pebble and landed on belly. Mrrows of amusement came from across the clearing. Blackstar spat something to Rowanclaw, his new deputy, fluffed out his fur and walked slower to the ledge. Laughter was still in the clearing, and I quickly murmured to Brambleclaw,

"Go to every cat to tell them to be quiet." Brambleclaw nodded said the same order to each deputy and they all went to there clans, desperate for them to be quiet. Dovepaw rolled her eyes, as Brambleclaw told to her to be quiet.

"Shadowclan is-" He broke off, his fur bristling. I followed his gaze and there was the badger! Lionblaze screeched in fury, and went to confront it, followed closely by, Tawnypelt, Reedwhisker, Whitetail, and Blossomfall. The she-badger raced toward them and, shockingly dodged them, heading straight for, Dovepaw! She stood rigid with shock and fear until, Whitewing jumped over her, and sliced the badger's nose. The badger recoiled, and Lionblaze leaped and clawed its throat. The she-badger turned tried to run away, but it ran to Tawnypelt and Blossomfall. Together, they clawed the badger. The badger then fled, leaving the warrior's who fought, panting, but triumphant.

"Shadowclan is good; there is plenty of prey, and like Windclan we have 2 new kits. Swiftkit and Brightkit born to Kinkfur!" Blackstar yowled. Cheers came and Kinkfur's friend, Snowbird, beamed. I smiled to myself.

"And yesterday, we found a kit. We are keeping her and we named her, Russetkit." Enraged yowls exploded in the clearing. Riverclan and Windclan were the only ones yowling, while Thunderclan, and were snarling at Riverclan and Windclan. A shadow came on the clearing.

"This Gathering is over! Thunderclan follow me!" I yowled. As I walked back to camp, I felt someone staring at me… an uncomfortable way.

"You're back!" Surprise, came off Icecloud, as she touched her nose with Lionblaze's.

"Sandstorm, I'm going for a walk." I inform my mate. Sandstorm blinks, and touches my nose with her's. I nod and race out. As I reach the Gathering place, I see Mistystar standing there.

"Hello, Firestar." She purred. I blinked and shifted uncomfortably.

"So, how's Thunderclan? I never got to here." She asked, moving closer to me.

"Good." I answered, fidgeting slightly. Mistystar's tail rested on my shoulders. I glanced at her, confused. Mistystar began to use her tail to rub the fur on my neck.

"You ok?" She gazed at me innocently. She now, had her twined with mine, and was softly licking my pelt.

"Perfect." She purred, pressing her pelt against mine. Before I knew what was happening, she pushed me down with her paw, and laid on top of me.

"Mistystar?" I asked, confused and shocked. Her eyes traveled to my hind legs, and she stroked them with her tail. Suddenly, realization hit me.

"Mistystar!" I growled, trying to push her up. Mistystar put her paws on either side of me, which of course, I couldn't get up. Great Starclan, wait till Sandstorm finds out!

Mistystar starts to lick my neck, her tail wrapped around my shaft. I snarled, and made another attempt. Somehow, Mistystar lifted her paw up and I scrambled away.

"Get back here!" She hissed. Her claws lunged at my shaft, and she pulled me toward her. Since she won't give up, I'm going to have to mate with her. Even though my inner thought, made me disgusted, I would have to do it.

I jumped behind her, and sniffed her core, my whiskers slight brisking it. I licked up and down, slowly and thoughtfully. Mistystar moaned in pleasure.

A wonderful scent hit my nostrils, and I smelt the unmistakable, a she-cat in heat. All doubt vanished from my mind, as I nipped her core. Mistystar squealed in surprise. But her eyes, were full of lust and love begging for me.

I went in, earning a yowl of pleasure. I grinned hitting the perfect spot. She gasped, and I felt her tail wrap around my body. I groaned and positioned my member in front of her face.

She had no hesitation, as she quickly licked and nipped my member. I shivered at the perfect feeling. I suddenly went out, and licked up her juices. Mistystar purred and positioned herself so I could mount her.

Barley able to help myself, I locked our flanks together and held her scruff in, my jaws. I thrusted into myself into her, my pleasure blossoming. Mistystar's hips were in perfect rhythm to mine, making me go faster.

I went faster, her heat making me mad. I climaxed, and heartbeats later she climaxed too. We finally broke away, panting.

"I gotta get back to Riverclan. Swear you won't tell a single cat what we just did?" She asked me, gasping.

"I swear it by Starclan." Mistystar grinned and gave me a quick lick. I returned the lick and padded to Thunderclan.

…..So that's the day! I've kept my promise and so has she. Sandstorm and I have 2 new kits, Patchkit and Rowankit. My sons and Squrirrelflight and Leafpool's brothers. I still remember that night, clearly. How could I forget it? Thunderclan goes on, and so does life. But, I'll never forget the moment I was just a tom…..

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