Study Hall: Extra Credit!

"Hey, I don't get this. Could you explain it to me?" Arthur pressed himself closer to his study buddy, pushing the paper in his face. Kiku sighed in exasperation and pushed back.

"This is the third problem in a row you haven't been able to figure out. They're simple equations to begin with!"

Arthur scratched the back of his head. "Well it's not my fault they don't know how to teach properly…"

"That's not the issue here," Kiku said sternly. "It's because you've wasted the last two years picking fights and slacking off school."

"Aw man, it's just my luck!" Arthur groaned, leaning back in his chair and throwing his hands up. "I'd have to fall in love with a guy that actually likes doing homework!"

"That I have no answer for because that's your own fault. Now quit goofing off and I'll show you how to do this again."

Kiku leaned across the table and adjusted his reading glasses, looking over Arthur's shoddy math work. It was getting quite irritating having to stop his own work to help Arthur out. But it was unavoidable; it was part of their agreement. If Arthur could graduate this year, Kiku would go with him to England. Ever since then Arthur had been working his butt off to catch up. His part time job didn't help the situation either and he still got into a few fights, but all in all Arthur and done a 180. How long now had they been together?

"Okay, pay attention this time! You need to shift the X value to the other side of the equation. Just divide both sides like so…there. Understand now?"

"Yeah yeah, I get it…kind of. Man this is harder than it looks! I'm just no good at this academics thing."

"You're improving though," Kiku said, going back to his own homework. "You might just meet your end of the bargain."

"Hmm…you're saying I can't do it?" Arthur raised an eyebrow and scooted closer. He put his head on the library table and looked up at Kiku. "You think I'm stupid or something?"

"No, of course not! I never said anything like that!"

"Hmm…" Arthur reached up and took off Kiku's glasses. "Those really don't suit you…they're not sexy at all."

"And since when do I need to be sexy to study?" Kiku asked dubiously. "Besides I need those. Give them back!"

Kiku made a grab for the glasses, but Arthur's quick hands pinched them away. He was getting an all too familiar smile on his face. Kiku tried to seize them again, but missed and fell across Arthur's lap. He fixed an irritated glare at Arthur.

"Come on, I'm almost done! Just give them back!"

"No. I'm tired of math." Arthur bent forward and looked down at Kiku in his lap, smiling. "I want to study something more interesting now."

"Oh no you don't! I know exactly what's going on in that twisted head of yours! We can't do it here! This is the school library! Someone will catch us and then what?"

"So what?" Arthur retorted. "If people haven't figured it out after nearly half a year together, then they'll never know. There's nobody here anyway, I made sure. That's why I picked this time."

Kiku sat up and readjusted his chair. "You're telling me you specifically made sure we came here at this time just so we could do it? What is this, some kind of perverse fantasy for you?"

"Maybe. Besides, it's been three weeks since we last did it. If I start now, you know you won't be able to resist me."

Arthur twirled Kiku's glasses in his hand, his eyes narrowed with a sly smile, his other hand supporting his head. Kiku swallowed; he knew Arthur was right. They both had been so busy with club work and studying that they hadn't had any real time to themselves. Kiku's body had been craving Arthur's touch for too long and it was protesting even now.

"I got you turned on, didn't I?" Arthur asked with a smirk.

Kiku blushed all the way to his ears but didn't reply. He knew he'd say something stupid if he tried to retort. Arthur stood up from his chair, leaving Kiku's glasses neatly folded on the desk. He walked over to one of the bookshelves, pretending to ignore Kiku. Kiku grit his teeth and stood as well. He put his head on Arthur's back, still red as a beet.

Arthur couldn't help but smile broader. He turned on the spot, tucking a hand under Kiku's chin and lifting it. "So, that's a yes then?"

"Wouldn't matter anyway…cause you'd do it even if I said no," Kiku muttered, looking away.

"True. But you like it like this." Arthur tugged off Kiku's blazer as he started nipping at Kiku's neck. The silk tie was loosened and soon that was off too. Arthur's lips migrated back to Kiku's mouth, kissing him like he always did. It was wet and had a lot of tongue, but Kiku had gotten used to it so much he didn't care anymore. Kiku felt his shirt being unbuttoned and a warn hand touch his bare skin. He moaned softly, feeling his body respond eagerly.

"Mmm…you seem…different today," Arthur said, pulling away from the latest kiss. He tweaked Kiku's nipples, making him jolt. "It's like you're trying to hold back."

"Ah…I wonder…why that is? The location, perhaps?" Kiku replied.

Arthur shook his head. "No, that's not it. It's more like…you're afraid." Arthur pushed Kiku up against the bookshelves, holding onto his wrists. "Are you afraid of me?"

Now Kiku shook his head. "No! Arthur…I've…I've never been truly afraid of you…well, except for that first time. I'm more afraid…of myself. I'm afraid of what I'm becoming, giving myself into these sordid desires. But I crave this! It's like a dangerous addictive drug…loving you…"

Kiku's eyes slid out of focus as he stared musingly into Arthur's green own. Arthur leaned in closer, the tip of his nose brushing Kiku's.

"Don't stare at me like that. It gets me even more riled up." Arthur kissed him again, forcing more of his tongue into Kiku's mouth. Kiku was compelled to open his mouth wider to accommodate.


Kiku jumped again when Arthur's hand slid down into his pants. The zipper was easily pushed aside as Arthur started stroking him. Kiku clung to Arthur's blazer for support, the strength leaving his knees.

"Ah! Nhnn…ah…A-arthur…n-no…ehhh…." Oh it felt like pure heaven! After three weeks of not touching, everything was exploding forth with tremendous speed. Kiku let go of Arthur's coat and wrapped his arms about his neck, shivering with pleasure. His breathing was becoming erratic but Arthur didn't even seem to be the least bit turned on.

"No…d-don't stop…"

"Geez, you're really tense, you know that? Don't you ever do it yourself?"

"Ah…ah…It…feels better…when you do it…Arthur…"

"Does it now? Does it feel better when I do this?" Kiku gasped as Arthur drove his fingers up Kiku's arse. His back arched sharply and he moaned loudly. Arthur pushed in further, provoking more groans from Kiku.

"I still can't believe you get this turned on just from fingers. You really know how to take the fun out of this."

"Oh…ah…I…I want it…inside me…" Kiku said between gasps for air. "I don't want you to stop!"

"I'm not done playing with you yet," Arthur replied quietly. "But don't worry. I'm not going to stop any time soon."

Kiku grasped tightly to Arthur neck as he kept playing. He not only was using his fingers as a stimulate in the back, but was Arthur was also satisfying his front with his other hand. Kiku pressed himself closer to Arthur, his face red from hyperventilating. Arthur let go at last and turned Kiku around so he was up against the bookshelves and his back end was facing outward.

"You want it that bad?" Arthur asked, grabbing Kiku's hips and pulling them higher.

"Please…I can't take this anymore…" Kiku begged, his eyes teary. His pants were wrapped around his knees and he was wet from all the finger play. Arthur smirked, leaning down to Kiku's ear.

"You're so deliciously wet from all that…" he sneered. "It's almost cute how addicted you are to my touch."

Kiku bit his lip, more tears bursting forth. It was becoming unbearable, this desire. He wanted it bad. Arthur appeared to pick up on that as well and now he was into it. He held firmly to Kiku's hips as he finally entered. Kiku's fingers were turning white, he was gripping the edge of the bookshelf so tightly. It hurt like it always did but not as much nowadays. It would have been better if that dunce Arthur had brought the lube, but it was a little late for that hindsight.

Now Arthur was beginning to breathe hard from exerting himself. He slid in and out easily, thrusting hard each time he went back in.

"Hah…hah…heh, you're so accommodating," he panted. "I'm not even all the way in yet. This feels so good, I don't think I can stop."

"Mmhmm…ah…ah! Oh..i-it's getting…!" Kiku's body was moving in rhythm to Arthur's thrusts. "Uhhh…If you…move it like that…you…ah!"

Arthur thrust again and even reached around to touch Kiku again. Kiku couldn't take it anymore. He lost track of where it felt the best. His limit was breached and he let loose. A few seconds later, he felt the same thing discharge inside him; Arthur had come too. He let go of Kiku and he ended up sinking to the floor, gasping for breath. He gingerly rolled over so he was resting against the bookshelf.

"You continue to amaze me," Arthur said, sitting down next to him. "It doesn't matter how many times we do it, I never get tired of you."

"Do you think…maybe someday you will, Arthur?" Kiku asked.

Arthur shook his head and wrapped an arm around Kiku's shoulders, pulling him a little closer. "Not at all. Even when I'm old and gray, I'll still love you. Will you still love me?"

The earnestness in Arthur's voice made Kiku tear up a bit. He smiled, resting his head on Arthur's shoulder. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Of course I will. I'll love until death do us part."

Well, that's it for my Omake. Ho yeah, it's totally fan service, but hey, I don't see anyone complaining! I know it doesn't really add much to the story (it's just some rabid fangirl's fantasy really, namely mine but that's another issue altogether ^J^) but it's fun to write and even more fun to read. Hope you enjoyed my extra sprinkling of smut! Stay tuned for more UKxJP from me for sure! Laterz all!